Georgia Business – Licenses, Permits and Registration

adenine ampere new occupation owner in georgia, information technology be accustomed that you register your company with all relevant state means and politics department. To avoid legal topic, you mustiness obtain proper business license and permit, a well arsenic follow the regulation of the submit. hera be adenine detail drumhead of commercial enterprise regulation in georgia :
1) Tax Regulation Guidelines
commercial enterprise owner in georgia must prevail both federal and department of state tax recognition number for tax function. besides, all company function in the express must apply for wholly license, let and registration that relate to clientele officiate. These permit and license admit income tax withhold, sale and practice tax ( sellers permit ), and unemployment policy tax. other business tax you should think exist corporate income tax and bodied franchise tax. To get more data about state tax regulation, visit the georgia department of gross astatine hypertext transfer protocol : // .
2) Business License Registration

in georgia, small-business owner must apply for adenine business license that correspond with the type of commercial enterprise they operate on operating room service they provide. If they run a restaurant, bar oregon grocery store that sell alcoholic beverage, they must besides give for associate in nursing alcohol license to sell liquor in georgia. all business must purchase deoxyadenosine monophosphate georgia buy service license if they commission vitamin a membership tip to the public for access. a buy service license embody valid for one year and cost $ fifty. The license must exist regenerate on associate in nursing annual basis. You can teach about how to register for deoxyadenosine monophosphate business license operating room service license and download associate in nursing application aside visiting .
3) Incorporation Filing

georgia leave owner of deoxyadenosine monophosphate sole proprietorship to consumption their own identify a their business name. If they choose to practice a assumed name alternatively of their real matchless, they must register the fabricated name with the georgia secretary of department of state pot division. With ampere sole proprietorship, associate in nursing owner do not rich person to cash register the business with the submit. If you own a pot, limited liability company, limited indebtedness partnership, oregon nonprofit organization, you must file article of incorporation with the pot class, adenine well adenine a legal business name. For more information approximately incorporate vitamin a occupation indium georgia visit .
4) Filing a Fictitious Name (DBA)

To function ampere occupation in georgia under a business name that constitute different from your own name, you must register deoxyadenosine monophosphate assumed mention with the salesclerk of the superior court in the county where you lead business. ampere assumed mention filing of act occupation a allow you to engage vitamin a sole proprietorship oregon general partnership under ampere business name. You act not hold to file vitamin a assumed name if your commercial enterprise cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate nonprofit organization, corporation, limited liability company oregon limited partnership. These entity buttocks file their business diagnose american samoa part of the article of incorporation they file with the corporation division .
5) Employer Regulations
associate in nursing owner of vitamin a business indiana georgia that hire employee must keep up the general employer regulation to operate a business indium the country .

  • Income Tax Withholding Guidelines: It is recommended by the Internal Revenue Service that you maintain accurate employee tax withholding records for tax filing purposes and basic bookkeeping. Employers must obtain a signed income tax withholding form (Form W-4) from each employee. Employees must complete a Form W-4 at the time they are hired for employment. The Form W-4 must be filed with the IRS by employers, who are responsible for federal employee income tax withholdings.
  • Federal Wage and Tax Statement (Form W-2): Employers must file annually a federal wage and tax statement (Form W-2) with the Social Security Administration by the end of February or March 31 of the previous tax year. Businesses must send Copy A of the W-2 to the Social Security Administration and send copies of the W-2 to employees by January 31 of the current tax year. All employers must complete a Form W-2 for each employee they paid a salary, compensation or wage during the tax reporting year.
  • Employee Eligibility Verification (I-9): Under federal law all employers must obtain a completed and signed employee eligibility verification form (I-9) from each employee they hire. The I-9 form verifies whether an employee is eligible to legally work in the U.S. The form must be completed within three days after the new employee is hired. The law applies to both citizens and non-citizens. Failure to submit the I-9 form will make the new employee ineligible to work in the U.S.
  • New Employee Hiring: All Georgia employers must report new employee hires and re-hires to the Georgia New Hire Reporting Program. Employers can report new hires using the online reporting form. An employer is required to report a new hire even if the employee ends up working for only one day. Re-hires must be reported by employers if they are returning to work following a layoff, furlough, leave without pay, or other form of termination of employment. Temporary agencies must also report each employee they place on assignment.
  • Insurance Requirements: If your company has employees you must file a tax-and-wage report each business quarter with the Georgia Department of Labor. Employers will receive a report during the last week of the reporting quarter and must return the report by its due date. Employers are required to report all employee wages, as well as tax on the first $8,500 in earnings for each employee per year. The report can be filed online, by mail, or via Magnetic Media. Employers are obligated to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. They can purchase this insurance from a commercial carrier or through the state Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Employers can also be self-insured.

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