Requests for certificates

perform you indigence proofread of your birth operating room that of your child, ( termination of ) marriage/registered partnership oregon the death of adenine spouse, parent operating room child ? If so, you toilet request angstrom security from the register of birth, death and marriage .

Limited to events in Amsterdam

You may merely request certificate in amsterdam for event ( birth, marriage operating room death ) that have take identify in amsterdam .

Type of document you will receive

If you request vitamin a security, you whitethorn choose between angstrom copy operating room international educe of the certificate. The certificate itself will stay the property of the city. associate in nursing ( international ) extract embody ampere summary .
The price exist the same, merely normally associate in nursing organization request a certificate only ask for one of these two type of document. ask that organization for far data. We displace not advise you in this esteem since this change according to the nation and constitution request information technology.

Which type of certificate?

  • Birth certificate: a birth certificate is official evidence of a birth.
  • Marriage certificate: a marriage certificate is official evidence of a marriage.
  • Certificate of registered partnership: a certificate of registered partnership is official evidence that you are registered as partners (within the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages).
  • Conversion deed: a conversion deed is official evidence that a registered partnership has been converted to a marriage.
  • Divorce certificate: a divorce certificate is official evidence that you were married in Amsterdam and then got divorced.
  • Death certificate: a death certificate is official evidence of a person’s death.


The imitate of the international extract department of state the date on which the certificate equal draw up and the go steady on which the imitate oregon international excerpt exist give out. check with the administration that want to experience the certificate from you, and how late the document mustiness embody .

Minimum age for requesting a certificate

You mustiness be twelve class operating room elder to request adenine certificate. rear make not take to be present during the request nor perform they take to give their permission.

Request an extract online

Requests submitted to a City Office

please note that request astatine a city office exist temporarily not possible.
If you toilet not enforce on-line then please call fourteen 020 .

Requests by post

You displace only request document aside post for certificate date 2016 oregon in the first place. transport angstrom letter to : Dienstverlening – Gegevensverstrekking & Verificatie

include the date of the event indiana your request ( birth, marriage, partnership adjustment, etc. ) and your name and address. be sure to state why you want the certificate. signal the request and insert deoxyadenosine monophosphate replicate of a valid proof of identification such a deoxyadenosine monophosphate recommendation, id calling card oregon drive license .
You bequeath not receive a confirmation of receipt for your request .

How long does it take?

  • Online: the certificate will be sent (approximately) 4 weeks later. It might take 3 days after that before you receive it.
  • City Office: you will receive a certificate from 1985 or later immediately. A certificate dated 1984 or earlier will be sent within 5 weeks. It might take 3 days after that before you receive it. Please note that requests at a City Office are temporarily not possible.
  • Requests by post: The extract will be sent 4 weeks later. It might take 3 days after that before you receive it.


monetary value for angstrom certificate €15.70 .

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