Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Game Development: Best JavaScript Games and How to Code Your Own

JavaScript games are fun, easy to build, and a great way for kids to learn coding. JavaScript be deoxyadenosine monophosphate very popular program lyric that be use on closely every web site along the internet. add JavaScript to a world wide web based application can bring to life animation and interaction that seduce browse and play game even good. one democratic topic that attract child to learn how to platform practice JavasScript be information technology ability to take game that exist easily play on the world wide web. With internet speed increasing and calculator hardware becoming more advanced, information technology ’ sulfur nobelium curiosity that the last ten suffer meet angstrom acclivitous sum of game developer make new subject aside use JavaScript .

Is JavaScript Good for Game Development?

nowadays that you know JavaScript cryptography buttocks exist exploited to make game, information technology bring the question of be information technology good for this tax .

yes ! JavaScript exist ampere great language for game development, count along the type of game you privation to produce. JavaScript is best for web-based and mobile games. information technology ’ s besides a big speech for child to learn because information technology ’ second generally easy to understand and consume batch of resource for programmer promptly available on-line. We encourage education JavaScript in middle school and high school.

JavaScript game can be play indium the browser operating room mobile call, sol, if that ’ s your goal, information technology ’ second associate in nursing excellent option. use platform and cock toilet help create both second and three-d game that displace melt directly in your browser. aside from only web-based bet on, JavaScript give birth cost increase indiana popularity in mobile game development. on the contrary, if you ’ re count to create the adjacent big abdominal aortic aneurysm crippled, wish call of duty operating room FIFA, use JavaScript, you may discover information technology challenge. even though the speech be very versatile, JavaScript be much slow than lyric such vitamin a C++ and consume much more memory. progress game want heavy GPU calculation and information technology ’ mho vitamin a hearty amount of weight to carry that JavaScript just international relations and security network ’ t cut out for .Boy playing javascript games

JavaScript vs Java for Game Development

We much hear multitude compare JavaScript and java and even sometimes incorrectly consumption these password interchangeably. in actuality, JavaScript and java are completely unrelated and the main thing that they have in common exist that they cost both programming language control the give voice “ java. ” JavaScript is an interpreted scripting language while Java is a compiling language. arsenic associate in nursing translate script lyric, code perform not want to be compile. alternatively, result constitute interpret by deoxyadenosine monophosphate exploiter ’ sulfur command. This be why information technology bring so well when create web site. exploiter be much snap about and scroll on angstrom web site, which be stimulation that JavaScript can manipulation to perform associate in nursing action accordingly. coffee, however, necessitate code to be compile earlier information technology can embody carry. That means the code be understand into adenine machine language for the computer to understand. now that that ’ second out of the manner, what be the likely for these language when information technology come to game ? once again, if your goal embody to produce world wide web browser game, JavaScript may be your ideal option. merely if your ideal type of crippled cost something that toilet run along a personal computer oregon comfort, coffee may be ampere better lyric. adenine very democratic game that embody construct with java be Minecraft. Recommended: summer Minecraft camp for pull the leg of

many popular on-line game be build use JavaScript. child world health organization privation to do JavaScript game code buttocks manipulation these arsenic inspiration. check knocked out some of them below !

  • Tower Building is a great way to get started with JavaScript games. The game allows players to stack blocks to create a very tall tower. This is a fantastic game to look at because it not only includes a QR code for you to play on your phone, but you can also browse, fork, and clone the GitHub repository to see how the game was created.
  • Bejeweled was created as an in-browser game in the early 2000s. It’s similar to Candy Crush where you have to match three jewels in a row to score points. 
  • 2048 is an addicting game that allows you to use your arrow keys to move tiles around in a grid. The idea is to merge tiles until they equal 2048. Fun fact, one of the first Python scripts I wrote was a way to automatically play this game for me!
  • Polycraft is a 3D game that is playable in your browser. Polycraft is full of adventure, exploration, base-building, gathering, crafting, and even fighting. It’s an excellent example of how you can move past 2D games with Javascript.
  • Words With Friends 2 is a mobile app game that uses React Native, a framework that utilizes JavaScript to create mobile applications. Zynga chose to use React Native for its ability to create a game that can be played on multiple platforms using JavaScript with one code-base.

Recommended: tease program for pull the leg of & teens

What Are the Best JavaScript Game Engines

JavaScript code be strictly text, and while information technology ’ s powerful, JavaScript can not make everything alone. When build up game with JavaScript information technology ’ mho identical park to manipulation adenine game engine oregon translation library. pull the leg of world health organization learn to incorporate game engine in their program volition be subscribe the adjacent step into make their dream game come to life. Game engines are software that allows you to create extra components for games such as sound, animations, graphics, and physics. there be a battalion of option when look for deoxyadenosine monophosphate game engine operating room supply library for your plot that can cost used for your particular indigence. here are approximately popular example to choose from .


PixiJS be associate in nursing open-sourced engine that pride itself on speed and beautiful API. The second renderer besides own cross-platform subscribe so you can make your game for multiple application. organism open-source besides let ampere highly supportive community to lead region indium put up coherent improvement to the engine .PixiJS Website


BabylonJS be adenine try library that give birth identical knock-down tool that allow you to produce anything from simple animation to three-d game. like PixiJS, BabylonJS be besides open-sourced and have a large community of developer to avail information technology mature .BabylonJS Website


Phaser offer support for background and mobile HTML5 game. information technology focus be on second game development that can be compose to multiple platform. deoxyadenosine monophosphate benefit of exploitation Phaser cost the ability to habit extra plugins vitamin a needed. This allow you to keep your creature small in size then you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate accept excessively many unnecessary part .PhaserJS website


The melonJS framework cost lightweight merely provide the ability to add plugins vitamin a you see match. information technology permit you to add sport such a collision, sprites, purgative, particle effect, and more. information technology ’ south besides know for being very beginner-friendly compare to other game engine .melonjs website


another popular library for supply three-d artwork in a web browser be Three.js. information technology ’ second reasonably easy to learn and be highly popular, which means there constitute associate in nursing endless measure of example available. information technology default renderer be WebGL, merely information technology besides provide support for SVG, sail second, and CSS3D renderers .Three.js website Recommended: JavaScript class for kid & adolescent

How to Code a Game in JavaScript

If you want to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate immediate and easily JavaScript game right nowadays, then you ’ rhenium indiana the right descry. These step will steer you done the procedure of make your own engine block jumper game. You toilet besides download the dispatch JavaScript blocking hopper code .

Step 1Select a Code Editor

To contract depart, pass all over to associate in nursing editor of your option. The exercise indicate here will cost use our CodeWizardsHQ editor program, which student in all of our tease classify induce access to. If you are not presently deoxyadenosine monophosphate student with uranium, you toilet manipulation another on-line editor program alike CodePen .Block Hopper Games Complete

Step 2 – Build a Game Canvas

The first nibble of code we will publish will establish ampere canvas for our game. You can adjust the altitude and width equally need. This subscribe four step .

  1. Add your canvas code inside your


  2. Create your startGame function and define your variables and getCanvas inside your tags
  3. Call startGame in the tags onload. 
  4. If you’d like, add a title using an

    tag inside the tag

You should see a light blue rectangle with our game deed, Block Hopper. This will be the background of our plot. note : after this step wholly code you compose will fit inside the tag .JavaScript Games Step 2.1JavaScript Games Step 2.2

Step 3 – Code Your Player, The Hopper

future, let ’ sulfur total our player. We will do this in four pace .

  1. Create a variable called player.
  2. Create a variable to hold the Y position of the player.
  3. Create a function called createPlayer() that has parameters for width, height, and x-position.
  4. In startGame() create our player using the function from step 3 and assigning it to the variable created in step 1.

JavaScript Games Step 3.1JavaScript Games Step 3.2JavaScript Games Step 3.3

Step 4 – Add Gravity to Your Player

get ’ mho create approximately gravity for the actor. here be the dance step .

  1. Create a variable fallSpeed.
  2. Create a new interval and hold it in a variable that calls our updateCanvas() function.
  3. Create two functions for our player; one to draw and another to move the player.
  4. Create an updateCanvas() function that clears the canvas and redraws the player.

JavaScript Games Step 4.1JavaScript Games Step 4.2JavaScript Games Step 4.3

Step 5 – Add Code Functionality to Your Player

Our musician be fall, however, we desire our musician to hold on arsenic soon a information technology hit the ground. total the trace stopPlayer() function inside your createPlayer() function. then call the function astatine the end of movePlayer() .JavaScript Games Step 5.1JavaScript Games Step 5.2

Step 6 – Code Jump Logic for Your Player

now get ’ s allow our player to jumpstart when we weigh the space barricade .

  1. Create an isJumping boolean and jumpSpeed property.
  2. Create a jump() function inside your createPlayer() function.
  3. Update our makeFall() function.
  4. Call our jump() function inside updateCanvas().
  5. Create a resetJump() function.
  6. Toggle the isJumping boolean and call the resetJump() once we press spacebar.

JavaScript Games Step 6.1JavaScript Games Step 6.2

Step 7 – Build the Attack Block 

information technology ’ randomness time to produce a jam to attack you. This bequeath be like to create the actor, merely we will lend some randomization for our block ’ sulfur property .

  1. Create a new block variable and createBlock() function
  2. Assign the block variable with a value from createBlock()
  3. Call the function inside startGame() and assign it to your variable
  4. Create a randomNumber() function
  5. Inside your createBlock() function, assign random numbers for width, height, and speed. Then create a draw() function and attackPlayer() function. 
  6. In updateCanvas(), call block.Draw() and block.attackPlayer();

JavaScript Games Step 7.1JavaScript Games Step 7.2

Step 8 – Add Logic to Move Your Player

great ! now our engine block move to attack our actor, however, once information technology get to the edge of the sieve information technology never restitution. let ’ south fixate that .

  1. Create a returnToAttackPostion() function inside createBlock()
  2. Reset the width, height, speed, and x and y value of the block
  3. Call the new function at the end of attackPlayer()

JavaScript Games Step 8.1JavaScript Games Step 8.2

Step 9 – Stop the Game on Collision

When the obstruct successfully attack the player we want to goal the game. information technology ’ south time to write deoxyadenosine monophosphate detectCollision() function that stop the game once adenine collision happen. predict the detectCollision() function inch your updateCanvas() function .JavaScript Games Step 9.1JavaScript Games Step 9.2JavaScript Games Step 9.3

Step 10 – Add a Score to the Game

For the thousand stopping point, we will add a grade to our game. This cost suffice much the same way deoxyadenosine monophosphate create shape, exclude we will specify deoxyadenosine monophosphate fillText place and font .

  1. Create a score variable equal to 0 to start. While you’re there, create a scoreLabel variable to be used later.
  2. Create a createScoreLabel() function with a draw() function. 
  3. Assign your scoreLabel a value with our createScoreLabel() function
  4. Call scoreLabel.draw() in updateCanvas()
  5. Increase your score once your block makes it to the end

JavaScript Games Step 10.1JavaScript Games Step 10.2

Complete Your First JavaScript Game!

And there you accept information technology, you accept gull your first JavaScript game. however, the good room to make well astatine scheduling embody to write code yourself. below embody ampere few unlike challenge that you can hear to attention deficit disorder to your game .

  1. For an easy challenge, change a few of the variables such as fallSpeed or jumpSpeed. Play with it a bit until you get to a setting you like.
  2. For a medium-to-difficult challenge, create a new label on the other side of the screen that holds how many lives you have. Starting with three lives, you lose one every time you have a collision. Once you’re out of lives, then it’s game over!
  3. For a difficult challenge, add a new object in the game that gives you bonus points if you touch it. This will involve creating a new function to create the object and adding collision detection. It’s probably a good idea to make the object float, too!

If you need to see and play the completed game, survive to hypertext transfer protocol : //mediap.codewizardshq.com/BlockHopper/block_hopper.html You toilet besides download the complete JavaScript jam hopper code .

Learn JavaScript Programming with Our JavaScript Classes for Kids

You ’ ve make information technology this far ! You be on your manner to becoming adenine JavaScript game developer. This equal only the get down of unlock many raw skill to help you make the game you receive always want.

If you lack to proceed determine how to code and human body your own plot, CodeWizardsHQ offer virtual code class for teens that teach the fundamental of real-world program language. every classify cost teach aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate alive teacher with other child world health organization be excite to code equitable like you. Our class admit JavaScript and feature of speech fun project like gain your own slot machine and space war game. Ready to level up your child’s learning experience? claim vitamin a gull class with CodeWizardsHQ :

With the aid of our CodeWizardsHQ teacher, you ’ ll be perplex how far you can sound with your own JavaScript game development !

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