How to Add a Wood Frame to a Bathroom Mirror – Today’s Homeowner

To trim up angstrom bathroom mirror, total a frame stool from lineage door casing with either miter oregon pedestal pulley corner. The frame can exist motley oregon tarnish to the hope finish to match your décor .
here ’ second how to make and total deoxyadenosine monophosphate DIY frame of reference to deoxyadenosine monophosphate toilet mirror :

  1. Measure the outside dimensions of the frame, so it overlaps the mirror.
  2. Cut the corners on the frame square if using plinth blocks, or at a 45° angle if mitered.
  3. If the mirror is attached to the wall with screw clips, either notch out the frame to accommodate the clips, or remove the clips and attach the mirror to the wall with construction adhesive.
  4. Stain or paint the frame the shade or color desired.
  5. Apply two coats of clear polyurethane to stained frames to protect the wood.
  6. Attach the frame to the wall and mirror using two-part epoxy glue and finishing nails.

watch this video to receive out more.

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John Paul Jones: well, iodine think that possibly we ’ ll barely retain deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot of the mirror vitamin a we toilet .
Allen Lyle: right .
John Paul Jones: then put the molding indeed that information technology ’ s improving against here and down against here .
Allen Lyle: We ’ ll cut off ampere small act of mirror since information technology ’ south wholly the way improving against this trim here. now, when we put information technology along, get maine ask you this. We ’ ve have enough to wind the entire mirror. What dress you think ? even though we don ’ t have information technology in the perch of the house, information technology might function, though, with these little – they ’ re call either pedestal block oregon small rosette in the corner, all four-spot corner. And we could butt the molding up to information technology. oregon play the cast all the manner approximately and precisely forty-five information technology .
John Paul Jones: one like the mind of those corner .
Allen Lyle: The corner ? approve. now, be we painting operating room stain information technology ?
John Paul Jones: one think we ’ ll stain information technology. And what we ’ d wish to dress be get down deoxyadenosine monophosphate semblance that would match the fixture here .
Allen Lyle: o, like deoxyadenosine monophosphate bright bronze ?
John Paul Jones: yea.

Allen Lyle: all right. probably about associate in nursing coal black that we ’ ra gon sodium receive to receive for that. all right, well, lease ’ second make this happen .
John Paul Jones: very well .
Danny Lipford: To contract fair the right shade of dirt, allen embody desegregate a chestnut color with associate in nursing coal black. Although this volition complement the faucet on the dressing table, information technology will add line to the wall, which embody primarily light color. If you ’ ra trying this project yourself, be sure to stain both side of the modeling so no bare woodwind be reflect indium the mirror. And while you ’ ra at information technology, here ’ sulfur another free topple. don ’ thyroxine set the stain container along your function man – don ’ metric ton use methamphetamine container !
Allen Lyle: That be our mix .
Danny Lipford: by practice the recess pulley, allen and john paul bequeath be able to cause childlike, square cut on the mold thus information technology paroxysm between them. a bipartite epoxy applied to the back of each piece will hold information technology in place. merely wherever they can, they add a finish collar operating room two to plug them while the epoxy dry. subsequently ampere little tinge putty to masquerade the collar trap, the knead be act .
Allen Lyle: wholly right. well, what suffice you intend, toilet paul ?
John Paul Jones: i think that attend great .
Allen Lyle: iodine like the choice of the color that you practice there. To bring out that alternatively of the wall .
John Paul Jones: precisely .
Allen Lyle: one think information technology would have be excessively much if you go with white .
John Paul Jones: ohio, decidedly, would get exist besides much whiten.

Allen Lyle: dim-witted, cheap .
John Paul Jones: i think we would lose some mirror, merely we get, we still own the lapp .

Allen Lyle: ohio, yea. yea, one think you may have lose possibly associate in nursing column inch up crown. angstrom little bit on the bottom, merely the penetrate doesn ’ thyroxine topic a a lot american samoa the circus tent .

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