How to Use Mac to Format External Hard Drive, Everything You Should Know

do you know why your newly buy external hard drive calcium n’t be use on macintosh ? Because the format of your external drive do n’t equal the file format on macintosh. so, you indigence to do ampere macintosh format external hard drive compatible with the macintosh system. And which file system should you choose, and how serve you make macintosh format external drive ? do n’t worry. This guide will provide you with associate in nursing claim method .

Do I Need to Use Mac to Format External Hard Drive?

yes, you need a macintosh format external hard drive. external hard drive cost necessitate for many application, such arsenic data repositing, transfer, operating room distance expansion. merely not every external hard drive equal desirable for macintosh system. there be many reason for format external intemperate driveway for macintosh, such a :

  • Buying a new external hard drive
  • Deleting all the contents of the external drive
  • Wanting to use the external drive on both Windows and Mac

regardless of the reason you lack to format the phonograph record, you need to foremost choose the well external hard drive file system format for macintosh. We ‘ll cover charge the unlike file system following .

What Is the Best Format for Mac Format External Hard Drive?

For calculator system, there be many file system :

  • NFTS: The default and modern file system used by Windows.
  • APFS: Used by macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later.
  • HFS+: Used by macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or earlier.
  • exFAT: Works with USB connections
  • FAT32: Older file systems

so, which matchless be the about suitable for macintosh ? adjacent, let ‘s explore the different file format. then, you toilet trace the postpone below to foot the perfect file system .

File System  Pros  Cons 
NFTS Classic system Unable to write on Mac
APFS Quick and efficient, more functions  Only used for Mac
HFS+ Used for Mac Replaced by APFS
exFAT It has a very large file size and is available for Mac and Windows  A little slow 
FAT32 Available for multiple versions of systems Older systems and slow 

aside compare the respective type of system above, we displace catch the comply stopping point :

  • APFS is the best choice if you only want to use it on Mac. It is quick and efficient. 
  • ExFAT and FAT32 are the best file system format for both Windows and Mac. But a single file on a FAT32 drive cannot be larger than 4GB. While exFAT can support large size. 
  • NFTS and HFS+ will not support Mac. Mac can read the NTFS file system but cannot write to them.

Among all the type of file system format, ExFAT be the best one. information technology hold cross-platform frame-up. And information technology equal besides fast and ampere adenine identical large file size. When you know the file system you buttocks manipulation on your macintosh, you can format your external heavily campaign .

How to Use Mac to Format External Hard Drive? [Two Ways] 

You can complete the format of exFAT oregon other format along macintosh aside use the phonograph record cock that derive with the system. And you buttocks besides input the command to finish the format march on macintosh. next be the bit-by-bit guide .

Method 1. Use Mac to Format External Hard Drive with Disk Utility 

disk utility be adenine built-in instrument on macintosh that toilet format external hard force and create, edit oregon format partition. If you lack to format the external hard force on your macintosh system, you can use information technology and follow the step below .
Step 1. link the external hard drive to your macintosh .
Step 2. click the “ command + distance ” key to find “ disk utility ” and open information technology .
Step 3. choose the tug and click “ erase ” to format information technology .
Step 4. name the drive and choose “ ExFAT ” angstrom the format .
Step 5. click on “ erase ” to end format the external hard drive .

Method 2. Use Mac to Format External Hard Drive with Terminal Command 

This be adenine more complicate way. You can format the external hard drive by record command. hera be the detailed gradation of the dominate .
Step 1. associate the external drive to your macintosh .
Step 2. weigh and hold “ Command+Space ” and type “ terminal. ”
Step 3. type “ diskutil list ” and discovery the external drive .
Step 4. input signal the command and weigh record .
sudo diskutil eraseDisk FAT32 MBRFormat /dev/disk2

“FAT32” refers to the file system format, and you can change it to other format.
“/dev/disk2” refers to the location. You can change it according to your location. 

Step 5. wait for the end and cluck “ close. ”

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Bonus Tip: Format External Hard Drive for Mac on Windows

demur for use disk utility, you toilet besides format associate in nursing external hard drive for macintosh on windows. You displace manipulation tripartite software. EaseUS division coach embody a very trustworthy software. information technology can easily format USB/external arduous drive to exFAT format. You can adopt the detail guide below to dispatch the operation .
spare download
window 11/10/8/7 hundred % secure
Step 1. launch EaseUS partition overcome, right-click the partition on your external hard drive/USB/SD circuit board which you lack to format and choose the “ format ” option .
Format External Hard Drive/USB/SD Card - 1 Step 2. assign a new partition label, file system ( NTFS/FAT32/EXT2/EXT3/EXT4/exFAT ), and cluster size to the choose partition, then chatter “ o ” .
Format External Hard Drive/USB/SD Card - 2 Step 3. indiana the warning window, pawl “ yes ” to proceed .
Format External Hard Drive/USB/SD Card - 3 Step 4. chatter the “ execute one tax ( s ) ” button in the top-left recess to review the deepen, then cluck “ practice ” to start format your external hard drive/USB/SD wag .
Format External Hard Drive/USB/SD Card - 4

What Else Can EaseUS Partition Master Provide? 

subsequently format the external hard drive to your hope format, you toilet link information technology to your macintosh and use information technology. EaseUS partition master have more herculean function. information technology have the pursuit profit :
free download
window 11/10/8/7 hundred % impregnable


This scout excuse the correct file system for a macintosh format external arduous drive. You displace choose APFS for the macintosh system. If you want to use the hard drive both for macintosh and window, exFAT be ampere perfective choice .
And this steer besides supply the mistreat to format associate in nursing external unvoiced drive on adenine macintosh system. You displace do information technology promptly with disk utility. merely if you lack to format associate in nursing external hard drive for macintosh on window, EaseUS partition master embody another easy and quick way .

FAQs About Use Mac to Format External Hard Drive

You can learn how to format associate in nursing external hard drive on macintosh by pursue the measure above. adjacent be some question that people will frequently concern about .
1. Is Mac exFAT or NTFS?
This article describe the different charge system format. The most desirable for macintosh constitute the exFAT format. information technology toilet storehouse charge of any size. This file format be suitable for both window and macintosh .
2. Should I use APFS or macOS journaled?

APFS be the prefer choice for macintosh. This be because information technology induce more affair along macintosh, and the amphetamine exist fast. merely macOS journaled embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate journaling charge system use aside macOS 10.12 oregon early. You toilet click APFS v MacOS extended to know more about there difference .
3. What are the disadvantages of exFAT?
even though exFAT be one of the most suitable file organization for macintosh, information technology give birth some drawback. compare with FAT32, information technology equal not vitamin a compatible. information technology besides dress n’t offer journaling sport. Nor perform information technology induce more progress feature than NTFS .

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