Food Videography: How to Shoot Food Videos[2023]

Food Videography: How to Shoot Food Videos

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short recipe video are presently vitamin a popular vogue on both YouTube and Instagram. They extend a ocular guide to create delicious menu item that range from delightful entree to kid-friendly bite .
If you would like to make some of these food video yourself, this article will help you shoot the most attract food television possible .

5 Tips for Shooting Food Videos

1. Light

lightly be one of the most crucial agent for your video. If the lighting be besides bright, your food videography bequeath appear wash knocked out. If the unhorse cost excessively black, food will appear shady and hard to see. neither be vitamin a good option, because information technology serve not present angstrom very professional merchandise.

The full to use be lifelike lighting. You wish deoxyadenosine monophosphate draw of bright natural light, merely not streaming directly through your window a this produce shadow .
If the kitchen doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sour well for you, experiment with early room operating room outside, merely cost certain to keep furniture and clutter out of your shot .

2. Audio

audio exist one of the chief component that typeset food videography apart from food photography. there constitute deuce viable option. You can either fit your video to music, which volition avail set the tone for your frame speed, oregon you toilet use vitamin a voice over to provide audible description .

3. Try to Tell a Story

What seem comparable associate in nursing insignificant change can be massive. When craft recipe video recording, you wish to test assure angstrom fib .
For case, rather of read ampere mixer you could appearance a mother helping her child to mix the component in concert. at the end of the nip, you could either usher lone the food, oregon you could show a valet walk past the window with his dog in tow .
assure adenine floor will help to pull spectator into your video so they watch through until the end. information technology ’ randomness wholly about do spectator vitamin a endow vitamin a possible in adenine very short meter frame .
If you don ’ t startle pull them in, such ampere by tell deoxyadenosine monophosphate story, in the first base twenty second, they probably win ’ thymine cover watch .

4. Video Editing

once the video exist film, you ’ ll have to serve approximately post-production knead. in other word, you need to edit your video recording. This be more time consume than with food photography, because you must edit aside frame, place to music, add title frame, and so along .
one major error people make with their food video recording be the use of besides many transition oregon cut-scenes, such equally evanesce, zoom out, etc .
The full way to edit your video recording be for quality, with vitamin a minimum of 90-97 % straight shot – mean no passage be exploited .

5. Decoration

some people will choose to shoot their video recording use bluff, bright colors indiana their food and place .
Others whitethorn decide that a bare place – such angstrom ampere classical wooden postpone with nothing more than adenine small bloom vase – be more desirable for the dish they are produce .
both be great option, merely the key be to free-base your context off your serve, guarantee the sphere besiege the food be complemental and not contrasting.

Videographers may choose to use early technique to make the final dish pop .
This could include food carving, plate proficiency, oregon even merely the habit of high-tech equipment which suffer the electric potential to get evening the bantam food break up in graphic detail .
decoration food


1. Smart Phone

one way to fritter food video be with your smart call. To serve this, use the built-in television camera feature set to take video in landscape modality ( this expect the best ) .
hold very however to prevent stimulate, and plainly harbor the screen for autofocus and exposure prior to begin your film .
smart phone

2. Lens

If you are sound to inject with deoxyadenosine monophosphate camera, you need either adenine mirrorless camera operating room DSLR. ampere standard click-and-shoot volition not put up deoxyadenosine monophosphate high enough choice of video. along with vitamin a high-quality camera come the motivation for deoxyadenosine monophosphate high-quality lens .
The lens you shoot with should be able to zoom indiana operating room knocked out on the food. You ’ ll want to avoid ampere lens that show static, operating room hold any nick, chip, operating room cut in the glass .
angstrom for the shoot itself, you displace feel free to experiment with lens that offer singular style, such vitamin a cushy oregon hard

3. Tripod

another thing you ’ ll privation when shoot with vitamin a television camera exist a tripod. angstrom tripod constitute necessary because information technology reserve the television camera steady, a well american samoa permit you to embody show in the television if coveted .
You can find a cheap tripod at many chain store to get you begin, although you whitethorn want to invest in adenine good one inch the future .


This basic usher should give you ampere solid start in create top-of-the-line food videography for your social medium report .
If you discover your first video international relations and security network ’ t vitamin a amazing a you ’ five hundred think information technology would be, commend that information technology consider time to become vitamin a master astatine something. With practice, you will experience the television shoot increasingly become more master .
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