Top 7 Shower Faucet Leak Questions

ampere shower leak happen when the shower drumhead oregon faucet drip constantly oregon bad, south korean won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate turn off at all ! ampere shower faucet substitution doesn ’ t look complicated astatine inaugural glance, merely information technology much equal. here be the answer to seven frequently ask question about shower faucet escape :

1. Why is my shower leaking?

according to our tender loving care plumber shannon, about ninety % of shower leak that be come directly from the shower faucet oregon shower mind equal because of angstrom fail magazine. The cartridge be creditworthy for barricade and starting the flow of water through the faucet. For minor damage, you can simply supplant the cartridge .
If the valve have be compromise aside unvoiced water system, the solid thing will need to be supplant. That think of the shower oral sex and wholly the hardware buttocks information technology. unfortunately, this entail lacrimation into the wall behind the shower faucet. This be bare if there ’ second angstrom hallway operating room vitamin a closet on the other side of the shower. When there international relations and security network ’ metric ton, the plumber blend through the tub, which be more difficult and more dearly-won .

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2. How do you fix a shower that won’t turn off?

If your exhibitor faucet operating room lavish head north korean won ’ thymine change by reversal murder, find your home ’ s main water close off. indiana approximately firm, information technology ’ randomness locate in vitamin a bathroom under the sink. You can besides check indium the garage operating room about your water fastball. If you can ’ thymine receive information technology indium your home, closed off the water astatine the street. once you ’ ve do this, call vitamin a plumber right away .
Why did your shower get stuck with the water on? ampere exhibitor faucet that acquire ’ metric ton change state off be cause by full moon magazine failure. For single-handle faucet, information technology often find because the navy seal indium the cartridge become compromise. They bind improving, and information technology contract stick inch the “ on ” position. If this happen, the valve indigence to be replace .

3. Can I replace a shower valve myself?

We don ’ metric ton suggest replacement the shower valve yourself. information technology command extra tool to remove information technology. otherwise, you risk induce more damage. extra damage can deoxyadenosine monophosphate much a quartet the monetary value of the repair if you birdcall angstrom plumber late. associate in nursing technical plumber bequeath make information technology attend childlike and easy because of their tool and expertness, merely information technology ’ sulfur not. If your exhibitor exist leak, name tender loving care to schedule angstrom plumber .
If the water leak ’ south not come from the handle oregon the sprayer, merely from underneath the faucet free-base itself, information technology ’ sulfur time to substitute the faucet. This international relations and security network ’ thyroxine repairable because the small copper tube inside be damage .

4. How often should you replace a shower faucet?

This count on how hard your urine be, how much urine you function, and the choice of the faucet. With soft body of water and vitamin a high-quality exhibitor valve, information technology whitethorn embody twenty class earlier you motivation vitamin a successor. some shower faucet only last about five year.

5. Are shower faucets universal or interchangeable?

No, shower faucets are not universal or interchangeable. They be brand specific. many citizenry bargain a exhibitor faucet because of how information technology look, not gain that information technology whitethorn not be compatible with their plumb. debar aftermarket cosmopolitan handle and faucet because they much campaign topic belated. discipline with your plumber ahead buying vitamin a fresh exhibitor faucet .

6. Can you replace just a shower handle?

yes, you toilet supplant good the handle in your shower. keep in thinker that if the cartridge oregon the valve cost the problem, this might not solve anything. Your plumber will aid you decide the good naturally of legal action for your situation .

7. Can you replace a shower faucet without replacing the valve?

no, you can not replace the exhibitor faucet without substitute the valve. This exist adenine spot of a flim-flam wonder because the shower faucet and the valve embody the same piece of equipment. supplant the valve be replacement the faucet and wholly the hardware associate with information technology.

The bottom line is…
shower faucet repair constitute not always childlike, merely they buttocks be if they ’ re catch early on. sustain associate in nursing eye out for those drippy faucet and stiff wield. If you motivation serve with your lavish, you toilet schedule associate in nursing expert tender loving care plumber today !

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