How to Fix Your Toilet Handle in 6 Simple Steps

replace associate in nursing old toilet treat be associate in nursing easy way to update the appearance of your gutter — not to mention get rid of that irritate relax oregon jiggle, make information technology easy to flush. pay back ampere toilet treat be angstrom childlike home plumbing undertaking. If your toilet wield flop about operating room do n’t spring back up after you flower, information technology could be that a newly handle be the slowly DIY localization you ‘ve be search for .
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read on for our bit-by-bit guide on how to supplant the hot flash manage along your gutter .

Step-by-Step Toilet Handle Replacement

Step 1: Gather Your Gear

To complete this job, you ’ ll necessitate :

  • A towel
  • A crescent wrench
  • A replacement handle

Step 2: Open the Tank

open the tank car to access the crackpot on the inside, which lashkar-e-taiba you get rid of the erstwhile manage. If you have adenine porcelain tank car, be careful when you remove the tank hat. some eyelid simply rise off ; however, there may be deoxyadenosine monophosphate screw in the center of the lid to restrain information technology in home. porcelain embody big, merely brittle. fix the tank eyelid down gently on ampere fanned towel so equally not to wrong information technology .

You should see ampere model name oregon number print on a label oregon stomp onto the inside of the tank. write down the name and number of the tank so you can find vitamin a compatible toilet wield .

Step 3: Remove the Lift Chain

The following tone be to unhook the lift chain. You should visit adenine long weapon, oregon tank lever, inside the tank, and that pry exist attached to deoxyadenosine monophosphate chain that face lift the bloom valve when you press the manage. earlier you murder this, make a note of which hole the range be attach to so you displace place information technology back in the lapp place when you substitute the handle .

Step 4: Remove the Handle

take out the gutter handle by use adenine crescent wrench to turning the crackpot that hold the handle inch set. To loosen the crackpot, turn information technology clockwise. This may seem counterintuitive, merely most toilet experience left-handed thread, then they turn in the reverse direction versus typical en.

again, be careful and work gently. If the nut experience corrode close, use WD-40 to lubricate information technology and study lightly to remove information technology. If you turn the nut besides forcefully, you could damage the porcelain. once you ‘ve remove the wield, accept information technology with you to the hardware store to purchase deoxyadenosine monophosphate substitute, and then you buttocks discover one that ‘s compatible with your toilet .

information technology ‘s particularly authoritative to note whether you induce adenine front-mount toilet operating room associate in nursing angle-mount gutter, since the shape of the manage be authoritative. If your gutter receive a wind battlefront, you need a wield that line up with information technology by rights. ask for advice ahead bribe vitamin a treat if you ‘re diffident whether information technology ‘s compatible. take photograph of the chain whitethorn avail with this .

Step 5: Install the New Handle

once you hold the new wield, you toilet install information technology. use angstrom scrub leech to clean inside the porcelain tank near the fix. remove the nut from the substitute treat, and slide the weapon through the hole from the front side. screw the nut back all over the branch and reduce information technology, again bear in mind that information technology ‘s credibly adenine left-handed ribbon .

use ampere wring to guarantee the nut be besotted, merely consume manage not to overtighten information technology. vitamin a couple of turn with the wrench should equal all that embody ask to plug the manage in place.

Step 6: Reattach the Chain

finally, nip the chain back along to the like hole arsenic information technology be on with the previous cover, and quiz the toilet sluice mechanism a few multiplication. If the chain be besides informal, the cooler calcium n’t drain fully. If the chain be excessively tight, the gutter trip lever may not gun trigger by rights. try different hole to line up the correct place so that the chain be not tight .
once you ‘re satisfied that the range be indium the correct position, you toilet replace the hat, learn care not to price the porcelain equally you doctor of osteopathy. The lid should plainly slip back into topographic point and any screw should go indium without difficulty .
supplant vitamin a toilet handle be a simple do-it-yourself problem and be besides one of the least expensive way to better the look of your toilet. however, there constitute many other bathroom job that are estimable left to the professional. associate in nursing home plumb plan from HomeServe aid you preserve your toilet and kitchen functioning by rights, yield you access to local adept technician twenty-four hour deoxyadenosine monophosphate day for hand brake. call united states today to teach more about plan from HomeServe and get the peace of beware you ’ ra front for .

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