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If you play a distribute of Xbox One®, you ‘ve credibly heard about control drift, which causes your character to move around the screen completely on their own. If you are n’t familiar with it, imagine playing Call of Duty® and trying to escape the foe, then watching your embodiment run into danger on their own. This is frustrating and can make games closely impossible to play. At Asurion, our experts help millions of customers get the most out of their technical school and resolve their device problems, like finding the best bet on monitors or repairing an Xbox that wo n’t turn on. here ‘s their guide on how to fix Xbox One accountant drift—and what causes it .

What is Xbox One controller drift?

Your Xbox One restrainer has two analogue sticks, or joysticks, that allow you to do a kind of things while you play. normally, they work precisely how they ‘re supposed to. But when analogue stick drift occurs, objects you ‘re controlling will move across the screen even when you ‘re not touching any buttons .

Why does my Xbox One controller drift?

If your Xbox control is broken and you ‘re experiencing stick stray, there are a few potential causes. One is something equally bare as low batteries. A more common induce is dust or debris inside your accountant. Over time, that dirt can build up and affect the electric components.

Analog stick drift can besides be caused by damage to your restrainer, either from person dropping it or excessive wear and tear. The potentiometer, a part connected to the stick that ‘s creditworthy for sending movement signals to your comfort, is an particularly medium piece—a broken or defective one is probably to result in this write out. Man playing gaming console Keep your mind in the game If your comfort stops working, we ’ ll handle the repairs. Make an appointee or visit your nearest storehouse now. schedule a repair

How to fix Xbox One controller drift

Before you start searching for how to take an Xbox One control aside, try these dim-witted game console compensate steps to fix joystick drift.

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Reset your Xbox One controller

This is more of a restart than a fully reset, but it could calm resolve your consequence. Press and hold the Xbox button on the control for 5–10 seconds until it turns off. Wait a few seconds, and then press and hold the Xbox button again to turn it back on .

Replace the batteries

Slide off the back cover of the restrainer and replace the AA batteries with two fresh ones. If you have a reclaimable battery pack, charge your restrainer until it ‘s at full world power .

Clean your Xbox One controller

beginning, unplug and turn off your restrainer by pressing the Xbox button for 5–10 seconds. then apply a small sum of rubbing alcohol to a cotton swab or soft cloth and wipe the analogue adhere, specially at the basal. Move the stick around as you clean indeed you can cover more area. Repeat this process for the other analogue stick. Before moving to the next dance step, wait for the alcohol to wholly dry .

To clean your Xbox controller using canned air:

Compressed air should help clear out any debris that ‘s causing control drift. One important tip : Always keep the can level when spraying the joysticks as turning it sideways could send moisture into your control and cause further wrong. here ‘s what else you should do to clean it safely :

  1. With the controller off, press one analog stick as far as it will go in one direction and then spray the compressed air into the stick base on the opposite side.
  2. Slowly roll the stick around while continuously spraying the base with air.
  3. As you spray, try gently pulling the analog stick up or pressing it down while you push it all the way to one side. This can help create space for the air to enter.
  4. Repeat this process with the other analog stick.

even if your accountant is working by rights, spraying it with compressed air travel about once a month will help keep it clean and prolong its life. If you ‘ve tried these steps and calm need a little avail, we ‘re good around the corner. Schedule a haunt at the nearest uBreakiFix® by Asurion or Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions™ shop and our certified experts can get your device back up and running american samoa soon as the lapp day .

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