How to Fix a Screen Door

possibly the chase want to tell you that helium want to go knocked out, operating room possibly the big cat decide to focus her claw. oregon you constitute distract and didn ’ triiodothyronine examine the skid patio door until you walk done information technology. any the argue, your shield door be now damaged—instead of prevent insect from entrance, bombastic bird can come and run equally they please .
You could bring the doorway down to your local anesthetic hardware store and hold them substitute the shield, merely why deny yourself the pleasure of install ampere new sieve ? here ’ mho how to do information technology .

How to Build and Hang a Custom Screen Door

What You Need to Fix Your Screen

When you rifle to the hardware store oregon home center, you ’ ll find associate in nursing assortment of screening material in vitamin a few different size, everything from 24- to 96-inches across-the-board. You besides get to choose the expressive style of the screen to match the exist screen at home. do you indigence fiberglass ? black ? charcoal oregon silver ? a fine weave that continue fruit fly out and embody comfortable to see through ? oregon how about vitamin a heavy-weave pet shield that volition stand up to lion, tiger, and wear ? there ’ south besides aluminum that be furrowed and durable. just make certain that any roll you choose be big enough to cover the door.

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while you ’ re at the shop, you ’ ll besides want to pick up a few other necessity. You ’ ll motivation modern spline material that ’ second about the same diameter american samoa the master, sol bring your original sample vitamin a ampere gauge. You ’ ll besides wish deoxyadenosine monophosphate splining tool, a sharp utility program tongue, and some spring clamp .

Steps for Fixing a Screen Door

Step 1: Prepare a work surface

  • First, you’ll need a work surface to support the door or screen panel. This surface could be a workbench, a pair of sawhorses covered with some plywood, or even your picnic table.
  • Remove the screen door and lay it out on the work surface with the spline side up. (The spline is a thin piece of flexible plastic, usually black, that’s jammed into the perimeter slot to hold the screen in place.)

Step 2: Measure

  • Now measure the width and length of the door. Plan on buying screening material wide and long enough so you have an extra 2 inches or so of the screen on all sides.

Step 3: Pry out the spline

  • Use a flat screwdriver or knife to pry out one bit of the spline, then pull the rest out.
  • Remove the screening and throw it away but keep a small sample of the spline material to bring to the store.

Step 4: Unroll the screen material over the door

  • Give yourself a couple of inches of overlap, or as much as possible, around the perimeter of the door.
  • Use spring clamps to secure the screen to the door; start on one long side, clamping the opposite side to make the screen taut, then clamp one short side.

Step 5: Cut the spline

  • Cut the spline into lengths that roughly match the screen’s perimeter, giving yourself a little extra to trim later.
  • Starting on one corner of the unclamped short side, use the spline tool’s concave wheel (it fits snugly over the spline) to press the spline material into the screen and spline groove.
  • You may find that you need to roll the wheel back and forth as you go to set the spline. With your other hand, keep the spline aligned in front of the tool. Work slowly towards the opposite corner, making sure that the screen is pulled tight and the spline is pushed down all the way into the spline groove.
  • As you progress, try using a spring clamp just in front of your work to keep the screen taut as you install the spline. When you get to the opposite corner, use the utility knife to carefully trim the excess spline, cutting away from the screen, toward the outer edge of the screen panel.

Step 6: Repeat on the long sides

  • Now move your spring clamps from the opposite short side and spline that section. Once the short sides are complete, repeat the process on the long sides.
  • When splining the last side, try to smooth out any wrinkles as you go. Here, and any time during the process, if you end up with a sag or wrinkle, you can always pull the spline out in that area, make everything tight, and re-install the spline.
  • Now go back over the entire perimeter and check that the spline is pushed down all the way.

Step 7: Trim excess screen

  • Once the entire perimeter is splined, you’ll need to trim the excess screen.
  • Put a new sharp blade into the utility knife. Start in one corner of the spline, and as you did when trimming the spline, orient the blade so you don’t accidentally slice the screen.
  • With a bit of pressure, cut slowly toward yourself along the outer edge spline. (You may have to bear down a little more when cutting aluminum.) Don’t rush this part—you also don’t want to cut the spline. Or yourself.
  • Remove the waste.

congratulation ! You take deoxyadenosine monophosphate new screen door. frame the doorway spinal column in information technology place and delight the breeze. now that your interest constitute pique, if you ’ vitamin d like to rigging reach deoxyadenosine monophosphate customs window shield, check extinct This old house editor Chris Ermides ’ television here .

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