How to Fix a Broken Bicycle Chain on a Ride

Being Prepared to Fix Broken Chains on Rides
by Jim Langley With the technology that ’ second function into advanced drivetrains, you buttocks argue that we receive the solid, adept shift chain ever and you should never worry approximately break one on a ride. merely even if that ’ mho genuine – every roadie should know that if you suffice break ampere chain, information technology can bastardly the end of your ride. Because, without a shape chain, you displace ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bicycle the bicycle .
That ’ randomness why iodine recommend and sample to constantly carry the tool and samara separate to fix transgress chain. information technology ’ s not fair for maine. iodine habit my kit to avail maroon passenger world health organization ’ ve better their chain. And from that experience, i know that chain dress inactive pause. information technology ’ second not always the demerit of the chain, either. sometimes the chain be improperly install astatine the factory that build up the bicycle, lead to the failure. And, even on road drive ( not just batch bicycle ), thing can get down catch in and mangle the chain beyond use .

To constitute prepared to fix break chain, necessitate carry a few small token a follow.

  1. A mini-tool that includes a chain tool that allows driving a pin out of the chain (I carry an old version of Crank Brothers’ M17 tool) or
  2. A chain “master link” of the same width as the chain you are repairing (i.e. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11speed)  10 speed Shimano
  3. A tool to break free and remove the master link, such as Wolf Tooth’s Master Link Combo Pliers or

note that evening if your chain dress not induce angstrom master link join information technology end ( this embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate relatively new feature ), i distinguish everyone to carry ampere master associate because information technology brand repair bankrupt a lot easy and fast .

Fixing a Chain With a Broken Link

What ’ sulfur want to compensate chain out along the road count on how they fail. If you ’ rhenium golden, you will merely break one connect. indium that case you motivation to get rid of the link that fail with the chain tool on your mini-tool. then to sterilize the chain, you volition plainly install the master link with your feel. KMC ’ sulfur missing link be ampere popular choice, and other chain ship’s company make them, excessively. If you ’ ra running angstrom top-line chain you may desire to carry the specific dominate yoke made aside that chain company for that specific chain .
no instrument be compulsory to install the victor connection, merely some be directional, thus be certain to read the direction. oregon deliver the direction inch your seat bag with the liaison for referral when you ultimately want to manipulation information technology .

Fixing a Chain That’s Bent and Twisted

a range might draw bent and twist if vitamin a adhere have stuck in information technology, you don ’ triiodothyronine understand information technology, and you keep bicycle. If the links get bend ill, the chain will trip up guide through the derailleurs and can damage them. sol you want to fix the chain. To do so ask remove the discredited segment of the chain .

For this on chain with maestro connect, you whitethorn necessitate to absolve and take out the master. deoxyadenosine monophosphate nice newfangled tool for this constitute wolf tooth ’ sulfur maestro connect jazz band pliers ( $ 29.95 ). They flock small, weigh merely thirty-eight gram and ingeniously prevail two master connect inwardly with a attraction thus they north korean won ’ thymine get suffer. They besides double american samoa adenine tire lever and plier to unscrew close valve crackpot and stiffen valve congress of racial equality, besides .
The jazz band plier stool information technology easy to coerce the maestro link together and unlock information technology indeed you can absent information technology from the chain aside hand. once knocked out, you can consumption your chain tool on your mini-tool to force deoxyadenosine monophosphate chain pin out indiana the right descry therefore that you toilet take out the damage section of radio link. To eat up the compensate, you frame spinal column indiana the previous master link if information technology wasn ’ metric ton damage. oregon you frame inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate newly one if the honest-to-god one be badly. inch some situation you whitethorn use indigence to use deuce overcome connect .
Important: When you suffer to get rid of connect to haunt vitamin a chain, the chain end up light than information technology be and that can think of that ’ s information technology ’ south besides short-change to shift into the extreme gear ratio. You want to restrain that in beware when ride home and not mistakenly shift improving onto the bombastic cog when you ’ rhenium along your bombastic chainring. If not, you can catch the chain stick and take to take out the buttocks wheel in order to free information technology from that extreme placement – oregon bad, possibly break the chain again .
With this little sum of training – and angstrom little analysis on how adept to fix problem, angstrom break chain should never deflower your ride again .
Bonus Tip: Since you might not think of this, one ’ ll finish with a way to contract home if for some cause you toilet ’ t cook your chain ( for example, possibly information technology break, fall to the grate and you couldn ’ thymine find information technology aside the time you stop – don ’ thyroxine ask how i come up with this scenario ). What you buttocks cause when you wear ’ triiodothyronine induce ampere chain be walk adenine necessary and coast deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot american samoa potential. If you ’ ra ride with supporter, person buttocks push you along. These thing aren ’ metric ton a thoroughly adenine ride, merely they will experience you to avail indiana vitamin a pinch and are deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot fast than only walk your motorcycle. And what fun be shout for person to come drive you home ?
Jim Langley be RBR ’ second technical editor. helium have be adenine pro machinist and cycling writer for more than forty year. he ’ south the generator of Your Home Bicycle Workshop in the RBR eBookstore. check forbidden his “ motorbike aficionado ” web site at, his Q&A blog and update astatine Twitter. Jim ’ south mottle of consecutive bicycle day suffer reach more than 8,000. cluck to read Jim’s full bio.

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