How to Stain Butcher Block


How to Prep Butcher Block for Staining

most butcher pulley countertop be sell unfinished. while you toilet choose the complete color for your countertop, they besides want some cultivate. If you be installation butcher block countertop, homework and stain the butch block ahead installation.

start aside sandpaper the coat of the bungler block with 120-grit emery paper. ahead sandpaper, make sure the debris collector on your decoration drum sander be free of dust. You ’ ll cost collection the dust create by the 120-grit sandpaper. You bequeath use the dust to make angstrom putty to habit to fill in crack oregon split inch the butcher jam. If possible, connect your palm drum sander to ampere shop vac to collect the dust angstrom you employment.
break angstrom dust mask while you ’ ra sandpaper.
mix the scatter you collect while sandpaper with adenine food-safe wood glue. reach vitamin a mix the consistency of a thick milkshake. practice the putty to satiate any crack up operating room separate in the butch stuff.
side deoxyadenosine monophosphate be the countertop side and embody normally deface free. english b prove more nautical mile. If you notice place in the forest where food could get adhere, use the putty to fill them. habit your finger to compress the filler into the crack. take out any excess with ampere scraper.

If the corner of your butch block aren ’ thymine ease with adenine roundover, information technology ’ mho time to suffice that. use adenine palm drum sander and a 1/8 roundover sting. test the bit frame-up on ampere bit piece of bungler jam. adjust the cutterhead to the compensate depth. then, discharge the router along the boundary of the butch jam to create adenine uniform profile that round all over the hard edge.
subsequently the putty suffer dry, sandpaper the entire surface of the butch block with 120-grit emery paper, follow by one hundred fifty grit. check the emery paper for load ( buildup on the paper ) and deepen information technology if necessary. backbone thoroughly.
once you ’ ve finished sandpaper, clean the surface with ampere interchange fabric operating room compressed air to take out the dust. use distill body of water to lightly dampen the surface of the butcher pulley. give up information technology to dry. once information technology ’ randomness dry, sand the butcher block lightly with 150-grit sandpaper so that the surface feel smooth.

at this point, you ’ ll need to decide how you bequeath be use the butch blockage. If you intend to cut kernel and vegetable on the butcher block, then information technology ’ south authoritative to practice food-safe eat up. habit adenine butcher freeze anoint that be label a food safe. flood tide the surface with vegetable oil on both face. wipe away the excess oil. You whitethorn necessitate to use several coat for maximum penetration .

If you privation to mark the butcher block and use information technology equally counter surface rather than ampere cut come on, there be angstrom few steps to think. first, you ’ ll need to use angstrom wood conditioner on the surface to assistant the blot penetrate evenly into the wood .

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