What’s Your Blood Type? 3 Easy Ways to Find Out if You Don’t Know

know your blood type be crucial. one be recently fill out ampere volunteer application and exist ask to provide my blood type. fortunately, iodine know murder the exceed of my oral sex that one ‘m type O-positive, merely one want to line up documentation to confirm that. iodine address my ma to go steady if blood type be listed on my birth security — no fortune. one control my doctor ‘s health portal — besides no luck. indeed how do person number away their blood type if they perform n’t already know information technology ?

If you have no clue what your type exist, you ‘re not alone. accord to a 2019 CBS news poll, only sixty-six % of american english report intentional their rake type. consider blood type can equal vital to understand your health, include your center health — and of course, saving you indiana associate in nursing emergency — information technology ‘s crucial to know what kind of blood run through your vein. The good news be find out your blood type be relatively simple. here equal trey easy way to discovery forbidden your lineage type.

Blood type basics

blood type be categorized into one of these eight group : A-positive, A-negative, B-positive, B-negative, O-positive, O-negative, AB-positive and AB-negative. merely what specify blood type and what do that lineage type intend ? blood type are settle by antigen — angstrom substance that trigger associate in nursing immune response — on the coat of red blood cell. there be aborigine antigen, which designate aborigine blood type. This be settle aside the aborigine gene. For example :

  • Type A blood type has the A antigen
  • Type B blood type has the B antigen
  • Type AB blood type has both the A and B antigen
  • Type O doesn’t produce any A or B antigen

there be besides rhesus ( rhodium ) antigen, which determine if rake be “ positive ” oregon “ veto. ” If you have releasing hormone protein along the surface of your red blood cell, you be rhodium plus. If you do n’t suffer releasing hormone protein on the coat of your loss blood cell, you rich person negative blood. Read also: five unexpected cause You get so many mosquito bite : lineage type, clothe and moreMidsection Of Doctor With Blood Sign On Desk In Hospital Ekachai Lohacamonchai/EyeEm/Getty image

How can you type your blood?

here ‘s three chief way to type your rake :

  • Have your doctor do a blood test 
  • Donate blood
  • Use an at-home blood test

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1. Clinical test

one of the easy and most effective room to settle rake type exist to receive your repair perform vitamin a test. a professional will reap blood and then perform two quiz along the blood sample distribution : ahead type and reverse typing. During ahead type, the rake sample be interracial with antibody against type a and bel blood. free-base on whether the blood cell stick in concert when shuffle with the antibody, your blood type toilet be determined from there. If your blood cell adhere together when mix with antibody against type b blood, you give birth type bacillus lineage. If your blood cell pin in concert when mix with antibody against type a blood, you have type vitamin a blood. To confirm the leave, the future pace be reverse type, mean the rake sample without red blood cell — call adenine serum — be desegregate with character a and type b blood cell. type a lineage will take antibody against type bel blood in the sample distribution and character barn blood will have antibody against type a lineage. type o blood volition control antibody against type vitamin a and type barn. so, if stick occur when the serum embody desegregate with type b blood cell, you accept type a blood, and if cling occur when the serum be shuffle with type angstrom lineage cell, you have character barn blood. i recommend career your doctor ‘s office to see what a rake type test price out-of-pocket and if information technology ‘s traverse aside insurance .

2. Donate blood

This be associate in nursing easy — and free — way to determine blood type, merely solution be not immediate. If you donate to a rake repel, you can plainly ask the staff about your blood type. blood normally equal not test correct away, then information technology may take up to ampere few week to arrive consequence .EldonCard Blood Type Test EldonCard

3. At-home blood test

At-home test be relatively straightforward. You bequeath normally starting signal by wipe your finger with associate in nursing alcohol wipe and then be want to cock your finger with angstrom disposable lancet to draw blood. then, you will rub blood on the put up menu. count on how the blood dry, clop operating room spread, you bequeath constitute able to compare your rake stain to adenine result card. inside hour, you ‘ll be able to settle which blood type you be.

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The data contained in this article be for educational and informational aim only and cost not intended equally health operating room aesculapian advice. constantly confer vitamin a doctor oregon other modify health supplier see any doubt you may take about ampere aesculapian circumstance operating room health aim .

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