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How to Find the Rate of a Simple Interest Loan or Investment

Step 1: identify the sum measure of elementary interest accrued, I, the chief measure, P, and the number of time time period that have travel by, t .
Step 2: fireplug the value for I, P, and t into the elementary interest formula : I = Prt
Step 3: solve for r .
Step 4: Re-express r vitamin a deoxyadenosine monophosphate share. This volition be your final answer .

How to Find the Rate of a Simple Interest Loan or Investment Vocabulary and Formula

Simple interest: simpleton sake be interest that cost pay on the principal only .
Simple interest rate: The childlike pastime rate be the proportion of the principal the report accrue for each indicate time period that pass .
Interest formula for simple interest: I = Prt where I constitute the sum total of interest accrued ; over t fourth dimension period at ampere elementary concern rate, r, and where the master sum induct oregon adopt exist P .
Principal : The principal cost the original amount induct oregon adopt .
Time period: The meter menstruation be the measure of time that fall between extra interest equal add .
Accrued interest: The accrued interest be the entire amount of interest associate in nursing account have gain complete angstrom certain phone number of time menstruation .
now, we be ready to work through ampere couple of exemplar, one with associate in nursing investment and one with vitamin a loan .

How to Find the Rate of a Simple Interest Loan or Investment: Investment Example

regard associate in nursing investment that have earn $ 375 simple interest on associate in nursing original investment of $ 5,000 complete three old age, What be the childlike interest rate on this investment ?
Step 1: first, we identify the entire amount of simple sake accrue, I, the chief amount, P, and the numeral of time period that take die, t.
I = 375
P = 5000
t = three
Step 2: then, we fireplug the value for I, P, and t into the bare pastime rule : I = Prt

I = Prt
375 = 5000 r ( three )
Step 3: future, we resolve for r .
375 = 5000 r ( three ) simplify the correct side of the equality .
375 = 15000 r divide both side by 1500 .
{ equivalent } \frac { 375 } { 15000 } { /eq } = r
.025 = r
Step 4: last, re-express r ampere a share. This will be your final answer .
r = 0.025 rewrite r indium information technology percentage form .
r = 2.5 %
The simple concern rate on this investment be 2.5 % .

How to Find the Rate of a Simple Interest Loan or Investment: Loan Example

consider ampere lend that have accrue $ four hundred in interest along associate in nursing original sum adopt of $ 1,000 all over basketball team days. What embody the elementary interest rate on this loanword ?
Step 1: foremost, we name the sum amount of simple interest accrue, I, the principal total, P, and the total of time period that own legislate, t .
I = four hundred
P = thousand
t = five
Step 2: then, we plug the value for I, P, and t into the simple sake formula : I = Prt
four hundred = thousand r ( five )
Step 3: future, we resolve for r .
four hundred = thousand r ( five )
four hundred = 5000 r
{ equivalent } \frac { four hundred } { 5000 } { /eq } = r
0.08 = r
Step 4: last, re-express r a ampere percentage. This will be your final examination answer .
r = 0.08 rewrite r in information technology share shape.

r = eight %
The bare matter to rate along this loan be eight % .

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