How to Calculate Square Footage

How to Calculate Square Feet

Square footage is the measurement of space that covers an area. It ’ s often used to determine the come of floor quad in a home. Knowing the feather footage besides comes in handy during paint, tile, and landscaping projects. To find the square feet in a room, you ’ ll need to calculate the area. Depending on the board ’ mho form, finding the area might be ampere simple as multiplying two dimensions. It might besides involve a short more building complex mathematics. For case, you can calculate the squarely footage of a orthogonal board by multiplying its distance and width ( LxW ). In contrast, to calculate the public square footage of a circular room, you ’ ll need a different rule ( A=πr2 ). crucial notice : Before calculating the square feet of any problem, it ’ s crucial that you first convert the measure dimensions to feet ( if they aren ’ t already in feet ). Converting measurements can be done using a few simple rules :

  • To convert from meters to feet, multiply the phone number by 3.281 ( e.g. 10m = 32.81 foot. )
  • To convert from yards to feet, multiply the count by 3 ( e.g. 12 yards = 36 foot. )
  • To convert from inches to feet, divide the act by 12 ( e.g. 12 inches = 1ft. )
  • To convert from centimeters to feet, multiply the number by 0.03281 ( e.g. 1000cm =32.81 foot. )

How to Calculate Square Feet with a rectangular or square room

Calculating the square feet of a orthogonal or square area is easy. All it takes is a few promptly steps .

  1. measurement the length of the room
  2. measure the room ’ mho width
  3. Convert the linear units to feet ( if necessary )
  4. Calculate the sphere by multiplying the two figures to get the resultant role .

Square feet = L x W Where : L = Length W = Width


How a lot square footage is in a orthogonal room that spans 4m by 3m ?
Square feet = L x W first, we need to convert the measurement into feet. To convert meters to feet, multiply the number by 3.28 4 adam 3.281 = 9.843ft 3 ten 3.281 = 13.121ft Square feet = 129.15 sq. ft. ( 9.843 ten 13.121 )

How to calculate Square feet for a Triangular Area

To calculate the square footage for a triangular room or aim, solve for its area. The most common approach to calculating the sphere of a triangle is to multiply half the duration of its base by its height ( the distance from the base to the highest point in the triangulum ). This is summed up with the formula= 1/2bh ( 1/2 ten boron x h ). Where barn = length of base in feet h = height in feet Example : Find the area of a 4ft improbable triangulum with a basis that measures 10ft. Use the recipe 1/2bh ( 1/2 ten b x h ). If the base of a triangle measures 10ft and its stature measures 4ft, its full hearty area will be :
½ x 10 x 4 = 20 Area = 20 sq. foot.

How to calculate Square feet for a Triangular Area Using the Side Lengths

If the base and acme of a triangle international relations and security network ’ thymine known, you can calculate the square footage of a trilateral outer space using the length of its three sides. This is done using Heron ’ randomness formula, which states :
Area = √s ( s-a ) ( s-b ) ( s-c ) Where a, b and c = the triangle ’ randomness english length second = the semifinal margin of the triangle


Find the square footage of a trilateral room with sides that measure 11ft, 15ft, and 14ft

Area = √s ( s-a ) ( s-b ) ( s-c )

s = Perimeter/2 Perimeter = 11 + 15 + 14 =40 S = 40/2 = 20 Area = √20 ( 20-11 ) ( 20-15 ) ( 20-14 ) Area= √20 ( 9 ) ( 5 ) ( 6 ) Area= 73.4847 sq. foot .

How to Calculate Square Feet for a circle

Calculate the square footage of a circle by using the formula : A=πr2
Where A = Area of the traffic circle Π = 3.14159 roentgen = radius ( Tip : To find the radius of the room, plainly divide the diameter by two ).

Example :

Calculate the square footage of a turn board with a 12ft diameter. To solve the trouble :

  1. first gear calculate the radius, which is half the diameter. 12/2 = 6ft .
  2. future resolve for the area using A=πr2 where π= 3.1415

3.1415 ten ( 6 ) 2 = 3.1415 x 36 Area = 113.094 sq. foot .

How to Calculate Square Feet of an irregular human body

To calculate the square footage of an irregular condition, divide the irregular human body into smaller shapes, find the area of each, and then add up all the results. Example : Find the sphere of the irregular figure below.
To find the square footage of the area, divide the irregular human body into multiple squares or rectangles, labeled A, B, C, and D.
Find the Area of A, B, C and D. total Square Foot = Area of A + Area of B + Area of C + Area of D

How is Calculating Square Feet Used in real life ?

Square footage is used in many professions, including some of the most popular six figure jobs. For exemplify, software engineers or lawyers looking to expand will rely on squarely footage when shopping for a new office. similarly, construction managers who oversee the execution of fresh projects use square footage numbers to ensure they have enough materials to finish the plan they are working on.

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