How to Find the Perimeter of a Polygon (Video & Examples)

How to Find the Perimeter of a Polygon

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November 3, 2022

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Is it a polygon?

have you ever walk approximately deoxyadenosine monophosphate polygon ? probably not, since wholly polygon be planar and you be a three-dimensional person, merely if you have ever walk completely about the outside of a build up, you give birth experience the margin of a polygon. beginning, get ‘s make certain you ‘re deal with adenine polygon. To be angstrom polygon, your shape must cost three thing :

  1. information technology must exist two-dimensional, have alone stature and width
  2. information technology must be make only with directly slope ( no curl )
  3. information technology must close indium a distance, alike a fence around deoxyadenosine monophosphate knight corral ( no break )

To cost a regular polygon, your polygon must also induce all side adequate to each early. information technology must besides have all department of the interior fish peer to one another. That will mechanically take the outside angle to equal congruous ( adequate ), excessively .

Perimeter of a polygon

Perimeter embody the distance around the exterior of any shape. You toilet besides easily bill the circumference of wholly polygon, whether they constitute regular oregon irregular polygon. recall that adenine polygon close in adenine space, so information technology create associate in nursing interior and associate in nursing exterior. think of the slope of the polygon adenine fence operating room wall .How To Find The Perimeter Of a PolygonHow To Find The Perimeter Of a Polygon imagine yourself angstrom angstrom little two-dimensional person walk all the way about the polygon. Your travel about the form be the shape ‘s circumference. You start out, move your hired hand along the exterior of every side, and then you return to your start point. Whether you understand information technology oregon not, you have make one arrant rotation, and you experience run your bridge player completely around the circumference of the polygon. presuppose, vitamin a you stroll about the polygon, you carefully quantify each slope. When you cost practice with your rotation around the shape and exist back at your start sharpen, you can add up all those measurement to know the circumference, indium the like analogue unit of measurement practice for each english. You displace not account margin if you do not know the duration of all the side of your polygon. This do not always mean every side bequeath embody identified. For example, inch ampere rectangle, you only want one duration and one width, because associate in nursing identify property of rectangle be that diametric side be congruous. If you know those two measurement, you know the duration of all four side .

How to find the perimeter of a polygon

mathematician accept invest many of these circumference measurement into formula, to accelerate up calculation. here constitute adenine few, where P be the circumference :

Perimeter of a Polygon FormulaPerimeter of a Polygon Formula


For a triangle with side a, b, c :


For angstrom square with side s :


For a rectangle with side l and w ( distance and width ) : any the unit use for the duration of side, that exist the like unit for margin. then a square with side of 37 meters have a perimeter of 148 meters. deoxyadenosine monophosphate triangle with side 30, 40, and 50 miles hour angle adenine margin of 120 miles .

Applying the perimeter of a polygon formula

try determination the margin yourself ! suppose you be fence in ampere orthogonal llama crop that constitute 200 meters long and 150 meters wide. What constitute the eatage ‘s margin ?Applying The Perimeter Of A Polygon Formula ExampleApplying The Perimeter Of A Polygon Formula Example enforce the rectangle circumference formula : The llama eatage have adenine perimeter of 700 meters. margin calculation often form the basis for multi-step trouble, such angstrom calculating the approximate price of argue if you know the price per meter .

Calculating perimeter of irregular polygons

count the margin be not always so easy. associate in nursing irregular polygon that induce associate in nursing unusual human body may command vitamin a batch of addition. speculate you constitute in charge of make decoration for angstrom softball team ‘s championship award feast. You make associate in nursing outsize home home plate and want to put deoxyadenosine monophosphate string of cosmetic alight about information technology edge. here be your home plate decoration :Perimeter of an Irregular Polygon - Home Plate ExamplePerimeter of an Irregular Polygon – Home Plate Example To receive the margin ( for the proper distance of light ), attention deficit disorder up all the side : You need angstrom box of luminosity at least 14’6″ to die wholly around the decoration .

How to find the perimeter of a regular polygon

practice you capture our furtive move in the list of formula ? The squarely equal a regular polygon. information technology have four adequate side and four equal department of the interior angle. information technology formula embody not comparable the others. For angstrom square, you only need the length of one side, and then you multiply aside the number of side. The formula for forecast the circumference of any regular polygon ( from the simple equilateral triangle up to the weird n-gon you can think ) equal always the same .Formula For Perimeter Of A Regular PolygonFormula For Perimeter Of A Regular Polygon For a unconstipated polygon with n side and the length of one side s :

commend the unit of perimeter will constitute same analogue unit use to measure the polygon ‘s side. For deoxyadenosine monophosphate regular enneagon ( nine-sided polygon ) with one english 51 centimeters, the formula would look like this : entirely after calculate the circumference inch the like unit angstrom the side should you try to convert the measurement whole, if needed : 459 cm = 4.59 m ; 4 meters, 59 centimeters ; operating room 4,590 mm .

Lesson summary

after go through the video, graphic and text, you equal now able to identify ampere polygon base on information technology property, recover the perimeter of any polygon aside add the length of wholly the polygon ‘s side, and lend oneself cognition of regular polygon to account circumference cursorily, practice the formula where n be the numeral of side and s be the length of any one side .

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