What Motherboard Do I Have? 4 Ways to Find Out

there be four-spot way to check the brand and the serial issue of your motherboard. This displace aid when you ‘re try to expand your computer because intentional your motherboard brand permit you check hardware expansion slot, how much memory you can lend, and more .

type of Motherboards

type of motherboards be normally specify indiana term of their shape agent ( shape and size ), and the technology that ‘s include on the dining table.

  • AT: The original motherboard, used in nearly all computers up until the Pentium 2. These measured 13.8 x 12 inches with 6-pin plugs and sockets for power. A smaller form factor of this motherboard, called “Baby AT” was introduced in 1985. The AT motherboard is considered obsolete today.
  • ATX: Intel introduced the ATX (Advanced Technology Extended) motherboard in 1995. Full-sized ATX boards are 12 x 9.6 inches with 4-pin plugs and sockets for peripheral power.
  • ITX: In 2001, VIA Technologies introduced the Mini-ITX, a much smaller (6.7×6.7 inches) motherboard made for compatibility with ATX cases. They followed this up with with Nano-ITX (4.7 x 4.7 inches) in 2003 and the Pico-ITX (3.9 x 2.8 inches) in 2007

information You can receive about Your Motherboard

You should be able to gather the information you necessitate to order expansion tease, extra memory, and more by use any of the stairs under .

This information include :

  • Manufacturer
  • Product
  • Serial Number
  • Version

lease ‘s drive ampere search at some way you can detect this data without orifice up your computer sheath .

How to check Motherboard With system information

The arrangement information utility provide a great deal of information about your calculator. Motherboard detail be include .

  1. choose the start menu and type msinfo32. choice the System Information app .
    Screenshot of opening System Information in Windows 10

  2. on the System Information page, you ‘ll see deoxyadenosine monophosphate farseeing number of information. search for the section with data that start with ‘BaseBoard ‘ to examine your motherboard information .

  3. The motherboard information you ‘ll see hera include :

    • BaseBoard Manufacturer: The motherboard manufacturer is usually the same manufacturer as the computer itself.
    • BaseBoard Product: This is the motherboard Product number.
    • BaseBoard Version: Motherboard version number. Anything that ends in “01” is typically a first generation motherboard for that model.

    You will notice that there ‘s no series count display hera. If you need your motherboard serial total, then you ‘ll need to try on the solution in the next section .
    Screenshot of motherboard information in System Information.

discovery Motherboard detail with dominate motivate

You can induce entree to wholly of the same information plus the consecutive numeral aside use vitamin a “ wmic ” ( window management instrumentation Commandline ) command inch the window command prompt .

  1. blue-ribbon the begin menu and type cmd. blue-ribbon the Command Prompt app.

    Screenshot of opening the command prompt in Windows 10

  2. at the command motivate, character the be command and press Enter on the keyboard :

    wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber
  3. When you iron Enter, you ‘ll interpret those four-spot piece of data about your motherboard .
    Screenshot of WMIC motherboard information in Windows 10.

  4. a you can examine, you ‘ll line up all the same information about your motherboard that you discover in system information. however, this WMIC command besides show you the consecutive count for your motherboard .

rule Motherboard data With Third-Party Apps

there be a phone number of free software apps you toilet download onto your window ten personal computer that ‘ll put up you with information about what motherboard you receive .

one of the most popular of these be CPU-Z .

  1. download CPU-Z from the CPUID web site and streak the initiation broadcast .
    Screenshot of downloading CPU-Z from CPUID website

  2. When you first launch CPU-Z, information technology ‘ll default to the central processing unit tab and display data about your arrangement central processing unit. determine the Mainboard check to visit what motherboard you induce .
    Screenshot of CPU-Z motherboard information.

  3. What ‘s dainty about software alike CPU-Z be information technology ‘ll display you extra information comparable the chipset character, the BIOS, and information about the graphic tease slot .

The watch be some early complimentary application that will besides supply you with information about your motherboard. These give birth embody review angstrom dependable and effective .

  • Speccy: System information tool provided by the makers of CCleaner
  • Belarc Advisor: PC information including installed software and hardware, security information, network details, and more

open Your case to assay Your Motherboard

If all else fail, you may motivation to open your calculator case to examine your motherboard and discovery information technology details .

Image of a PC motherboard
Suriya Desatit / EyeEm\Getty image
sometimes you ‘ll discover the motherboard information scripted along the very edge of one of the side of the motherboard, operating room indium the very center about the central processing unit. data print there may besides include the chipset, model, and serial phone number .

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