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If you need to find out if person died, your best options may be to talk to person who knew the individual — whether you talk in person or virtually through social media. For on-line sources, newspapers and churches may list obituaries on their websites. Local and national governments besides maintain databases of dead person residents. You may find an on-line database of asleep residents created by a city, county, state, or cemetery. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) besides publishes a national database that collects the information from submit health departments. There are besides sites that specialize in making death records ( besides called death indexes ) easily searchable on-line. For information on deaths from decades or centuries ago, consider genealogy websites ( you may need a membership ), public library databases, and local anesthetic diachronic societies. To obtain an official copy of person ’ s death certificate, you should check the vital records division of the county or submit where the dead person lived. You will need a copy of the death security to initiate probate for a asleep person. If person died and you are named in their will, you should broadly be notified by the executor.

Key takeaways

  • local newspapers, obituary pages, and social media can help you determine whether person recently died .
  • States and the U.S. government have online death records ( sometimes called death indexes ) for deaths within the past 50 years or so .
  • To find out if you ’ re in person ’ mho will, you may want to visit a probate court .
  • To get a copy of person ’ s death security, contact your country ’ s critical records division .

How to find out if someone died

The most straightforward way to find out if person died is probable to speak with a friend or syndicate member of the person. If you can ’ t do that, hera are some ways to find out if person died :

  • social media
  • Newspapers and obituary pages
  • local courthouses
  • politics records
  • Genealogy sites
  • Libraries and diachronic societies

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Get detached quotes Keep in mind that if you are person ’ sulfur beneficiary — such as for a biography insurance policy, retirement bill, or will — you should be notified of the person ’ s death .

Social media

With thus many people using social media, you may be able to find a post or citation of person ’ s death. person ’ s page may be removed after their end, but if you can find the person ’ randomness visibility, expression for a telling stating that person has died or that their page has been memorialized .

Newspapers & obituary pages

local newspapers normally publish obituary pages with the recent deaths of local residents. If you know where a person lived, their local anesthetic newspaper may allow you to search obituaries online. similarly, there are other sites that publish obituaries and memorials online. For case, a funeral home might publish memorials and cemeteries might publish burial information. Some sites besides specialize in amalgamating on-line obituaries. → Find out what happens if you die without a will

Government records

local governments maintain death records for their residents, though these aren ’ metric ton always digitized and you may have to pay money to search their records. even if they ’ rhenium free to use, you may need to make a request and then wait days or weeks to get results. ( Deaths from decades or centuries in the past are much less likely to be available digitally. ) You can besides search on-line for the death records from a city, county, or department of state database. Two utilitarian internet search terms are “ death index ” or “ death records ” combined with the state of matter or vicinity where you ’ ra inquisitory. The National Death Index from the CDC collects information from local death indexes, but it may be easier to search a local database on-line alternatively of using the CDC database. besides consider searching the Social Security Death Index ( SSDI ), which comes from the Social Security Administration ‘s own records of people with a Social Security number. ( The SSA database is besides available on-line through genealogy sites, the U.S. national archives, and some third parties ) .

Local courthouses

local anesthetic courthouses have information about recently deceased residents because a will enters the public record after it has gone through the probate process. You will credibly need to visit the courthouse in person to search its records. If possible, call ahead to ask if and how you can search the court ’ s records. → Read about how to know if you ‘re in person ‘s will

Genealogy sites

Genealogy websites normally have searchable databases, but you may need to have a membership ( some sites might offer free memberships ) and this option may work better for deaths that occurred in the past. When using the database, you may need to search through pages of records unless you have more information on the asleep person than just their name. For example, it may help to know their date of birth, the city where they were born, the city where they died, the name of their spouse, or the names of their parents .

Libraries & historical societies

Your public library ( or a library in the area where the person lived ) may have a database of local deaths. not all libraries will have an easily searchable database and you may need to ask a librarian for aid. There are besides many diachronic societies that maintain death records for club members and local residents. Since a historic club is by and large associated with a certain state or culture, this option is particularly useful if you ’ ra looking for person connected to that group. other countries besides have historic societies, which you may need to contact if you ’ re looking up person who wasn ’ t a U.S. citizen or house physician .

How to get a death certificate

A death security is a legal phonograph record of a person ’ second death. If you need a copy of person ’ s end certificate, and if you have a legitimate reason to request a copy, then you should contact the critical records division of the country or county where the person lived. The critical records part, which is part of the state ’ s department of health and is sometimes called the full of life statistics division, maintains birth and death certificates for residents of the state. Who can receive a replicate of person ’ s end security varies by state and not all states allow you to apply on-line.

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