How to View My Gmail Password While I’m Logged in

view Gmail password while logged in ” If my Gmail bill is logged in but I forgot my password, how can I view my password ? ” If you have the like interrogate, you will get the answer from this article. We will show you three methods to view Gmail password while you’re logged in, saving you the fuss of locking your Gmail account out and resetting your password .

3 methods to view Gmail password while logged in

Tips: The take after methods apply to the character when you log in your Gmail account using Google Chrome or Microsoft Outlook application on Windows calculator .

Method 1: View Gmail password via your personal info

footfall 1 : Make sure you ’ re presently logged in your Gmail report in Google Chrome. Click on your photograph in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome and then click Google Account .
click Google Account
step 2 : choice Personal info on the leave side. In the Profile incision, cluck on the row that says PASSWORD.

click Password row
step 3 : chrome will take you to your Google bill ’ s sign-in page, on which your username and password are saved. Click the “ Show password ” release at the end of the password box and you can see your Gmail password is revealed .
click Show password button

Method 2: View Gmail password through Chrome settings

When you log into a web site with your Gmail explanation, Google Chrome will ask whether to save your password. If you choose the Save button, then your password will be saved in Chrome and you will have a gamble to view your Gmail password whether you ’ re logged in or out .
ask to save your password
step 1 : Open your Google Chrome and go to the passwords page : chrome://settings/passwords.

gradation 2 : Under the ” Saved Passwords ” section, you can see your Gmail report and password. Although the password is displayed as dots rather of text, you can reveal the password using the Show password button that looks like a homo eye .
click Show password button
mistreat 3 : When you click on the ” Show password ” clitoris, Windows will ask you to type your Windows password to allow this. Type your current Windows password and cluck OK. then your can see your Gmail password is revealed .
type Windows password

Method 3: View Gmail password from Microsoft Outlook

If you have logged in your Gmail history in the Microsoft Outlook application on your Windows calculator, your Gmail password has been saved in Outlook ’ s password list, so you will have a casual to view your Gmail password from Outlook.

however, all passwords saved in Microsoft Outlook are displayed as star characters and you can ’ t show them. But preceptor ’ t concern. here comes a little utility named Outlook Email Password Refixer, which can help you show your Gmail password saved in Microsoft Outlook. Follow the bare steps .
step 1 : download and install Outlook Email Password Refixer on your Windows calculator .
footfall 2 : Run this program and you will immediately see your Gmail password and other electronic mail passwords saved in Microsoft Outlook on the screen .
show Gmail password

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