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What is an EIN and how do I get one?

An Employer Identification Number is the nine-digit number the IRS requires from business owners who pay employees. But even if it isn ’ triiodothyronine required, there are good reasons to still apply for an EIN : You could use an EIN to open a occupation bank account, apply for business licenses and business loans, and file tax returns. It besides allows business owners to give out a tax ID number that is different from their Social Security total. The chief advantages of using an EIN in this sheath would be privacy and security against identity larceny .

How to apply for an EIN

It ’ s easy to apply for an EIN on-line. We ’ ll talk more about the application requirements below, but the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends applying for an EIN immediately after you register your business entity with your express or local politics. The process is free and your number is immediately available to you .

Who needs an EIN?

Businesses of all types are welcome to apply for an EIN. however, the IRS requires businesses to get an EIN if you :

  • Pay at least one employee
  • Operate a business as a corporation or partnership
  • File the following tax returns: employment, excise, or alcohol, tobacco and firearms
  • Withhold taxes on income other than wages, paid to a non-resident immigrant
  • Have a tax-deferred Keogh plan for employee pensions
  • Are involved with the following: trusts, with a few exceptions; IRAs; tax-exempt organizations; estates; real estate mortgage investment conduits; nonprofit organizations; farmers’ cooperatives; plan administrators

TIP: If the IRS considers you to be an employer, you ’ ll need an EIN .

EIN lookup: How to find your business tax ID

If you previously received an EIN but misplaced your number, the IRS recommends the stick to steps to find or verify your EIN .

Find your original confirmation letter from the IRS.

As we mentioned earlier, when you apply for an EIN on-line, the number is immediately available to you. You would be able to print the IRS EIN letter, in which the IRS assign you a number, directly from your browser. The IRS besides sends you a copy in the mail. You would need to keep a forcible copy of this letter to prove the EIN belongs to you .

Call any organization where you used your EIN.

Since you would likely need an EIN to open a commercial enterprise bank report or get a business license, the bank or license agency should have your EIN on charge. Any other organization that required you to provide your EIN would keep the number on file american samoa well .

Check old tax returns.

previously filed tax returns for your business would be notated with your EIN. You should keep copies of tax returns and the attendant records for two to three years, or longer depending on the details of your return .

Contact the IRS.

You could call the Business and Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933 Monday through Friday between 7 ante meridiem and 7 post meridiem local time. You ’ five hundred need to provide identifying data to help an IRS example find your number. To receive your EIN over the call, you must be either a sole owner, a collaborator in a partnership, a corporate officer, a trustee of a trust or an executor of an estate of the realm .

Need a new EIN? Here’s how to apply for an EIN

A business owner, or person who is given authority to act on behalf of the occupation, can apply for an EIN on-line, by chain mail, call or fax. Avoid any websites or private businesses promising to provide an EIN for a tip .
Applying on-line is the simple way to obtain an EIN — waiting for a number by mail could take weeks, which may not be practical if Tax Day is approaching. The EIN application, Form SS-4, is available to anyone whose business or legal residence is in the U.S. here are some of the form ’ randomness requirements :

  • The established name of your business. This could be your own name if you run a sole proprietorship.
  • Taxpayer Identification Number, which is your own Social Security number
  • Type of entity you operate
  • Reason for needing an EIN
  • Length of time you’ve been in business
  • Number of employees expected in the next 12 months

Instructions for LLCs

If you operate your business as an LLC, you ’ ll necessitate to indicate on the form how you are taxed by the IRS. By default, a domestic single-member LLC is considered a “ disregarded entity ” while a domestic LLC with two or more members is treated as a partnership. You would have to fill out extra paperwork if you wanted to be classified differently. Read the SS-4 instructions cautiously to make surely you fill out this section correctly or follow the prompts online .

Tips for filling out Form SS-4

Some commercial enterprise owners may not have to fill out all sections of Form SS-4, depending on their cause for applying. If you ’ rhenium applying on-line, the application is a series of prompts and must be completed in one sit down, and you ’ ll receive your EIN immediately after submitting the form. If apply by fax, you ’ ll be faxed your EIN within four business days of submitting Form SS-4. Those applying by mail can expect their form to be processed within four weeks. International applicants who operate a business in the U.S. can apply by answering questions from the shape over the call .

When a business needs to reapply for an EIN

Businesses may need a new EIN when the commercial enterprise changes hands or changes its structure. Each type of commercial enterprise entity has to apply for a raw EIN under the follow circumstances :

Sole proprietors, if you:
  • Are subject to a bankruptcy proceeding
  • Incorporate
  • Become a partnership
  • Purchase or inherit an existing business that will operate as a sole proprietorship going forward

exclusive proprietors do not need a new EIN if they change their commercial enterprise name or localization, or if they operate multiple businesses under one name .

Corporations, if you:
  • Receive a new corporate charter from the secretary of state
  • Are a subsidiary of a parent corporation and have been using the parent’s EIN
  • Change from a partnership to a sole proprietorship
  • Are part of a new corporation that was created after a merger

Businesses that are a division of a corporation do not need a new EIN, nor do existing corporations that survived a fusion. Corporations that declare bankruptcy, exchange names or locations, or choose to file taxes as an S pot besides do not need to apply for a newly EIN. If a corporate reorganization changes only the name or the place of business, then the corporation does not need a new EIN .

Partnerships, if you:
  • Incorporate
  • Leave the partnership and it becomes a sole proprietorship
  • Terminate an old partnership and start a new one

Partnerships that declare bankruptcy, change names, add or variety locations are not required to get a new EIN. If 50 % or more of the ownership of the partnership, measured in capital and profits, changes hands within a 12-month menstruation, the business besides does not need a fresh EIN .

Benefits of having an EIN, even if you don’t need it

Setting up an EIN could protect your Social Security phone number from overexposure or falling into the amiss hands .

For freelancers

If you ’ re a mercenary, filling out tax forms with an EIN would prevent you from giving your Social Security number to everyone who paid you .

Sole proprietorships

If you ’ re a sole owner, you could use an EIN rather than your Social Security number when sending 1099 forms to any contractors or freelancers you paid.

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Banks may require it

As discussed earlier, many banks require an EIN for commercial enterprise accounts : they want to make sure you have a legitimate business and the right to sign checks as the legal, declared owner of that clientele. Banks don ’ t want to set up business accounts for anyone who could expose the institution to dangerous or illegitimate clientele practices .
The advantage of using a business bank report, quite than your personal one, is the ability to keep finances separate. It ’ s always a good estimate to keep your personal and professional expenses separate .

Business credit

commercial enterprise credit report agencies besides require an EIN to create credit reports. If you want to help protect your personal credit and establish a business credit profile, having an EIN is a necessary pace .

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