How to Find a Lost Apple Pencil

The worst thing about the Apple Pencil is how easy it is to lose. fortunately, there are a few different ways to find it again. Since its turn in 2015, the Apple Pencil has made the stylus sexy again. Besides being an excellent joyride for digital artists and designers, it has besides helped ordinary users take notes like never ahead .
however, there is one universal trouble that many Apple Pencil users face—they keep losing it. therefore, how can you avoid that ? And what can you do when you lose it ? Let ‘s find out below .

4 Ways to Find Your Lost Apple Pencil

With its Bluetooth-enabled invention, the Apple Pencil gives you unobstructed capabilities to write and draw in whatever way you want. however, its wireless nature does make it easier for users to lose it .
many Apple Pencil 1 and 2 owners have wondered if you can track the Apple Pencil with Apple ‘s Find My app. unfortunately, while you can use Apple ‘s Find My app to find most Apple devices, this feature does n’t work with the Apple Pencil .
then until Apple adds that capability, here are a few alternative methods you can use to find a lose Apple Pencil rather .

1. Use Your iPad’s Bluetooth Connectivity

To check if your Apple Pencil is nearby, go to Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices on your iPad. If your Apple Pencil appears as Connected, you know that it must be within 30 feet since that is the range of Bluetooth .
iPad Bluetooth Settings Remember that the Bluetooth roll importantly reduces depending on the materials between your devices. For exemplar, thick walls, floors, or even furniture can affect how well your Apple Pencil connects .
With this, we know that if your Apple Pencil is connected, it is credibly much closer than 30 feet .

2. Download the Bluetooth Finder App

The Bluetooth Finder app can help you find your Apple Pencil by connecting to its radio key signature. eminence that using the Bluetooth Finder app will lone work when the Apple Pencil is charged and awake .
Bluetooth Finder App To find your Apple Pencil using this method acting, open the Bluetooth Finder app and choice Apple Pencil from the list of previously paired devices .
The Bluetooth Finder app will then show you a radar with the bespeak intensity and estimated distance from the device. When the app shows a distance of fewer than 0.5 meters ( two feet ), your Apple Pencil should be reasonably nearby .
Download: Bluetooth Finder ( $ 4.99 )

3. Retrace Your Steps

Retrace your steps by remembering precisely where you last had your Apple Pencil on hand. Review your recent files on your iPad, such as sign documents, drawings, or notes, for clues such as timestamps or location details .
Apple Pencil in Car For those who take their Apple Pencil to the office, check the areas surrounding your workstation, such as under the board, behind the monitor, or inside pedestals. You may besides want to check with your office ‘s confused and found department in case anyone tried to return it .

4. Nudge Things Around

If your Apple Pencil has been missing for a while, it may have fallen asleep. When an Apple Pencil is asleep, you ca n’t connect to it over Bluetooth, even if it ‘s charged up. A quick gratuity to make it easier to find your Apple Pencil is to attempt to nudge the device to wake it up .
By shaking your bag, flipping sofa cushions, or rummaging through desk drawers, you may be able to nudge your bury Apple Pencil and wake it up. If you suspect you have lost your Apple Pencil in your car, driving around may besides activate it .

How to Prevent Losing Your Apple Pencil

While losing an Apple Pencil can sometimes be a matter of bad fortune, here are a few steps that you can take to help avoid it happening again .

Always Keep Your Apple Pencil Charged

While it ‘s possible to locate your Apple Pencil using Bluetooth, the methods discussed above merely exploit if your Apple Pencil is charged. For first-generation Apple Pencil users, you can charge it by removing the cap and connecting it to the Lightning port on your iPad.

If you own a second-generation Apple Pencil, you can charge it just by placing it on the magnetic appoint point on the side of your iPad, provided you ‘ve got a compatible iPad .
apple pencil 2 charging on iPad Since Apple Pencils are designed to run continuously on standby, their batteries need to be regularly charged to function by rights. If lost and left uncharged for respective weeks, it may cause the battery to fail and no long be able to turn on .
If your Apple Pencil is still under the AppleCare guarantee, you may be able to get a substitution. Apple does n’t replace or repair Apple Pencil batteries .

Personalize Your Apple Pencil

If you work at a invention studio apartment or agency, know that multiple Apple Pencils could be lying around there at any given meter. Personalizing your Apple Pencil is a great way to keep it from falling into the faulty hands .
Apple Engraving One way of personalizing your Apple Pencil is to engrave it for spare upon purchase at the on-line Apple Store. Should you lose your engraved Apple Pencil while working in a café or co-working quad, prospective thieves are less probable to steal it as it will have lower resale rate .
If you prefer to keep your Apple Pencil without an engraving, you may besides modify your Apple Pencil by using stickers, wraps, or protective cases .
Apple Pencil Wrap

Attach a GPS Tracker

With GPS trackers becoming increasingly common, you can attach a GPS tracker to your Apple Pencil to avoid loss or larceny. Some newer GPS trackers, like AirTags, Tile, and Chipolo, come in the shape of stickers or keychains that are light to avoid ruining the write and drawing experience .
GPS trackers will work even if your Apple Pencil runs out of battery or falls asleep .
Apple ‘s own GPS tracker—the AirTag, will allow you to use the Find My app to find your Apple Pencil. If you frequently lose your Apple Pencil, consider investing in a pair of AirTags .

Leave Your Apple Pencil 2 Attached to Your iPad

Unlike the first-generation Apple Pencil, the Apple Pencil 2 has magnetic properties letting it stay attached to a compatible iPad. In addition, the Apple Pencil 2 can besides charge while attached .
iPad Pro With Apple Pencil Knowing this, there ‘s no argue why you should leave your Apple Pencil 2 anywhere else when you ‘re not using it. By constantly keeping it attached to your iPad, you can well avoid losing your Apple Pencil 2 .
however, you can consider buying a case with a pencil holder if you have the older Apple Pencil. That way, you can constantly put your Apple Pencil there when moving about, and you wo n’t drop it while out and about .

Give Your Apple Pencil a Home

A tried-and-tested way to avoid misplacing unaffixed items of any kind is to give them a dwelling. When organizing your workspaces, having a dedicate point for storing essential items such as your Apple Pencil keeps them from getting lost .
Apple Pencil Stand From extra pencil cases and charging blocks to pencil stands, there are many ways to store your Apple Pencil so that you constantly know where to find it when you need it .

Keep Your Apple Pencil Safe

Losing your Apple Pencil can be a nerve-racking experience. however, it is wholly preventable if you take the correct steps .
Personalize your Apple Pencil with Apple ‘s free engraving option, attach dagger wraps, or use protective cases to avoid mix-ups at home or in the office. Save yourself the anxiety of misplacing your Apple Pencil by always keeping it charged or purchasing a proper GPS tracker that can work even the device is asleep.

thankfully, your iPad is well equipped to help you find your Apple Pencil if you lose it—using the built-in Bluetooth affair or relying on third-party apps .

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