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About filing your tax return

If you own income downstairs the standard deduction threshold for 2022, which be $ 12,950 for individual file clerk and $ 25,900 for marital match filing jointly, you whitethorn not be necessitate to file vitamin a rejoinder. however, you whitethorn wish to file anyhow because you may constitute able to assume advantage of respective feature and profit in the tax system which could reduce the sum you owe, oregon inch many encase, particularly for citizenry with humble income, increase the amount you could receive in a refund. approximately key component to make indisputable you count out for admit :


If you work during 2022 and have tax withhold from your paycheck, you may be able to scram some operating room all of that “ over-withholding ” back indiana your refund. cook sure you beget W2 shape from all your employer and enroll that information into the tax form when you fill information technology out .

The earned income tax credit

To claim the gain income tax citation ( EITC ), you must

If you be eligible for this credit, the utmost sum you could receive exist :

  • $560 if you have no dependent children
  • $3,733 if you have one qualifying child
  • $6,164 if you have two qualifying children
  • $6,935 if you have three or more qualifying children

The child tax credit (CTC)

The counterterrorist center equal deserving angstrom maximum of $ 2,000 per stipulate child. up to $ 1,400 be refundable. To beryllium eligible for the counterterrorist center, you must have earned more than $ 2,500.

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Access your tax refund quickly and safely

If you think you whitethorn receive a refund, here embody some thing to think about ahead you file your return :

  • Electronically filing and choosing direct deposit is the fastest way to get your refund. When using direct deposit, the IRS normally issues refunds within 21 days. Issuance of paper check refunds may take much longer.
    • If you already have an account with a bank or credit union, make sure you have your information ready — including the account and routing number — when you file your tax return. You can provide that information on the tax form and the IRS will automatically deposit the funds into your account.
    • If you have a prepaid card that accepts direct deposit, you can also receive your refund on the card. Check with your prepaid card provider to get the routing and account number assigned to the card before you file your return.
    • You can learn more about choosing the right prepaid card here.
  • If you don’t have a bank account or prepaid card, consider opening an account or getting a prepaid card. Many banks and credit unions offer accounts with low (or no) monthly maintenance fees when you have direct deposit or maintain a minimum balance. These accounts may limit the types of fees you can incur and may also offer free access to in-network automated teller machines (ATMs). You can often open these accounts easily online.
    • learn more approximately the federal deposit insurance corporation ’ mho # GetBanked campaign.

Watch out for scams

thousand of people have miss million of dollar and their personal information to tax scam. swindler consumption the regular mail, telephone, oregon e-mail to set up individual, business, payroll and tax master .

The internal revenue service does not initiate contact with taxpayer by e-mail, text message operating room social medium groove to request personal oregon fiscal information. greet the tattletale signal of a scam. examine besides : How to know information technology ’ sulfur actually the internal revenue service call oregon knock along your doorway .

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