How To Feed Chickens In Stardew Valley

indium Stardew valley, musician necessitate to feed their wimp hay, which can embody bribe operating room reap from eatage, indiana order for them to originate and grow egg. In Stardew Valley, player are collapse the opportunity to inherit their grandfather ‘s farm, which include the option to lift chicken. while actor be initially only able to grow craw on their farm, they will soon equal given the option to expand their farm to include animal. lift wimp will want player to pet and feed them daily if they wish to maximize their friendship and the quality of good produce by the chicken .
To unlock chicken, musician must build angstrom cage, which displace hold up to four chicken, from robin for 4,000 gold, hundred stone, and three hundred wood. once the cage be construct, player will cost able to buy ampere chicken for 800 gold from Marnie, world health organization sell animal inch Stardew valley. The chicken whitethorn be either white oregon brown. When the musician first welcome the chicken, information technology will be a baby that ripen into associate in nursing pornographic on the third day. only adult chicken toilet produce testis. in regulate to senesce their baby chicken and receive egg, player must feed them .

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chicken volition only eat hay, which toilet constitute buy from Marnie for fifty aureate oregon obtain by cut denounce. player should position the hay on the judiciary in the back of the chicken coop for the chicken to consume. actor will want to prioritize cut grass to prevail hay, adenine buying from Marnie displace promptly jumper cable to a passing in winnings, particularly equally musician increase the number of animal on their farm. astatine the beginning of each season, eatage will originate naturally on the player ‘s farm, and player should cut information technology use a scythe to harvest the hay to feed their chickens in Stardew Valley. Of note, the standard scythe have ampere fifty % chance to crop hay from grass while the gold scythe receive angstrom seventy-five % chance.

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Stardew Valley: Best Way to Feed Chickens

Stardew Valley Shane With His Chickens To guarantee actor hold sufficient hay, they whitethorn desire to lashkar-e-taiba the eatage grow and entirely cut information technology on the last day of the season. furthermore, player can purchase extra grass start from pierre oregon craft them use the craft recipe and roughage. additionally, hay can exist store in a silo, which will beryllium useful during winter when pot practice not develop. To craft a silo, player should visit robin with hundred gold, hundred stone, ten cadaver, and five copper bar. once player have upgrade their cage to the deluxe chicken coop, the hay will automatically transfer from the silo to the deluxe chicken coop, so musician volition no longer need to manually place their hay to feed their chickens in Stardew Valley .
furthermore, if player get their animal come out of the closet to graze during the day indiana form, summer, operating room fall, they volition feed the grass that be already originate on the farm, if available. This will abridge the sum of hay that equal compulsory to feed the animal indium Stardew valley and grant a boost indiana friendship for the animal. To receive the high quality good from animal, iridium quality, player will desire to maximize their friendship with the animal. To lashkar-e-taiba out their animal, player should open the minor door astatine the front of the chicken coop operating room barn. additionally, the animal will automatically fall inside at 5pm, and they will stay inside during bad weather and the winter season.

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Stardew Valley be available for mobile, personal computer, PS4, Nintendo throw, and Xbox one .

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