How-to Fax To Email Using Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail & More!

Faxing via electronic mail is changing the means people around the world think of facsimile machines. rather of being seen as an annoying-but-necessary part of doing business, many have realized that faxing via electronic mail can be amazingly convenient. today, I ’ megabyte going to explain how facsimile to email works and how it easily integrates with assorted e-mail platforms. Whether you ’ re using Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, or any other e-mail platform, I ’ m going to show you why email fax is an easy solution to your faxing needs .
1) Email Fax Service: Easiest!
If you need to send out a fax immediately, I would precisely sign up for an electronic mail facsimile serve like Ringcentral Fax.

Ringcental Fax is an electronic mail fax service that offers a 30 day free trial and then its $ 17.99/mo. If you want to cancel, Ringcentral besides provides a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee .

How Faxing Over Email Works

Faxing via e-mail is surprisingly easy to understand. It ’ mho besides amazingly easy to use .
fax with email client
A traditional facsimile machine scans a document and then translates that document into binary computer code. This datum can easily be sent down phone lines just like you would send a telephone call. Once the fax arrives at the receive machine, the receive machine reverses the process and translates the encode information into a “ facsimile ” document before printing it off .
Faxing over e-mail works in a similar manner. however, facsimile machines are replaced with computers at respective steps in the work :
RingCentral With Microsoft Applications

  • The sender creates a new email and attaches a document – like a .DOC or .PDF document
  • In the email address field, the sender types [Recipient’s Fax number]@[]. Some fax-to-email providers also allow users to simply type in the recipient’s fax number.
  • The body of the email is left blank. The sender clicks ‘Send’ and the fax-to-email service receives the message and translates the attached document into a format readable by fax machines. Then, the information is transferred down a phone line to the recipient’s fax machine.
  • The recipient’s fax machine receives the fax and produces a facsimile document

Receiving a facsimile from gmail, hotmail, expectation, etc works in the reverse room. The transmitter faxes the document using their fax machine and types in your fax number. That facsimile travels down the telephone occupation of your e-mail fax provider, gets decoded, and is sent via e-mail attachment to your inbox .
Where does the fax total come from ? Online fax providers can either take an existing facsimile number and transfer it to their electronic mail fax service, or they can give customers a brand fresh fax number .

Which Email Services Support Email Faxing?

All email providers support on-line fax because electronic mail fax does not require any speciate equipment on your end .
When you subscribe to an virtual fax design, you ’ re effectively paying to borrow fax machine equipment. All you need in order to access that equipment is an e-mail account with the ability to send attachments. That ’ s it .
Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or an ISP-provided account, you shouldn ’ t have any problems getting started with electronic mail fax .

How To Send A Fax From Gmail

Gmail is one of the world ’ s most popular e-mail providers. Hosted by Google, Gmail started as an invite-only service before evolving into one of the world ’ s leading e-mail leaders in terms of exploiter basis, features, and connected services .
Sending a fax from Gmail is highly straightforward. If you already have an e-mail fax supplier like Ringcentral, then you won ’ t need to install any extra software or hardware on your personal computer. alternatively, all you need is the watch steps :
Step 1) Start a absolve test with an electronic mail fax provider or sign up for a pay subscription account with the facsimile to email supplier of your choice. You will absolutely need to do this before sending a fax from Gmail .
Step 2) Log into your Gmail account at
Step 3) Compose a new electronic mail. Address the electronic mail to your recipient by typing in the recipient ’ s number at your facsimile service ’ s web site. If your recipient role ’ mho number is 123-4567 and your fax provider is, then you would type 1234567 @ into the reach field .
Step 4) Attach the documents you wish to fax. Most computer fax providers accept .DOC, .DOCX, and .PDF documents, although depending on your provider, early file formats may be supported. Most providers besides accept between 5 and 10 documents per e-mail .
Step 5) Click send and your fax will mechanically be sent to your e-mail facsimile provider ’ randomness server before being directed to your recipient ’ sulfur facsimile machine. The integral process doesn ’ t take more than a few seconds from begin to finish .
That ’ s it !
Can I get a Google fax number?
There is no such thing as a “ Google fax number ” because Google is not an electronic mail facsimile servicing provider. however, you can sign up for an electronic mail fax account and use your Gmail account as the primary cover .
Can I receive faxes over Gmail?
Yes, you can absolutely receive faxes over Gmail. Faxes will be received equitable like any other electronic mail with impound documents. If you can ’ triiodothyronine find a facsimile you were expecting to receive, consider checking the Spam folder. Otherwise, your fax should be right in your Gmail inbox .
Can I separate faxes from the rest of my Gmail inbox?
late Gmail updates allow users to sort through emails based on their put folders. By default, your Gmail account has three folders : Primary, Social, and Promotions. Users, however, can add their own folders. Consider creating a “ facsimile ” booklet to separate your important faxes from the rest of your electronic mail inbox. To do that, click the ‘ + ’ symbol to the right of your folders menu and type in the diagnose of your newly folder. then, drag and drop any receive faxes into that booklet. Gmail will mechanically assign all future received faxes to that folder .
Can I send faxes over Gmail from my mobile device?
Whether you use android, the iPhone, or some other mobile device, you shouldn ’ t have any trouble sending a Gmail fax over your smartphone or pad. Simply open the Gmail app and follow the instructions listed above. If you don ’ t have a Gmail app, then open your browser window and go to, then continue following the directions listed above .

How To Send A Fax From Outlook Or Hotmail

Microsoft recently bundled Outlook and Hotmail together under one name : lookout. If you haven ’ thymine signed into your Hotmail e-mail address in a while, then you will find that it has been switched into an Outlook address .
It ’ s the like service – good branded under a unlike name. here ’ s how to well send a fax over Outlook or Hotmail :

Using to Send a Fax:

Step 1) Go to http : // and login to your electronic mail account

Step 2) Create a new electronic mail
Step 3) Address that email to your recipient role by typing 1234567 @ into the “ To ” field, where “ 1234567 ” is your recipient role ’ second facsimile number and “ ” is your fax provider ’ mho web site .
Step 4) Attach the documents you wish to fax to the electronic mail
Step 5) Click Send and the electronic mail will immediately be delivered to your fax supplier, who will then transfer your attached documents to the fax machine of your recipient role

Using Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, or Outlook 2003 to Send a Fax:

Step 1) Click the Create Mail clitoris
Step 2) Write the recipient of your fax in the “ To : ” field. rather of typing an e-mail savoir-faire, character in 1234567 @, where 1234567 is your recipient role ’ randomness fax numeral and is your fax provider ’ s web site
Step 3) Attach the document or documents you wish to send to your recipient
Step 4) Click ‘ Send ’ to send your electronic mail. Your fax supplier will receive the e-mail and convert the documents into faxable kind before sending them down the telephone line to your recipient role ’ sulfur fax machine .
That ’ s it ! Whether you ’ re using or the Outlook program itself, it ’ mho surprisingly easy to send a facsimile from your e-mail address .
Can I receive faxes in my Outlook email inbox?
Yes. Receiving faxes in your Outlook electronic mail inbox is just like receiving any ordinary electronic mail with an attachment. Provided your Outlook account has room to receive an e-mail with small attachments, your fax provider will deliver the fax documents immediately to your inbox .
Why didn’t I receive a fax in my email inbox?
There are a few possible reasons why your fax didn ’ t arrive in your Outlook e-mail inbox. It may have been assigned to the spam folder. Or, you may plainly need to click the ‘ Send/Receive ’ button .

How To Send A Fax With Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has been a top e-mail service supplier since the 1990s. Sending a fax with Yahoo Mail is easier than ever :
Step 1) Go to and login using your e-mail account and password
Step 2) Click Compose to create a raw electronic mail
Step 3) In the ‘ To ’ airfield, character in your recipient ’ randomness fax number using the arrangement 1234567 @, where 1234567 is your recipient role ’ second facsimile phone number and is your e-mail fax supplier ’ south URL
Step 4) Attach the documents you wish to fax to that e-mail
Step 5) Scroll down to the bottom of the electronic mail window and click the purple Send button to send your e-mail. Within seconds, your email-to-fax supplier will have converted your electronic mail attachments into faxable formats and forward them to your recipient ’ s fax car .
That ’ s it ! Sending a fax with Yahoo Mail is equally easy as sending it with any early supplier .

How To Send A Fax With Any Other Email Provider

Whether you ’ re using Squirrel Mail, the electronic mail platform for your university, or a unique ISP e-mail service, sending a facsimile with any e-mail provider involves the lapp basic steps :
Step 1) Sign up for a free trial with an electronic facsimile supplier or polarity up for a paid subscription
Step 2) Login to your e-mail overhaul supplier ’ s web site
Step 3) Compose a new e-mail
Step 4) Address that email to your recipient role using the address format RecipientFaxNumber @, where “ RecipientFaxNumber ” is your recipient role ’ randomness fax number and “ ” is whichever on-line fax provider you ’ ve choose to work with .
Step 5) Attach the documents you ’ re trying to fax to that electronic mail. typical acceptable file formats include .DOC, .DOCX, and .PDF, but some emal fax providers have branched out to include image formats like .PNG, .JPG, and others. Check with your on-line fax provider to make certain you ’ re sending a compatible document .
Step 6) Click Send. Your message will be sent to your e-mail fax provider ’ mho servers, where it will be immediately converted into faxable format. The information will be sent down phone lines to your recipient role ’ south facsimile machine, where your bind documents will be printed out for your recipient to read .
That ’ s it ! many people are surprised to discover how easy it is to send a facsimile using any electronic mail serve. Whether you ’ re using a software-based electronic mail program on your desktop personal computer, a mobile electronic mail app, or an electronic mail supplier, faxing via e-mail has never been easier .

Things To Remember When Sending A Fax With Any Email Service Provider

International dialing codes: If you ’ re sending a facsimile to a facsimile machine outside of your own area, then you ’ ll necessitate to enter an exit code for your state and an entrance code for the country in which the recipient role is located. Sending a fax from the United States to China, for exemplar, would require the numbers : 011 86 to be typed at the beginning of your local number. 011 is the passing code for Canada and the United States and 86 is the dialing code for China .
You can email fax from virtually any internet-connected device: Whether you ’ re using a pill, smartphone, or 15 year old laptop computer, you should be able to easily send a facsimile. All you have to do is open an internet browser, login to your e-mail report, create a new electronic mail, and attach the documents you ’ re trying to fax to that electronic mail.

Send a Fax By Desktop or Mobile
Take advantage of free email fax trial offers: Never used electronic mail fax before ? Try a free trial. We recommend Ringcentral Fax  for their low-cost price and their expansive 30 day detached trial .

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