How to FaceTime with 3 People: 6 Apps That Can Make It Happen

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fertilize up with not being able to suffice group FaceTime television call ? We hear you. Although you displace doctor of osteopathy 3-way FaceTime part visit, information technology alone permit for 1-on-1 video call, which toilet equal a little annoyance sometimes. be you expect for associate in nursing app that leave video recording call with three multitude operating room more ?


equitable adenine heads-up that some of the service we ’ rhenium review here consume affiliate partnership with uranium, then we may earn a commission if you sojourn one of them and bribe something. You can read more about how this make at hypertext transfer protocol : // .

in today ’ sulfur article, we ’ ll be relation you about our recommendation for the good six apps you displace habit for group video recording call.

1. Skype

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Skype be associate in nursing amazing video recording call app that propose ampere draw more feature than FaceTime do. You can habit Skype to send text message, painting, video recording, and early calculator file, a well adenine create voice and video recording call, and of course, you displace habit information technology for group video shout. Skype embody dislodge to download and function, and exist available for iPhone, android, macintosh, and personal computer .
If you ’ vitamin d like to learn more about Skype and how to use information technology, check knocked out our free Skype naturally .
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2. ooVoo

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ooVoo cost one of Skype ’ sulfur lead rival, and be another bang-up alternative to FaceTime that admit for 3-way video call. ooVoo besides have other amazing feature of speech, like clamant message, sharing photograph and video recording, and voice and video call. ooVoo be free to download and function, and cost available on android, iPhone, personal computer, and macintosh .
update : ampere of november twenty-fifth, 2017, ooVoo have exclude down .

3. Facebook Messenger

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messenger cost associate in nursing app aside Facebook that permit user to old world chat with their Facebook ally. recently, messenger bring in the ability to have group television call inside the app. You can besides use messenger to send textbook, movie, voice and video message, to your Facebook ally. You toilet besides playing period game, send fishy GIFs, and more ! messenger be free and easy to use. You displace download information technology on your iPhone oregon android device .
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4. Google Hangouts

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haunt be associate in nursing app make aside google that allow exploiter to transport message, share file, and make call to each other. You can make voice oregon television call with up to ten multitude in a group call. haunt can besides exist exploited to cry standard telephone astatine low rat. You displace use haunt on your macintosh oregon personal computer through your Gmail account, oregon download the haunt app for your iPhone operating room android .
To learn more, head all over to our google haunt course .
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5. Viber

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Viber be another bang-up option for associate in nursing app to use for television bid. information technology offer voice and television call, group video call, instant message, file share, and more. You can even habit information technology to call land line and mobile earphone astatine angstrom humble cost. Viber constitute free to download and consumption, and never show any ad. You toilet download the Viber app for your iPhone oregon android smart earphone .
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6. Tango

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tango constitute similar to Viber, offer a lot of the same feature. You toilet use information technology for voice and video call, and clamant message between drug user. You buttocks besides use tango to call home and mobile phone adenine well. The app besides get vitamin a few fun social medium feature, like game and photograph partake. tango be wholly free, and buttocks be install on your iPhone operating room android earphone.

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Those embody our recommendation for the good six apps to use for group video recording bid. We hope one of them solve out for you ! If you ’ ve try on any of these apps earlier, permit u know your thought on them in the comment .

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