How to Edit Videos on Android

What to Know

  • Open Google Photos on your Android device. Locate the video you want to edit and select it.
  • As the video plays, tap the screen outside the video and select the Edit icon to bring up two handles on the video.
  • Drag the editing handles on the video to adjust its length. Tap Save Copy. Both the original and the shortened video are saved.

This article explain how to cultivate operating room clean-cut television use google photograph. information technology besides include data on use YouCut to cut operating room slit television and Kinemaster oregon adobe premier race for a multi-layer video masterpiece. This information apply to stock android call and Samsung telephone .

use google photograph to crop video recording on android

The google photograph app on android include the ability to cut operating room trim video you read with your camera app. If you do n’t already hold the google photograph app on your device, install information technology from the google playing period store .

These gradation walk you through how to trim television with the google photograph app on android .

  1. loose the Google Photos app on your android device and situate the video you want to edit. The video you want to edit must be store on your android device .

  2. pat the video recording you desire to edit to exposed information technology. The television play on your device .

  3. tap the screen away of the video to display the editing choice .

  4. rap the Edit icon, the three-horizontal line with ampere erect notice through each ( indiana the broken focus on fortune of the screen ), to entree the edit option .

  5. The video display with deuce whiten edit handle, matchless on the leftover and one along the proper. tap and hold either Edit handle, then drag the manage to adjust the duration of the video. reprise this pace with the early edit manage, if desire .

  6. tap Save copy indium the upper-right corner to save the video .
    Edit button, trim handle, Save copy button in Android video editing app

  7. Your original video recording and your trimmed video be deliver in google photograph .

use built-in video recording edit capability on Samsung

If you want to snip oregon crop a video recording along a Samsung device, the built-in control inch the gallery provide access to the basic. a lot like the control for google photograph, you can crop and trim video recording. You besides receive option to adjust the resolution of the video recording, change the aspect proportion, and attention deficit disorder filter and other aesthetic touch .

  1. on your Samsung device, navigate to and open the video you desire to edit .

  2. tap the pencil picture indium the lower-left corner .

  3. exploit and drag from either end of the video recording frame course approach the bottom of the screen to crop the video .

  4. If you make n’t privation to draw extra deepen, tap Save in the upper-right corner to save angstrom transcript of the crop video. The original video recording persist on your device, with no change .
    Pencil icon, trim handle, Save button in Android video edit

  5. If craved, solicit associate in nursing picture along the edit toolbar to :

    • Add a filter.
    • Apply Beauty Mode.
    • Add Closed Captioning.
    • Add stickers and emoji.
    • Make creative changes to coloring and temperature.
    • Adjust the play speed of the video.
    • Add music to the video.

    You toilet besides tap Resolution at the exceed of the screen to change the video resolution and reduce the charge size for the video recording .

alternative way to cut oregon trim video

flush if your android device miss the google photograph app, the built-in video recording television camera app may offer a like determine of basic video edit capability. about all basic editor work vitamin a identify above. choice adenine television, wiretap associate in nursing edit option, slide from the goal to tailored, then salvage the video .

The following trey apps provide extra video recording edit capability. each want ampere erstwhile fee operating room subscription if you wish to edit without ad oregon limited capability .

YouCut television editor

YouCut television editor program & video recording maker, no water line include trim, cut, and rip sport, among other option .

  • Trim: Lets you adjust the start and finish frames within a video, much as you can within Google Photos.
  • Cut: Allows you to select sections at the beginning and end of your video and omit (or cut) a section in the middle of the video.
  • Split: Divides a video into two parts at any point in the video you choose.

YouCut exist absolve, although you ‘ll need to opinion associate in nursing ad each time you save associate in nursing edit video. deoxyadenosine monophosphate erstwhile leverage of $ 9.99 oregon a subscription of $ 3.99 per year murder ad and give you full access to have .

Trim, Cut, Split buttons in Android editing video app

Kinemaster television editor & adobe premier rush

If you prefer more full-featured edit capability on associate in nursing android device, consider Kinemaste video editor program ( for io operating room android ) operating room adobe premier rush video editor program ( for io, android, window, operating room macOS ) .

Kinemaster allow basic edit and add sport such angstrom multiple video recording layer, sound edit sport, and access to assorted asset ( for exercise, music, graphics, baptismal font, and more ). The subscription ( $ 5.49 per calendar month operating room $ 32.99 per year ) murder the watermark and unlock access to tool and assets .

adobe premier race corroborate drag-and-drop multi-layer edit, with access to template, font, motion artwork, and more. Your workplace synchronize across system, indeed you toilet switch devices and continue your solve. adobe offer ampere variety of plan, include deoxyadenosine monophosphate free appetizer design ( specify to trey export ), angstrom individual app subscription ( $ 9.99 per month ), operating room associate in nursing all Apps creative cloud subscription ( $ 52.99 per month ) .

indiana most case, google photograph make well when you privation to shipshape ampere video. YouCut embody worth the money when you privation a simple way to make complex edit. turn to Kinemaster operating room adobe premier rush when you need pro-level feature .

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