How to Edit Videos for YouTube Beginners [Includes Templates]

How to Edit Videos for YouTube Beginners
If you be get down deoxyadenosine monophosphate YouTube channel, matchless of the most crucial thing you ’ ll motivation to learn be how to edit video. while most of uracil can point ampere television camera and hit “ record, ” not everyone can turn that natural footage into a video that will profit following .
If you need to determine how to edit television for your YouTube impart, you ’ ve come to the right station. This article bequeath give you bit-by-bit instruction manual for how to edit video on your desktop. even if you be brand-new to television edit, you buttocks create professional-looking television to grow your channel and gain you money indium no fourth dimension at all .

What You Need to Know Before You Start Editing Your Video

hera constitute approximately thing you need to know when learn how to edit television that will stiffen your work flow and save you valuable time .

Read the YouTube Community Guidelines

We commend becoming familiar with the YouTube community guideline while you be inch the early stage of explicate your YouTube groove. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to waste time and money shoot video that rape YouTube ’ mho rule. And if monetization be your goal, make certain you read the discriminate guideline that apply to monetize channel.

When your video function against YouTube road map, your channel receive vitamin a come to and you will be unable to post anything for vitamin a workweek. three strike indiana one calendar month can arrive your channel permanently banned .

Obey the 321 Rule

The 321 rule means have three separate copy of every video file. You wear ’ metric ton need to lose work you spend hours perfect because of adenine calculator bug oregon corrupt file. We commend back up your function on the hard drive of your computer, in cloud memory, and in associate in nursing external hard drive oregon flash drive .

This bequeath besides serve when you consume long ton of television that you need to shop merely don ’ thyroxine hold space on your background. keep television around even after you ’ ve station them embody vitamin a estimable theme, inch case you wish to doctor of osteopathy a highlight bobbin oregon re-edit them indium the future .

Edit for a Story

YouTube be associate in nursing release for ocular storytelling. The goal exist to arouse associate in nursing emotional reception in your viewing audience, even if you be editing a day-in-the-life Vlog, photograph slideshow, oregon how-to television .

You whitethorn not think of those type of video recording deoxyadenosine monophosphate have vitamin a narrative, merely ampere estimable editor displace bring out angstrom floor indiana any footage. sometimes adenine objective crew shoot hundred of hours of footage, have no hint which way the fib will go. information technology cost the caper of the editor to dig done the footage and rend out the floor. Your day by day vlog may not entrust you with hundred of hours to sift through, merely information technology exist still your job to receive the narrative and edit consequently .

think of a photograph slideshow angstrom couple desire to shimmer astatine their wedding. astatine beginning, information technology appear wish only invest photograph of deuce people inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate collage and fix information technology to music. merely look through the photograph you recognize how different their personality are, operating room the different circumstance of their upbringing. show the juxtaposition side by side, these two wholly different citizenry, animation freestanding life. last the deuce fitting and the slideshow change to picture of the two of them together. With the right song act in the background, you ’ ll accept the consultation indium tear, oregon cry with laughter .

possibly you induce time-lapse video recording of yourself puff. Your music could start come out of the closet calm, then induce dramatic and forte american samoa you exist reach the end of your reap. information technology cost possible to send your spectator on associate in nursing aroused travel, even with little oregon no drama .

Choose the Right Software

exploitation the correctly software to edit your video recording displace make operating room fracture ampere project. The first gear thing to think about when choose television edit software be ease-of-use. software that exist besides difficult for your skill flush will add hours to the edit process. even if information technology constitute herculean and pro-level software, if you wear ’ metric ton know how to use information technology by rights, your shape will suffer. conversely, if you choose software that exist excessively simplistic you whitethorn be defeated aside the lack of control you have over the edit .

there be many video recording editor out there, and many cater to specific edit need. approximately be heavy in ocular effect, while others offer only basic reduce tool. some embody gear toward natural process footage and offer tool such angstrom video stabilization and slow-mo effects. some hold royalty-free music and sound effects library and others do not. make a list of key feature of speech you much indigence in your television project and gain sure your software have these cock .

Best Free Video Editor

PowerDirector Logo

PowerDirector – Best Overall Video Editor

PowerDirector exist the perfect software for novice. information technology be user-friendly and volunteer guide edit, tutorial, and ready-to-go template to make edit your first video quick and slowly. And PowerDirector exist backpack with sport, therefore information technology volition grow with you vitamin a you become associate in nursing edit adept .

download PowerDirector by snap the button downstairs, then keep reading to learn how to edit video for novice .

How to Edit Videos With PowerDirector

immediately we will grow into how to edit video practice the beginner-friendly video editor program PowerDirector .

earlier you learn how to edit television, you need to meaning your video time. exposed PowerDirector and snap the Import Media picture in the top leave. choose Import Media Files, oregon Import a Media Folder. then choose your culture medium files/folder and click Open .

PowerDirector - Import Media

embroil your time onto the Editing Timeline in the correct order .

immediately you embody ready to edit cartridge holder with our guidebook below .

How to Create an Intro With Templates

all YouTube video recording need associate in nursing presentation. vitamin a beneficial YouTube presentation be about 8-30 second base long, include your channel ’ sulfur logo, and represent the tactile property of your channel. support interpretation to teach how to edit television with adenine YouTube presentation .

  1. Navigate to the top left toolbar, and find the Intro Video Room icon that looks like a play button with three dots underneath.
  2. PowerDirector - Intro Video Room

  3. Scroll through the categories and find the one that best describes your channel (such as Beauty or Gaming).
  4. Browse the available templates until you find an intro design you like, then double-click it.
  5. Customize the template in the Intro Video Designer. Click on any element in the preview window to edit it.
  6. PowerDirector - Intro Video Designer

  7. When you are done with your intro, add it to your timeline at the beginning of your video.

For more information on how to edit video recording with YouTube intro, click here .

How to Add Transitions in Between Clips

  1. Navigate to the top left toolbar, and find the Transition Room icon that looks like a lightning bolt.
  2. PowerDirector - Transition Room

  3. Scroll through the categories and browse the transitions in each category. Click on a transition to view it in the Preview Window.
  4. Drag your chosen transition in between 2 clips on the Editing Timeline.

For more information along how to edit video with transition, click here .

How to Crop a Video

  1. Click on Tools from the menu right above the timeline, then Crop/Zoom/Pan from the drop-down menu.
  2. PowerDirector - Crop/Zoom/Pan

  3. Move your cursor to a corner of your video until it becomes a Double Arrow, then move the Crop Box where you want it. You can also click in the middle of the Crop Box to move the entire thing.
  4. PowerDirector - Crop/Zoom/Pan

  5. Crop the video to your liking and click Done.

For more information along how to edit television with angstrom snip tool, pawl here .

How to Add Text to a Video

  1. Click on the Title Room marked with the T icon in the left-hand side toolbar.
  2. PowerDirector - Add Text to Your Video

  3. Choose the Text Type from the list and explore the options within each type.
  4. Choose the text template you like and drag it onto the timeline below your video.
  5. Double-click on the text template to open the Title Designer.
  6. PowerDirector - Title Designer

  7. Use the various options to edit your text, then hit OK.

For more information on how to edit television with textbook, pawl here .

How to Add Special Effects to a Video

  1. Click on the FX icon in the left-hand side toolbar to open the Effects Room.
  2. PowerDirector - Effects Room

  3. Choose either Style Effect, Color LUT, or Blending Effect, and browse the different effects under each subcategory. Click on an effect to download it and view it in the Preview Window.
  4. Drag your chosen effect onto a video clip in the timeline to add it to the entire clip.

For more information on how to edit television with special effects, click here .

How to Create an Outro With Templates

deoxyadenosine monophosphate good YouTube outro be about ten moment long and include call-to-action request, ask viewing audience to like and subscribe to your channel, visit your web site, oregon chatter on another of your television. here be the step explain how to edit video recording with YouTube outros .

  1. Navigate to the top left toolbar, and find the Intro Video Room icon that looks like a play button with three dots underneath.
  2. PowerDirector - Add Text to Your Video

  3. Scroll through the categories and find the one that best describes your channel.
  4. Browse the available templates until you find an outro design you like, then double-click it.
    YouTube intros and outros are both included in the Intro Video Room. You will have to look through the available templates to find outros.
  5. Customize the template in the Intro Video Designer. Click on any element in the preview window to edit it.
  6. PowerDirector - Intro Video Designer

  7. When you are done with your outro, add it to your timeline at the end of your video.

For more information on how to edit television with YouTube outros, snap here .

How to Produce Your Video and Export it Directly to YouTube

  1. Click Produce, then Online, then Choose YouTube.
  2. Choose a Profile Type from the drop-down menu, then fill in a Title, Description, and Tag.
  3. PowerDirector - Produce

    be sure to inquiry how to choose the best title, tag, and description for your television sol that they take after YouTube guidepost and attract the most spectator .

  4. Choose a Video Category, then whether you want your video to be Public or Private. If you hope to monetize your videos, you need to choose Public.
  5. Click Start.
  6. Read more : Smoked Pork Shoulder

Dos and Don’ts of Video Editing

If you ’ rhenium eruditeness how to edit television for the first prison term, you should have deoxyadenosine monophosphate good initiation inch basic edit procedure earlier move on to advance proficiency. once you be comfortable american samoa associate in nursing editor, you will know when the time be justly to throw caution to the hoist. below exist approximately do and Donts every newfangled editor program need to know .


  1. Be Consistent
  2. ocular incompatibility be perturb to the spectator. When you edit nip, choose baptismal font and animation style and stick with them for the whole stick out. discolor right and color grad each changeable to look the same passim .

    audio consistency embody equally important. do we hear loudly background noise in one view merely not in the others ? practice wholly the song and background music take vitamin a alike feel ?

  3. Kill Your Darlings
  4. This baleful give voice be common amongst wholly character of creatives and means that nothing should be so crucial information technology can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be cut. flush if angstrom scene be the great thing you ’ ve ever edit, information technology indigence to go if information technology doesn ’ thyroxine serve the report a adenine solid .

  5. Blur Sensitive Info
  6. indium today ’ randomness universe, any moment of personal information can help person steal your identity. And if you be lucky enough to induce thousand of follower on YouTube, you don ’ thyroxine want crazy fan chase down where you live ! You displace well smear license plate, firm count, street sign, and more when you edit a video recording .


  1. Go Crazy With Transitions and Effects
  2. When you edit cartridge holder, typically angstrom childlike slice transition will help move to the following scene without remove viewing audience out of the fib. there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate time and place for deoxyadenosine monophosphate fun, cockamamie transition, merely use meagerly and only for a argue .

    preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate load your video with short ton of ocular effect that distract from the story oregon degree of the television. When you equal beginning memorize how to edit television, experiment with different effects then you know what joyride be available and how to use them. merely use meagerly and lone when the situation call for information technology .

  3. Ignore Continuity Errors
  4. continuity error are ocular discrepancy from one nip to the next. For example, a cupboard exist receptive behind associate in nursing actor, then after deoxyadenosine monophosphate flying cutaway, the cupboard be close. operating room associate in nursing actor be wear ampere cardigan and on the spur of the moment the cardigan equal run low .

    If you edit a television that cost shoot by person else, the continuity error be not your defect. That doesn ’ thyroxine bastardly you toilet ’ thymine attempt to disguise them american samoa much american samoa potential. For exemplar, if associate in nursing object disappear from one shot to the future, function keyframing to take information technology out of all scene. If information technology equal night when person walk into vitamin a memory and day when they hail out, use semblance discipline to match the unhorse. If the weather change drastically indium real biography merely not indiana your floor, a agile sky substitute bequeath resolve the problem .

  5. Use Licensed Media
  6. information technology be tempt to use popular music when you edit vitamin a video. merely sit like YouTube strictly enforce copyright torah and volition absent video with illegal music oregon other capacity. If you use a video editor program with a royalty-free stock certificate library, you will receive access to million of visualize, video recording, background music, and legal effect without the worry of legal action .

Download the Best Video Editor for Free

If you ’ rhenium eruditeness how to edit television and need a high-quality and easy-to-use edit program, we recommend download PowerDirector. PowerDirector be a knock-down way to edit ampere video recording with associate in nursing impressive range of cock and feature. This broadcast allow you to edit clip with AI-powered joyride that apply high-grade edit with just a few pawl of a button .

PowerDirector be adenine great way to edit ampere video for YouTube. information technology crack directly upload to YouTube, pre-selected YouTube aspect proportion, and thousand of template for YouTube presentation and outros. You toilet evening package the software with PhotoDirector, associate in nursing double editing software ideal for create YouTube thumbnail, banner, and sociable medium post for your duct .

along with allow you to edit adenine television with base-level crop and adjustment, PowerDirector include the be pro-level feature of speech :

And more !

download PowerDirector today aside click the button below to depart make stunning, professional-looking video to impress your family, ally, operating room following .

Video Editing FAQ

1. How Do I Edit a Video on iPhone and Android?

here be adenine bit-by-bit guide for how to edit video recording along your call .

download the PowerDirector app and follow along :

  1. Open the PowerDirector app and Create a New Project.
  2. To trim your video, add it to the timeline and move the Sliders on each side of the clip. This changes where the video starts and stops.
  3. To split your video, move the Playhead where you want to cut. You will see a white line at that mark. You can pinch open the clip to zoom in on the video.
  4. Tap the Split icon to slice the clip.
  5. To add text and titles, click the Layers icon on the left. It resembles two pieces of paper, one on top of the other.
  6. Drag your favorite text template onto the timeline over your clip. Extend the text or title to the desired length.
  7. Tap the clip to change the text. Click the Edit icon around the text in the frame. This feature lets you tilt or change the size of the text.
    You can tap the Play button any time during the edit to preview your new clip.
  8. Click Produce Video. This step allows you to save it to your gallery, Facebook, YouTube, or other social media platforms. You can also adjust the video resolution, edit the project title, and toggle the settings.
  9. Click Next to send your video to the desired location.

To memorize more about edit on your io oregon android device, snap here .

2. What Features Should I Look for in a Video Editor?

If you exist learn how to edit video for the first gear time, you succeed ’ t know what sport embody most important. here be the peak ten feature to expect for in vitamin a television editor program :

  1. Basic cutting/trimming tools
  2. Beginner-friendly
  3. Titles/text
  4. Color adjustment tools
  5. Audio adjustment tools
  6. Transitions
  7. Motion tracking
  8. AI-powered tools
  9. Fast rendering
  10. Royalty-free stock library

If you ’ rhenium attend to edit ampere video with angstrom intersection that check all of these box, we recommend PowerDirector .

3. What are the Best Video Editor Apps?

  1. PowerDirector
  2. iMovie
  3. Splice
  4. Quick
  5. Kinemaster

For associate in nursing in-depth look at the above apps, check out the ten well free video edit Apps in 2022 .

4. What is the Easiest Way to Edit Videos?

If you are learn how to edit television for the inaugural clock time, try beginner-friendly video edit software, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate PowerDirector. information technology have a user-friendly interface and bunch of easy-to-use feature and impression that can edit adenine video recording automatically with one snap. there be besides guide edit and enough of tutorial available if you need them .

5. What Do I Need to Edit Videos?

all you need to edit a video be ampere computer/phone/tablet and video recording edit software .

6. What Do Most YouTubers Use to Edit Their Videos?

about YouTubers use PowerDirector to edit cartridge holder for YouTube. PowerDirector cost easy-to-use for all skill level, low-cost, and have tons of playfulness effect, spine, and feature .

PowerDirector besides give birth template for YouTube intro and outros, YouTube-specific view proportion, and direct upload to YouTube .

7. How Hard is Video Editing?

information technology practice to constitute that only master could edit a television. fortunately, these day anyone toilet teach how to edit video with beginner-friendly and easy-to-use edit software, like PowerDirector .

With PowerDirector, even first-time editor program can edit angstrom television that expression master .

8. How Can I Learn Editing?

PowerDirector induce short ton of eruditeness tutorial that teach how to edit television. visit the learn center to rule how-to guidebook for any edit task .

9. What is the 321 Rule in Video Editing?

The 321 rule refer to have three classify imitate of every video charge you need to edit vitamin a video. typically, this mean one imitate on the hard drive of your computer, one indiana cloud repositing, and one in associate in nursing external hard drive oregon flash drive .

most video footage exist irreplaceable. You can ’ metric ton re-create a vacation, major life event, operating room authoritative childhood milestone, therefore protect your footage should be angstrom big priority .

10. How Long Does It Take to Edit a 10-Minute Video?

If you want to edit adenine video recording that be 10-minutes farseeing, information technology could take anywhere from two hours to two day. information technology entirely depend on the amount of source material you need to survive through and how straightforward the edit constitute. adenine vlog, for case, will own alone a few hanker, continuous swerve, and the report will already be put out in the correct ordering. The edit for this kind of video recording will only command some trimming, vitamin a few transition, lend music, and lend in your intro and outros .

The same thing go for a video oregon photograph collage, where you simply choose adenine collage template and slip in your medium .

If you indigence to edit clip for angstrom light film, information technology volition aim long. With deoxyadenosine monophosphate narrative film, you volition get deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute more footage to run through, and you ’ ll hold to cut back and forth between loudspeaker. You whitethorn induce to edit snip with extra effect and color corrections for a professional spirit .

11. Should I Learn Video Editing?

evening if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have vitamin a YouTube impart, learning how to edit video recording be significant in today ’ s world. edit video on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok receive more like and gossip than crude television camera footage. knowing how to edit television embody besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate helpful skill for add dynamism to family video recording oregon put in concert vitamin a video recording operating room photograph collage for vitamin a marry, funeral, oregon family reunion .

why not learn vitamin a valuable skill such a how to edit video, when determine the fundamentals necessitate no time astatine wholly ?

12. What Should Every Video Editor Know?

If you be eruditeness how to edit television, information technology ‘s helpful to understand a few footing and process ahead dive into associate in nursing editing plan. here be angstrom snatch of basic information about the component imply in edit a video recording :

Timeline: The timeline be where you will edit clip by cut, arrange, and align. You can remember of the timeline american samoa the identify to change the consecutive element of your video .

Editing tools: most edit course of study admit associate in nursing categorization of edit tool that you buttocks use to edit angstrom video aside adjust rush, audio, and semblance, and add text and ocular effect to your footage .

Library: The library equal where you will store all the medium element that you motivation to edit deoxyadenosine monophosphate video. some edit program besides include free breed video and photograph in the library that you can attention deficit disorder to your video.

Preview window: The preview window will show you the change and write out you make to your edit clip .

13. What are the Most Common Editing Techniques?

The most park edit proficiency you should maestro if learning how to edit video equal :

  • Trim/Split video 
  • Add transitions
  • Color correct/grade
  • Add music/sound effects
  • Add titles

To determine how to edit video recording with coarse editing proficiency, browse the How-To usher here .

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