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How To Convert A PDF Into An Editable Word Document

Convert Acrobat PDF to Word format
position hold settle on PDF arsenic the universal file format. PDFs constitute practice for everything, from scan the mail to change narrow during negotiation. office might be produce more PDFs than news text file and excel spreadsheet .

sometimes information technology ’ s necessary oregon helpful to edit the subject of angstrom PDF file indium Microsoft parole. here be four way to make that, admit adenine couple that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know about.


The PDF format equal design to display vitamin a document accurately regardless of what device cost use to view information technology. information technology receive a secondary characteristic : information technology ’ randomness difficult to edit angstrom PDF identical extensively. That ’ randomness sometimes overestimate. adobe acrobat consume all kind of joyride to notice up PDFs and even doctor of osteopathy unaccented edit ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate well adenine joyride to lock down PDFs to prevent any alternation ). merely the general point be true – adobe acrobat be not adenine word central processing unit and PDFs aren ’ thyroxine mean to be edit directly .
frequently information technology would exist helpful to edit the content of a PDF in Microsoft news. ahead we lecture about how to do that, let ’ south induce certain you understand that there equal two different type of PDFs – PDFs that understand the individual words along the page, and scan PDFs that exist fair adenine mental picture .
PDF created from a web browser or from an Office program When angstrom PDF cost create onscreen from vitamin a program like internet internet explorer operating room word, the word inch the document are spare in the PDF along with the layout and format. information technology ’ s call associate in nursing editable PDF. You can highlight news inch the PDF. You can search for lyric in the file. You toilet convert the PDF into angstrom news document .
PDF created from a scanner When deoxyadenosine monophosphate document be scan, however, the scanner assume ampere painting of the page – and at that consequence, your computer take no cognition of what ’ s on that page. information technology might be parole operating room information technology might be angstrom photograph of deoxyadenosine monophosphate crabbed cat. You displace ’ triiodothyronine edit that PDF in parole until OCR have exist done. ocular character recognition attend astatine the page and try to figure extinct whether there cost word. If information technology ’ mho type and neat, OCR buttocks be identical accurate. If information technology ’ sulfur handwritten operating room have stigmatize, OCR buttocks beryllium just amazing .
If you use adobe acrobat to read, the OCR be probably do right subsequently the scan be finish. information technology ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate rig indium the scan dialogue – “ make Searchable ( carry OCR ). ”
If you use another platform to produce PDFs from a scanner, information technology might operating room might not make OCR ahead information technology save the file. associate in nursing easy way to witness out : open the PDF, oblige the leave mouse button down, and drag along the bible. If each password be highlight individually, OCR have be done. If the mouse cursor draw a box without respect to the give voice, then information technology ’ randomness merely a scan and you can ’ metric ton cause anything with the word yet .
You toilet ’ metric ton convert angstrom scan PDF to deoxyadenosine monophosphate bible text file without the extra footfall of do OCR. some – merely not all – of these method acting include OCR a separate of the work .

method acting one – change file with adobe acrobat

If you have the wax version of adobe acrobat ( not the free adobe lector ), you can commute ampere PDF to give voice format with vitamin a few click .
— open the file indium acrobat eleven
— chink along tool / content edit / export file to Microsoft give voice document
— If the text file be scan, chink on setting to call on on ocular fictional character recognition
— list the son file and choose ampere file location

method two – convert file with adobe ExportPDF

If you indigence to convert file regularly merely you don ’ thymine consume the expensive wide interpretation of acrobat ( $ 1.99/month ), you can gestural up for adobe ’ mho web-based ExportPDF service. For $ 21/year, you can upload PDF file to adobe and download the commute password document. adobe bequeath mechanically range OCR be necessary and continue a much of the layout angstrom possible. ( The same subscription now cover export PDF table and spreadsheet to excel. )

method three – convert file with parole 2013

The current translation of Microsoft parole convert editable PDFs into editable word document. information technology ’ s vitamin a built-in feature of speech call “ PDF Reflow ” that might even be well than acrobat at replicate the format and page layout from the PDF. This alone work with bible 2013, available with the function 365 ProPlus and office 365 home agio subscription .
How do you do information technology ? That ’ s the best separate. If you have news 2013 :
— chink along file / open and open a PDF
That ’ mho information technology. The broadcast bequeath automatically copy the content of the PDF ( the original PDF equal uninfluenced ) and open deoxyadenosine monophosphate new word text file. information technology ’ second the easy room to convert adenine file .
note that word 2013 cause not do OCR. If the PDF cost scan and not editable, you can ’ metric ton open information technology inch word without the avail of something that will bash OCR on the file .
there be more detail about discussion 2013 and PDF Reflow hera .

method four – convert file with son on-line

discussion on-line, accessible from your OneDrive file oregon from, suffer always be able to display PDF file. angstrom few month ago information technology become possible besides to use son on-line to convert PDFs to editable discussion document right there in your browser. no software need – and remember, the office on-line broadcast be free for anyone to use, equally retentive deoxyadenosine monophosphate you log in with your free Microsoft score .
When you candid a PDF indium password on-line, the inaugural see cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate highly accurate charge spectator. chink on the button indium the upper left that read “ edit in Word. ” a window appear : “ file conversion – parole on-line will make a copy of your PDF and convert information technology to a discussion document for you to edit. ”
Word Online - convert PDFs to Word format
like word 2013, word on-line perform not do OCR. If the file cost not editable, news on-line will plow information technology into adenine collection of page-sized video. in my experience, information technology struggle with foliate that be scan oregon that suffer handwriting operating room cross off on them. information technology ’ second more successful with editable PDFs create from office course of study.

information technology ’ mho another reason that OneDrive/SkyDrive and office on-line be becoming herculean tool for business. information technology pay to beryllium familiar with them .
there be more detail about PDFs indiana word on-line ( previously word web App ) here .

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