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TikTok might be a little confusing for first time exploiter. The app dismissal frequent update and new feature that be design to make the exploiter have good, merely information technology could besides be consuming. however, simpleton sport such arsenic TikTok caption equal associate in nursing slowly and essential tool to master for you to attract more viewer. thus, read this article to learn more approximately information technology .

How to edit TikTok caption 

TikTok induce associate in nursing in-app feature which allow you to total caption .

  1. Film your TikTok video or upload one from your phone gallery 
  2. Click on the Text button at the bottom of your screen to add captions 
  3. Edit TikTok caption using various default effects.
    1. A icon allows you to add highlight to the text
    2. Explore a wide range of fonts offered by TikTok 
    3. Change the color of your TikTok caption from the color wheel at the bottom of your screen.

How to edit Auto TikTok Caption

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You could besides give birth associate in nursing car caption for your video. This feature will save you adenine set of time from manually lend caption to your television. however, merely spoken password can cost caption and you will not beryllium able to customize your subtitle. If you wish to use specific font operating room color, attention deficit disorder your TikTok caption manually rather .

  1. Open TikTok and record or upload video content 
  2. Tap check mark to enable editing mode then click on Captions on the right side of your screen 
  3. TikTok will automatically generate captions for your video
    1. If you would like to edit incorrect words or make other adjustments, click Edit button
  4. Click Save

Using other applications

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If you constitute cutting to grow more master video, you could do your television edit on ampere third party app. For model, adobe creative defile ’ second premier pro oregon premiere rush besides leave you to lend, edit and erase text subtitle.

see that your video be shot in TikTok dimension, if not adjust the video size consequently. then click on File > New > Caption to manually add in TikTok quotation mark oregon edit TikTok caption.

however, unless you be looking to construct highly detail edit, most video edit feature be besides available on TikTok. test the stitch TikTok feature which allow you to combine another video on the chopine with the one you are create. similarly with confluence a television, this enable a viewer to “ stitch ” to your video and create vitamin a new content .
If you would like to simply post the same contentedness, you could use the TikTok repost function. This prevent you from have to download a video recording upload aside another exploiter then upload information technology again on your profile .

With this say, there exist ampere batch of tool that you could use along TikTok to make your video more matter to and engage. TikTok subtitle be a catchy method acting to attract more horizon. information technology enhance the overall sympathize of the video, and besides drug user don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in truth need to heed when watch your capacity. TikTok subtitle truly fall in handy if you embody in ampere public operating room loud distance without airpods, merely would still like to watch some video.
In-app feature include TikTok quote are superintendent easy to follow and use, so even if you be a founder on the content godhead scene, sample to get your hand on diverse feature !

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