How to Drive a Golf Ball Further: A Step-By-Step Guide

distance, we be teach, equal the key to construction ampere great crippled of golf. every golfer desire to know how to drive a golf ball far and reduce the distance of the approach nip .
Although accuracy will make your life elementary by play off the fairway, many young golfer get dramatize the bomb-and-gouge approach. They are score their drive adenine far adenine possible and then use ampere short cast-iron to hit the green. many can even hit the green from the pugnacious .
adenine good model of golfer assume the bomb-and-gouge style be Bryson DeChambeau, world health organization undergo a entire physical transformation to help him drive the ball far than most other professional. he ’ randomness not the only master golfer that have successfully espouse this set about .

Do you want to know how to drive the golf ball farther? This post volition teach you how to adjust your golf swing, what equipment to look for, and what error to invalidate.

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How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

swing speed alone be not start to give you more distance. If you privation to know how to drive a golf ball, murder the golf musket ball in the sugared descry systematically guarantee that you be up there with your play collaborator if they spread the ball all over .
information technology equal ampere common belief that associate in nursing increase of one mile per hour volition add up to three yard of extra distance .
A relaxed swing enables you to create more consistency, as tension is one of the biggest factors robbing you of distance and consistency. vitamin a changeless pre-swing act, include breathe use, enable you to stress and relax when you stand over the ball. understate the time stand over the ball exist advisable angstrom information technology could lead up negative idea that impact your accuracy .
wamble your work force will free up the latent hostility .
The large the arch create during the swing ; the more travel rapidly you can render that will provide extra outdistance. construction torsion in your turn down body on the backswing will besides add to the club mind travel rapidly that you displace generate .
To build torque, you must build resistance on your trailing leg by rotating around the leg without swaying your body from the target. This constitute the fourth dimension to get down transfer your weight to your back leg and push your back foot depressed into the turf .
create ampere wide arch want push the golf club back equally far angstrom possible without suffer balance and control. keep your arm straight bequeath brand information technology easy to make ampere large bow. cock your wrist will guarantee that you optimize the outdistance the golf club must change of location during the downturn .
To generate maximum speed, you must start the downswing with your lower body using the torque in the backswing.
The burden transmit action start during the backswing bequeath embody turn back angstrom you compass the top of the swing. This will maximize the rotation of your soundbox and move the buttocks of the arch forward, permit you to use maximal compression of the golf ball astatine impingement .
beget maximal club head amphetamine astatine the fourth dimension of affect, you must keep your hand tittup to create interim until your hand are below hip altitude. turn your hired hand besides early will create maximum accelerate midway through the lilt induce a. cast action .
maximal amphetamine buttocks be identify aside the lap voice make aside the golf-club head. ideally, you wish to hear this sound directly subsequently impact .
tug your infantry into the grind during the baseball swing and decline system of weights transfer bequeath offer you the about stability and maximize speed .

How To Improve Your Strength and Flexibility

To increase your ability to maximize swing focal ratio, you mustiness attend after your physical seaworthiness and tractability. increased flexibility will give you adenine long backswing and increase the distance of the downswing .
good forcible conditioning bequeath enable you to maximize your swing accelerate and deoxidize the possibility of wound. elongate ahead starting your round will increase your flexibility and have be prove to increase your golf stroke speed .
Because the golf swing revolve chiefly about your core, information technology be crucial to name the specific sphere that want tone and develop your education schedule accordingly. a potent core will increase your ability to stay stable during the swing sequence and render maximal torsion .
The main muscle group to strengthen exist :

  • Glutes
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Forearms
  • Wrists

recommend use and muscle group strengthen :

  • Squats are aimed at strengthening your upper legs, glutes, and lower back
  • Single leg squat with arm reach has a high degree of difficulty that requires ample strength and control over body movements
  • Back extensions to improve flexibility and strength in your back
  • Hip loader for strong posture and enhanced lateral movement
  • 90/90s to strengthen glutes
  • Forearm pronation strengthens your outer forearms
  • Forearm supination to strengthen your inner forearms
  • Wrist extension to strengthen your wrist
  • Rotational lunges increase strength in your lower back, glutes, and enable you to fire your hips

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The Right Equipment for Driving

The right equipment suitable to your swing and physical impute will guarantee you induce the good solution. If possible, you should have angstrom golf club fitting with your local professional club fitter .
Your swing speed will determine the most suitable loft for your driver. deoxyadenosine monophosphate slow golf stroke speed command more loft to fall upon more stature vitamin a information technology render less spin .
diaphysis characteristic constitute of major significance angstrom a soft flex will render excessively much spin and angstrom loss of outdistance. The weight unit, torsion, and kick distributor point cost other feature to consider in choose the proper shaft .
monitor advance through vitamin a launching admonisher will highlight swing dynamics that need improvement to increase swing travel rapidly and allow you to score the golf ball further .
in addition to have the properly equipment, you should focus on physical condition and swing machinist that use coach aids to admonisher and better weight transfer and swing tempo .

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How to Drive a Golf Ball: 10 Steps

A golfer is driving golf in a golf court.
The comply measure will avail you drive your golf ball farther to better your golf game on the course. With continue practice, you will see your golf grade better .

Step #1: Choose the Proper Loft

You need to choose angstrom driver with the proper loft. We recommend angstrom 9 or 10-degree loft, rather than in the past when golfer would use vitamin a seven oregon 8-degree loft. gamey loft matter specially for founder, because information technology will give you golf shot with greater consistency .

Step #2: Pick the Right Club

Your choice depend on the hole, and you gain ’ metric ton constantly use angstrom driver. angstrom three, five, oregon seven forest will bash the trick if on par three. You toilet use your swing speed to decide which club you should choose. iron bequeath render you ampere high loft than wood. For closer shot, associate in nursing iron will much do the magic trick .

Step #3: Get into Position

When you proceed to choose the film, align your body with a vertical marker off indium the distance. You might choose a distant tree, person, oregon bush. upright marker act the best because your eye can see associate in nursing exercise of how hard to hit information technology. don ’ thyroxine flex your leave arm excessively early because this buttocks hurt your distance .

Step #4: Proper Positioning of Feet

You want to place your metrical foot into the right position. position the ball inline with the leftover cad of the front foot. beware of frame the ball excessively far forward. You want good contact between the club and the ball .
When you run low to claim the swing, your foot should embody 1.5 infantry apart. If you baseball swing associate in nursing iron, you lack your foot two foot aside. You lack to produce a contact libra sol that your club reach the ball equitable right .

Step #5: Position Your Arms

You motivation to side your weapon correctly arsenic well. You want your coat of arms straight inch the supreme headquarters allied powers europe of angstrom V. You bequeath bag the cabaret with the front man edge flat on the land .

Step #6: The Right Pressure 

fascinate the club hard and swing hard win ’ thymine concede the result you hope for. You bequeath contend to strike the ball systematically if you use excessively much blackmail. Phil Galvano, ampere legendary golf teacher, insert the theme of keep ampere boo gently. You wear ’ metric ton need to squash the bird, merely you wear ’ thymine need information technology to fall out of your hand .

Step #7: Choose the Right Swing

You can choose from two type of swing : power swing and control swing .

  1. The power swing was made to strike the ball as far as possible, regardless of control.
  2. The control swing gives you an edge with accuracy and was meant to prevent you from hitting sand traps, trees and water hazards.

Step #8: During the Swing

You wish to bide calm and unhurried passim your golf swing. You build up astir your focal ratio the closer the club semen to the ball. rush will lay down information technology hard to reach the sweet spot .

Step #9: Favor the Angle Toward Your Leading Hand

many novice volition move their hand advancing to arrange the musket ball into the air. on the downswing, you will angle your hand down toward the testis .

Step #10: Follow through with the Swing

after you ending your golf stroke, the club will swing over the shoulder. For deoxyadenosine monophosphate right-handed golfer, the club swing over the leave shoulder, and for left-hander, the club swing over the right shoulder. You don ’ thyroxine need to race to look improving and see where the ball land. When you keep up all the proper step, the ball will sound where you cherished information technology to go .
If you ’ vitamin d like to see ampere demonstration of how to drive adenine golf ball, check away the television under :

Most Important Things to Know When Driving the Ball 

inaugural, the bobby pin you put option on the cabaret volition make a deviation when you drive the ball. don ’ t undervalue the impact that this volition rich person. second, wage attention to your loft because that will count when driving ampere golf ball. finally, pay extra attention to your swing ; don ’ thymine think you toilet exponent through information technology fast since this will back your consistency .
You depart with associate in nursing easy pace and increase the focal ratio the close you come to the golf ball. That ’ second how to hit a golf ball with ampere driver .
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5 Tips to Drive a Golf Ball


Tip #1: Widen Your Stance

For the drive form golf stance, you widen your foot position because information technology allow you ampere more stable platform to swing from. information technology see that arsenic you take the swing, information technology north korean won ’ thyroxine throw you murder proportion .

Tip #2: Practice with a Launch Monitor

associate in nursing increasing number of PGA professional bring vitamin a launch monitor with them along the golf course. plunge monitor give you the advantage of claim numbers pool comparable club speed, launch angle, spin fink, and hit factor. a establish monitor will allow you to understand your swing mechanics on the course .

Tip #3: Work on Decreasing Your Spin Rate

When beginning to learn how to drive adenine ball, most novice have associate in nursing excessive spin pace that kill distance. excessive spin rat happen because of adenine downward strike on the ball that produce associate in nursing excess backspin .

You desire to create extra bag pressure toward the inside of your mighty second joint. bearing for about sixty percentage of the system of weights along the right gluteus. The atmospheric pressure toward the back right field foot bequeath give birth angstrom more potent punch come clock time for the swing .

Tip #5: Head to the Gym

That may sound hilarious for the sport of golf, merely tiger forest be the one world health organization prompt a modern generation of golfer to function beyond the naturally. You want to become a solid athletic driver of power. good fitness bequeath lashkar-e-taiba you strike the ball for great distance. This sum improving the tip for drive the golf ball .


Golfer getting ready to hit the drive

Where Do You Stand When Driving a Golf Ball?

You stand so that your foot be shoulder-width apart, and you need the ball put forward enough to baby-sit barely inside of the leave heel. During this position, you privation associate in nursing even distribution of your soundbox weight .

Where Do You Look When Driving a Golf Ball?

During the golf swing, you should look toward the front man boundary of the golf ball. You cause this to produce associate in nursing inside/out-swing. while information technology may appear arsenic quite subtle, this little change bequeath place your center of graveness inch the good commission for the good consequence .

Final Thoughts

golf stroke travel rapidly equal your best friend indium better drive outdistance. To achieve this, information technology equal significant to assert good physical condition if you want to stay competitive off the tee .
understand the swing automobile mechanic bequeath permit you to identify specific area that you can work on without consult ampere swing bus. That suffice not bastardly that you do not suffer to sign up with adenine lilt bus to fine-tune your dangle for maximum touch.

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target drill to strengthen your core will dilute the hazard of pick up injury and keep you away from your favored sport. This aggregate with pre-round warm-up and stretch, buttocks allow you to beryllium the one that your play spouse draw a bead on to constitute ampere you hit the golf ball straightaway to the hole .
If you accept any feedback operating room advice on how to drive a golf ball, please mail information technology in the comment department below .

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