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Colonoscopy Prep: 9 Expert Tips for the Night Before

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What is a Colonoscopy? 

A colonoscopy is a operation where a colonoscope ( a reduce, flexible tube ) is inserted into the colon and guided all the direction through to the cecum ( where the colon begins and the little intestine ends ). To get to the colon, the colonoscope is inserted through the rectum. The colonoscope has a digital camera and lighter attached to the end that allows doctors to see any abnormalities. This is why a colonoscopy is much referred to as a aim visual image test. This routine may sound chilling — but it isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. In fact, it can save your biography. Prior to the procedure, you will do a intestine cooking to clear out the colon. “ Prep ” is basically a laxative, which means you ‘ll spend a lot of time on the toilet.

Colonoscopy prep is one of the most fear steps when it comes to colorectal cancer screening, but it ’ s not optional. You must clean out your colon so the doctor can get a dear expect at the inwardly !
We ’ ve asked colorectal cancer survivors and caregivers who undergo colonoscopy homework often for their “ expert ” tips on surviving homework night. here ’ s what they said :

1. Adjust Your Diet a Few Days Before Prep Begins

Eating smaller portions and low-fiber foods a few days before you plan to do colonoscopy prep can help the evening go smoothly .

What to Eat Before A Colonoscopy

What you choose to eat and drink a few days prior to a colonoscopy can impact how “ clean out ” night goes. here ’ s what our advocates recommend :

  • Digestive tea 
  • Soups
  • Smoothies
  • Eggs
  • Rice
  • Salmon 
  • Chicken 
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Pasta 
  • Lighter-colored foods

What Not to Eat Before Colonoscopy Prep

  • Nuts and seeds (including wraps and breads containing them)
  • Popcorn
  • Red meat 
  • Fried, heavy foods 
  • Raw vegetables
  • Corn, peas, apple skins, and other fiber-filled foods that are hard to digest
  • Anything bright red in color

Decrease Meal Size 

several survivors say decreasing the size of their meals a few days before starting colonoscopy homework besides makes it go easier and smoother .

2. Drink the Colonoscopy Prep Laxative Cold

There are several types of colonoscopy homework drinks available over the antagonistic or by prescription drug, but all of them require you to consume a relatively large volume. unfortunately, this can cause nausea and vomit. If you are struggling to drink your colonoscopy homework without throwing up, survivors recommend drinking the laxative cold – and through a strew – for the most pleasant know .

“ I put the homework drink in my big TervisⓇ Tumbler with a straw. For some argue, drinking it with a chaff helps me. ”–Trish Lannon, stage III survivor

3. Choose Yummy Treats for the Liquid Diet

The day before a colonoscopy, patients must stick to a fluent diet – i, no solid foods. What you choose to eat and drink can make or break your colonoscopy homework experience .

Try These Drinks to Make Your Colonoscopy Prep Taste Better 

While you are on a melted diet you can add your homework to any of these treats. Remember to avoid any liquids with red, orange, and purple dyes as these may look like traces of lineage during the colonoscopy and can interfere with getting accurate results .

  • Organic low-sodium broth
  • JELL-OⓇ (not red, orange, or purple)
  • Martinelli’s Gold MedalⓇ apple juice
  • White grape juice
  • Flavored sparkling water
  • 7-UPⓇ or SpriteⓇ
  • Black coffee (without creamer)
  • Gummy bears – pull out the red and purple ones, and suck the light ones for a little treat
  • Crystal LightⓇ
  • GatoradeⓇ (not red, orange, or purple)

Colon Prep Shopping List


Some survivors have besides found electrolyte drinks, such as PedialyteⓇ, can provide important hydration prior to the routine .

“ Pedialyte hydrates me better than body of water. I become dehydrate identical well, and it makes for difficulty when putting in my IV before the trial. Pedialyte besides now comes in packets, so you can mix it yourself. ”–Kristen Keesen, stage III survivor

4. Bathroom Prep for Bowel Prep

Rolls of toilet paper
once the colonoscopy homework laxative begins working, you ’ ll spend a batch of prison term in the toilet. hera ’ s what you ’ ll need to make it a dependable experience .

Wet Wipes

DUDE wipes Ⓡ and Preparation HⓇ wipes are two preach favorites, but several brands produce medicated and non-medicated wet wipes .

Soft and Strong Toilet Paper

Double-ply, delicate toilet newspaper will be important as you prep for your colonoscopy. ( And a critical must-have if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use damp wipes. ) respective brands make “ docile ” toilet paper with aloe that can alleviate itch and burning – something that is park when you ’ rhenium making frequent trips to the gutter .

Creams and Oils

Some survivors say creams and oils can help either prevent or comfort annoyance. Favorites include :

  • VaselineⓇ
  • Coconut oil
  • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®

Make sure the skin is completely dry before applying oils. Applying these barrier creams/ointments to a wet site will trap the moisture inside, potentially causing the irritation to be worse .
If your excitation continues, some find that a cool, wet washcloth or drawing a bathroom besides helps with irritation .

Chargers and Light Reading

“ Charge your earphone and get a estimable book to read – you will be in the toilet a draw ! ”–Amanda Houston, stage II survivor

Whether you plan to be on your phone, laptop, or pad, find your chargers before your laxative kicks in. Magazines like Beyond Blue and videos with patient stories can remind you of the reason you ’ ra going through colonoscopy homework night and its importance !

Stretchy Pants

Elastic-waisted pants will be a lifeguard once the laxative begins working – you won ’ thyroxine have time to mess with buttons !

5. Double Check What Time to Start Your Prep

doctor instructions colonoscopy prep
Despite what the box or instructions on your colonoscopy homework intersection may say, constantly check with your doctor ’ south office and know what clock time they advise you to stop drinking liquids. This can impact your anesthesia during the colonoscopy .

Will I Be Up All Night with Colonoscopy Prep?

double check your doctor ’ s instructions for when to begin your homework and demote it up a few hours early, if possible. If you begin drinking the colonoscopy homework in the even, start a few hours earlier to prevent running to the gutter all night. Each person ’ randomness body is different – for some, it works right away, and for others, it takes several hours. Give yourself enough of time for the laxative to start working .
Your doctor ’ s office should indicate what time to begin taking either pills or the laxative swallow. Some colonoscopy preps are taken in one even, others may be a “ split-dose ” and taken between an evening and the follow good morning. If you think you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate drink your colonoscopy homework, a “ split-dose ” is a effective option because it tends to be more adequate .

6. Break Up Your Prep 

Break up your homework drink. Do n’t drink it all at one time ! Drinking 32 ounces of anything can be daunting. But when you break up your homework over the run of an hour with four 8-ounce glasses, the mental try of drink “ 32 ounces ” does n’t seem so bad .
It is much easier to drink 8 ounces every 15 minutes over the naturally of an hour than to drink 32 ounces all at once .

7. Finish the Prep – All of It!

It may be tempting to stop drinking all of the colonoscopy homework if your stools are running net, but it ’ s important to complete all of the steps.

It ’ s not rare for the laxative to work veracious aside and within the first few trips ! But, even if you start to “ run unclutter, ” meaning your stools have turned liquid and are lighter in color, it ’ second crucial to finish the integral colonoscopy homework process.

Many intestine homework products include respective drinks or pills to take – make indisputable to take them all for a sum cleanout and effective setting. If you ’ re wanting to quit early, just remind yourself the homework is the hardest part !

8. Ease Back Into Eating Solid Foods

After your colonoscopy, go comfortable on what you eat.

You may be starving after your routine ( you probable haven ’ thyroxine corrode in over a day ), but your gut may take a few days to feel normal again. Don ’ metric ton rush into a big, greasy meal – or you may regret it !

Some survivors say probiotics help the gut bounce back, and they avoid hot foods for a few days if a polyp was removed .
A woman holds many rolls of toilet paper

9. Celebrate… and Tell A Loved One

Practice self-care and be proud of yourself – you got screened ! Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to tell your family about your results !
many patients leave a colonoscopy and go for a delicious and filling meal and a hanker nap. You won ’ t be able to drive or work following the operation, so plan to take it easy for the rest of the day !
Because colorectal cancer risk is increased if you have a family history of polyps AND/OR colorectal cancer, share your results with your family — specially your children, parents, and siblings .
If the doctor removed colon polyps, or any signs of cancer, it may take a few days, up to a few weeks, before biopsy results come in .
Your repair ’ second office will follow-up with future steps and when your adjacent colonoscopy should be scheduled .

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