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ready to learn how to draw easy flower doodles ?
This post is all about creating a flower scribble artwork in a bullet train journal .
today you ’ re going to learn how to draw simple floral drawings for beginners, including bit-by-bit tutorials .
In fact, you ’ ll see that you don ’ t have to be highly superintendent talented in order to create artistic bullet train journal spreads.

indeed, if you want to add some easy floral elements to your bullet train daybook pages, this is the ultimate guidebook on how to draw easy, cute bloom doodles like :

  • sunflower doodles
  • wildflower doodles
  • flower wreaths
  • watercolor bullet journal flowers
  • leaves doodles
  • spring flowers
  • tropical flowers

Along with this, in the end, you ’ ll learn how you can add flower drawings to your bujo .
decidedly, this ultimate list of easy things to draw will be helpful for those of you who :

  • don’t feel confident when it comes to bullet journal spread composition
  • struggle with creative journal ideas

besides, you can find a fortune of fastball journal doodle ideas here .
so, let ’ s become started .
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Doodles Of Flowers

Doodles Of Flowersvia art_love98 on Instagram
first and foremost, this hydrangea drawing seems to be complicated at the first view .
however, you ’ ll see that the process of creating doodles of flowers is very simple because there are alone a few shapes .
In order to complete this scribble writing, you have to know how to draw basic shapes .
In this case, you draw the heart as a road map for petals .
besides, you can slenderly extend the front credit line of it in regulate to add some bulk .
then draw a circle for the flower center and connect two center petals .
By the direction, don ’ triiodothyronine forget to add some curves to the center of your petals .
now you can arrange the petals in a lap way to add volume .
stopping point but not least, grab one of your favored art tools : watercolors, brushpens, pencils .
then bring this describe to life by adding cunning pastel colors like pinks or blues .
Or both at the like time – feel free to blend two colors to achieve this amazing capricious end effect .
decidedly, I see adding hydrangeas to my April fastball diary layouts .

Doodle Flowers

Flower Doodlevia bujo and cookies on Instagram
On the early hand, drawing scribble flowers can be american samoa simpleton as you can see above .
Again, wholly you have to do is to draw a swerve line and add organic shapes .
As a rule, the most common determine you use when creating doodle flowers is a set .
If you think these drawings are besides simple for your taste, you can besides experiment with their size .
however, please remember that small scribble flowers normally look cuter than big ones .
When it comes to the color scheme, here the generator used one of the most childlike but calm cunning combinations of violet and k .
decidedly I see myself decorating my 2022 fastball journal spreads with this type of interior decoration elements .

Flower Doodles

Flower Doodlesvia Positive Thoughts CA on Instagram
Along with these, here you can see a bang-up example of how flower doodles can be well drawn .
even if you ’ re not an artist, you can draw a courteous typography in a few minutes .
basically, you precisely have to add a couple of circles and curved lines hera and there .
then, you can fill these shapes with unlike patterns and colors to create beautiful flower doodles .
In the end, don ’ triiodothyronine forget to add some leaves below petals for a better result .
I in truth love how elementary shapes can decorate your fastball journal notebook when used creatively .

Flower Doodle

Easy Flower Doodlesvia miss.meissa on Instagram
In this sheath, you have a great example of how beautiful doodles of flowers can be created using just a black-inked pen and newspaper .
besides, you have to remember that you can create petals in many unlike ways .
For model, small dots, ovals, atypical organic shapes, symmetrical circles, or even short lines .
furthermore, it seems that there ’ re some small amendments in order to give a complete look to these beautiful minimalist flowers .

Simple Flower Drawings

Flower Doodlesvia priyanka.bujo on Instagram
Speaking of elementary flower drawings, this one is a perfect example of how doodles can be drawn flush by a novice .
In this subject, you have a couple of easy, beautiful flowers, with three or more petals .
however, the generator used only lines to create these drawings .
tied therefore, they look about similar to an accurate pencil sketch or digital attract .
As you can see, adding a little moment of thickness diverseness to lines is adequate to create a cute bullet train journal decoration .
Simply speaking, if you draw a stem with leaves on the bottom, then add a few wind lines, this is how you get a very basic flower typography .
however, keep in mind that it ’ s not supposed to look naturalistic at all .
And including these drawings in your minimalist fastball daybook pages will take them to another level .

How to Draw Easy Flower Doodles

Start From Basic Simple Flower Doodles
first and foremost, I ’ five hundred suggest you start slow from the basic elementary invention .
basically, creating this overcomplicated flower scribble lineart with different :

  • line thickness
  • shadows,
  • and other artistry elements

is a square road to frustration .
At least, I felt very discouraged .
indeed, it ’ south all about Pinterest versus reality kind of matter .
Draw with Pencil First
Although it ’ s pretty obvious, sometimes you may forget you can draw with a pencil first .
basically, there ’ south board for mistakes hera .
With this in mind, equitable use a soft pencil and draw delicate lines .
besides, it allows you to erase the sketch with ease .
Practice Your Line Quality
decidedly, your simplest flower scribble always will look like an artwork piece if your line choice is on top .
And yes, while shaking hands is a huge write out for most of us, practice makes progress .
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First of all, inking pens allow you to draw bootleg, smooth, thinly ( or thick ) lines and create the aesthetic flower leaves or even the entire minimalist flower tie .
On the other hand, you can create colorful designs or even watercolor flower arts by using low-cost markers or ( more expensive ) brush pens .
besides, you can learn more about the best bullet train journal supplies here .
Follow Step by Step Tutorials
decidedly, learn from others .
basically, there are batch of flower doodles bit-by-bit tutorials you can follow .
Add Your Style
final but not least, start experimenting with occupation thickness, blending techniques, different artwork supplies .
now, when you know the basics, you can easily add your own personality and style to your fastball diary page blueprint .
In other words, find your creative mercantile establishment and unleash your creativity .

Simple Flower Doodles

flower doodles simplevia The Monster Of Stationery on Instagram
As a govern, you can easily draw flowers using simple lines and basic shapes .
There ’ sulfur nothing ill-timed with drawing like kids .
Remember your beginning art class ?
alternatively of focusing on how bad you are, uncover your creative genius, and get into a flow .

Cute Flower Doodles

easy flower doodlesvia Plans That Blossom on Instagram
oxygen spruce up your childlike flower doodles, add leaves and put a whole bouquet in a vase, jar, or cup .
These simple flower doodles look basic, minimalistic but still beautiful .

How to Draw a Rose

cute rose drawingvia my.life.in.a.bullet on Instagram
These roses ’ cunning flower doodles are everything .
It ’ s improbable that with basic shapes you can well draw such a complex flower as a rose .
decidedly, it ’ s one of my darling childlike rose drawings you can include in your bullet journal spread .

How to Draw Peony

simple peony drawingvia kohana on Instagram
Another flower that I consider so hard to draw is the peony .
rather of getting frustrated while drawing a blooming peony, you may want to start from simple but still extremely cunning bloom doodles .

How to Draw Tiny Flowers

little flower doodlesvia jen.calligraphy on Instagram
decidedly, your bloom doodles don ’ t have to be a affirmation part of art .
small bloom doodles are adorable as well.
just choose what kind of bloom and leaves you want to make, and put your favorite bantam flower doodles combo near bullet train daybook headers or another bujo element .

How to Draw Minimalist Little Flower Doodles

minimalist flower drawingsvia splendid scribbles on Instagram
On the early hand, here you can learn how to draw minimalist bloom doodles .
It ’ mho amazing how you design a masterpiece by combining basic shapes and lines.

How  to Draw Sunflower

sunflower doodles step by stepvia Bullet With E on Instagram
decidedly, the sunflower theme is one of the most popular fastball diary themes around the summer months .
indeed, these flowers are bright and cheerful with their jaundiced, brown color dodge .
Besides, sunflowers are one of the easiest flowers to paint. For this reason, these flower doodles are perfective for beginners .
Along with it, doodling sunflowers make fastball journal spreads look countrified, about country-themed .
And what is better than your childhood memories from the best ever countryside vacation by grandma .
indeed, when you think about sunflowers, you immediately think about warm sunlight, fresh hayfield olfactory property, and delectable cocoa bit cookies with milk .
For this reason, the sunflower is a symbol of rejoice, peace, and prosperity .
furthermore, you don ’ t need to add early decorations. Sunflower itself gives you a huge boost of plus energy, happiness, and ease .
Just grab some cheery yellow markers and draw a few sunflowers in your fastball journal .

How To Draw Wildflowers

wildflower doodlesvia sunsetti.studios on Instagram
besides, adding wildflower doodles onto your bullet train daybook spreads gives the pages this unique boho vibes .
Loads of color from a bunch of wildflowers ’ diverse looks will make the page design vivid and cozy in a bohemian style .
undoubtedly, classical flowers like roses can never get erstwhile, but there ’ s something charming and raw in a beautiful fix of wildflower bouquets .
immediately, you can well transfer this capricious, natural, bohemian dash onto bujo pages with wildflower doodles .
What I like the most about this type of easy flower doodles is the freedom to be as messy, creative, casual as you want .
basically, think about creating a wildflower hayfield in your fastball diary .
sol get an ink penitentiary and start doodling simpleton daisies, red poppies, lavender plus add some minimalist leaves, grass, or even wheat .
When it comes to color palette choose a undimmed color scheme with yellows, oranges, greens, bluff blues, pastel purples, and reds .

How to Draw Flower Wreath Doodles

flower wreath doodlesvia nicole grace studies on Instagram
Another direction to incorporate bloom doodles in your bujo notebook is by creating flower wreath doodles .
This elementary flower scribble can be used like fastball journal headers, borders, or separate artwork for example with an inspirational quote .
decidedly, one can never have besides many wreaths .
specially that they ’ ra perfect for beginners. No topic if you choose minimalist or colored flower wreath doodles, you ’ ll never get bored with them .
If you ’ re wondering where to start and what to draw, here ’ s the flower wreath doodle tutorial is broken down step by step .
basically, all you have to do is to start with a basic turn shape. It ’ s up to you whether you choose to create a perfective round form or preferably draw freely a few layers .
In the first case, you may want to use a small clash, plate, roll of washi magnetic tape, etc to trace it a couple of times, every time slenderly move a round object of your choice .
In the second case, just have fun and do whatever the creative slope of you tells you .
following, it ’ sulfur time to add some cosmetic elements like cute little flowers and leaves you ’ ve precisely learned to draw .
besides, keep in judgment the basic composition rules I mentioned before to keep your flower wreath doodles aesthetic balanced and pleasing to the eye .

How to Paint Easy Watercolor Flower Doodles

One way to use watercolors in a notebook is by doodling .
My darling type of doodles is watercolor flower ones .
What I mean by this is not at all these stunning watercolor flower paintings but rather watercolor splashes here and there, filled with black ink easy flower doodles .
not only do they look perplex, but besides it ’ s a capital exert to boost your creativity .
foremost, you make random water slop on paper with a brush dipped in water .
then you put paint on it .
The color spreads immediately, creating an abstract roundish blop .
additionally, you can use more colors on peak of it .

How to Draw Tropical Flower Doodles

tropical flower doodlesvia bug collector on Instagram
The tropical-themed aesthetic has been a huge drift for a while and there are no signs of this tendency ending anytime soon .
And I ’ megabyte not surprised .
Bullet diary tropical theme is fun, frisson .
decidedly, it brings into your mind a loosen vacation with palm trees, flamingos, and tropical flowers .
talk of which, this easy tropical flower bit-by-bit tutorial is pretty basic .
But because of blending two different colors together, this tropical flower scribble looks like a masterpiece .
first, you draw a traffic circle .
second, you add overlap petals, put some details in delicate polish lines form on it, and add stems .
then you add one color on the outdoor of each petal, and the early one near to the stems with a blank outer space between them .
final but not least, you blend the colors with a wet brush .

How to Draw Tropical Leaves

tropical leaves doodlesvia b.bulletjournal on Instagram
besides, you can make your tropical bloom doodles stand out by doodling tropical leaves .
At beginning sight, ceriman might seem to be a little snatch more complicated than other tropical leaves, but after some practice the end effect is amazing .

How to Draw Daisies

how to draw easy flower doodlesvia Amiza Omar on Instagram
Although creating floral drawings for spring is by no means groundbreaking, you ’ ll still have a lot of fun putting cunning bloom doodles in your bullet train diary pages .
here you can learn how to doodle daisies .
again, it ’ randomness all about using a encircle shape in different forms .

How to Draw Poppies

poppies drawing step by stepvia bujo aby on Instagram
obviously, when you think of bounce, the very first thing that comes to your mind is flowers .
This is a super easy tutorial on how to draw poppies in three different ways .
besides, I love this purple color palette .
barely perfective for the spring-summer season .

How to Draw Tulips

tulip drawing step by step via bujo aby on Instagram
For those of you who want to bring spring into a bullet journal, hera ’ s an amaze bit-by-bit tutorial on how to doodle a tulip .
By the way, did you notice beautiful shades of crimson ?

Spring Flower Doodles for a Bullet Journal

floral elements bullet journalvia Plans That Blossom on Instagram
here are some examples of how to add flower doodles in a bullet journal .
basically, you can add spring flower doodles as a contribution of bujo banners, headers, titles, notes, trackers, etc .

Dandelion Drawing

how to draw dandelionsvia bullets and confetti on Instagram
Tulip, poppy, lilac, forget-me-not- these beautiful flowers are undoubtedly the most beautiful signboard that the new season is coming .
however, dandelions are the most common, cosmopolitan known .
decidedly, they bring so much joy ,
besides, drawing a dandelion is so easily .

Lavender Drawing

lavender drawing step by stepvia unknown
One of my front-runner summer flowers is lavender .
The perfume is incredible .
This dim-witted lavender draw can help you decorate your summer fastball diary pages .

Succulent Drawing

succulent drawings step by stepvia nicole grace studies on Instagram
last but not least, here ’ s a tutorial on how to doodle succulents .

Leaves Doodles

additionally, the next cosmetic element you may want to add to your easy flower doodles is leaves .
For case, do you know that childlike fern leaves can be drawn in seven different ways ?
Yes, decidedly drawing leaves can be a fun creative challenge to spend time on .
furthermore, it doesn ’ t have to be complicated – think about elementary but different shapes of branches and leaves .
besides, feel dislodge to color them with other colors than green ones .
barely like in bouquets, leaves complete the cosmopolitan look and give the entire design an excess kick back .
It can be a big background as a nice pop of tinge for cute flower doodles .
And there a batch of leaves to choose from .
For exercise :

  • basic leaves
  • tropical leaves doodles like a banana leaf, monstera, fern
  • palm leaves
  • fall leaves

You can add them to your simple bloom doodles, flower wreaths, or use them as borders or dividers .
besides, you can find a list of easy tutorials here .

Flower Doodles for Bullet Journal

unquestionably, flower doodles are a beautiful decoration for your bullet train diary pages. however, If you have some trouble where to put them, here are some ideas and inspiration to follow .
however, if you have some disturb where to put them, hera are some ideas and inspiration to follow .
First of all, slowly flower doodles may play the independent depart in your bullet journal bedspread or be only little cosmetic elements .
For case, you can add flower drawings to your :
alternatively, you use flower doodles as an component for :

  • borders
  • dividers
  • titles

last but not least, you level up your bullet diary spreads, adding floral elements to fill in the remaining negative space .

Easy Flower Doodles – Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don ’ t need to be an artist to decorate bullet diary spreads in a fancy room .
first and foremost, these 70+ easy flower doodles bit-by-bit tutorials will help you to elevate your doodling skills and spruce your favorite bujo pages up quickly .
No topic if you choose simple flower doodles with lines and basic shapes or you decide to go for watercolors – bullet journal doodle is all about having playfulness, unleash creativity, and practicing self-care .
just don ’ triiodothyronine have caught up in a perfectionist take care .
On the adverse, the less refined your flower doodles look, the better, more organic end effect you get .
indeed, future time you start to decorate bullet train journal layouts, all you have to do is to add sunflower doodles to a weekly log, create a wildflower hayfield as a decoration for an inspirational quotation, and draw flowers wreath doodles as headers .
undoubtedly, I guarantee you ’ ll love the final spirit .
good luck !

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Easy Flower Doodles

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