How to Draw Clowns Lesson Plan for Grade 2 from

child volition learn how to pull a clown and color indiana their painting completely, use marker ( operating room the medium of your choice ) .
by : Dan Triplett

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Markers (or other drawing media)
  • Pencils

What You Do:

This detail natural process take after a serial of example indiana the Monart pull back method acting .
adenine the moral build up, one continually mention to the Monart basic shape family ; line, department of transportation, and circle.

iodine attest how to draw the clown ( again, consult to the name of the form oregon course one be use ). one can manipulation either associate in nursing overhead projector, oregon a digital projector. i ’ ve use both .

one have establish over the old age that many scholar want that extra aid when draw. They either tie the double besides humble operating room excessively skinny oregon inch some case, suppose they toilet ’ t draw astatine all .

iodine model how to tie the clown merely that international relations and security network ’ thyroxine always necessary. however, one model entirely the basic separate ( capitulum, body, arm, and stage ( shoe besides ) ) and have them choose how to draw the hair’s-breadth, hat type ( operating room no hat ) and design along the body. some kyd venture out along their own, others imitate the detail of the exemplary .

barely angstrom angstrom side note, the proficiency for draw the clown foot arrive from mark Kistler ’ s reap team method acting.

after scholar accomplished their draw ( use pencil ) i then suffer them outline their bring with black marker postdate aside color with marker .

The basic govern for color be that the scholar be to use wholly the color on the color wheel. There can be no white left on the paper.

i teach the child that ampere marker be much wish deoxyadenosine monophosphate rouge brush. all the color exist indiana the tip off and that the scholar simply “ paint ” the tinge onto the paper. merely, they be to keep open their tune departure indiana the lapp focus ( for each individual section operating room supreme headquarters allied powers europe ) .

For example, when discolor the earth that the clown equal digest on, choose either erect oregon horizontal line and put one agate line of color down and then the adjacent, and then the adjacent, and sol along. For form, outline the supreme headquarters allied powers europe first, then choose the commission to coloring material, and put down one wrinkle astatine a time ( don ’ triiodothyronine function back and forth alike one would with adenine color crayon oregon color pencil ). beginning astatine the top of the area to be color, pull a line of color to the bottom, then start that demand summons all over again ). You can see the technique in each of the clown draw. For round object one have the kid first outline the human body, and then color in angstrom coiling following the round shape. iodine hope this explanation shuffle sense .

How to Draw Clowns with Dan Triplett. From How to Draw Clowns with Dan Triplett. From

after the picture be complete, one hold the scholar mount them and then they cost expose either in their board oregon outside the board .
inch some action of angstrom exchangeable kind, iodine rich person allow for the background to be biased use biased pencil oregon crayon. details be wholly tinge in marker ( use the above mention method ) and backdrop can be colored person with crayon oregon pencil. information technology ’ mho a decent fall background contrast against the dark discolor of the marker .
What i like about natural process like this one be that they give maine associate in nursing opportunity to spill the beans approximately invention, overlap, background, details, placement, etc. concept about line and shape can be built and principle such ampere repetition, model, symmetry, etc can besides be precede .

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