7 EASY Pumpkin Drawing ideas with Step-by-step Tutorials!

7 EASY Pumpkin Drawing ideas with Step-by-step Tutorials!

It ’ randomness time to start thinking about Fall and Halloween ! Get creative with these fun and easy Pumpkin Drawing Ideas !
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Pumpkin drawing colorPumpkin drawing color

Pumpkin Drawing Simple Step by Step

Let ’ s begin with an easy Pumpkin Line drawing first. Begin by drawing a long stand ellipse form and then add two more partial egg-shaped shapes on either side. Continue to add more partial derivative ovals on either english, but draw them slenderly higher. Draw a chaff in the vacate space and finish off your pumpkin by adding a stalk and vine !
Pumpkin Drawing simplePumpkin Drawing simple

More Pumpkin Drawing Ideas

1. Pumpkin Color Drawing

For a Color Pumpkin Drawing, choose two colors of markers- I ’ ve used an orange and brown here to illustrate the steps clearly. You can choose a orange and a slightly blue orange for a dull front. Start by drawing a askew ellipse, and then add more ovals on either english. With your second color, come in between and add more ovals. Draw a stalk and finish off with a vine !
pumpkin drawing Tutorialpumpkin drawing Tutorial

2. Fall Pumpkin Drawing

For a Fall Pumpkin Drawing, try varying the basic egg-shaped determine we draw and give it a little squareness. This creates a heirloom pumpkin expect and you can draw a few berries and leaves to enhance that feel.

Fall Pumpkin Drawing Step by stepFall Pumpkin Drawing Step by step

3. Pumpkin with Flowers

To draw a Pumpkin with Flowers, start with a boastfully traffic circle supreme headquarters allied powers europe, add a face and mouthpiece inside it. On circus tent of the pumpkin, rather of a stalk guide capricious leaves and flowers !
Pumpkin with Flowers step by step. jpgPumpkin with Flowers step by step. jpg
Pumpkin with FlowersPumpkin with Flowers

4. Pumpkin Drawing with BOO

To add typography into your Pumpkin Drawing, it is easier to start with your letters- I wrote BOO and then drew my pumpkin around it. Add a stalk and color and delight !
Pumpkin Drawing with BOO step by stepPumpkin Drawing with BOO step by step
Pumpkin Drawing with BOOPumpkin Drawing with BOO

5. Plaid Pumpkin Drawing

hera is another Pumpkin, that is inspired by the popular tartan fabric design. This pumpkin human body is besides a fiddling easier for you draw. Start with the stalk and leaf, then draw a ellipse below it. Add the 3D body determine and draw the tartan practice. Fill it in with color !

Plaid Pumpkin Drawing step by stepPlaid Pumpkin Drawing step by step
Plaid Pumpkin DrawingPlaid Pumpkin Drawing

6. Pumpkin Drawing Scary

A chilling Pumpkin is quintessential for October. Start by drawing mouthpiece in a eerie smile. Add huge eyes and modest nozzle. Draw the pumpkin ridges around these features and finish off with a elementary stalk .
Pumpkin Drawing step by step scaryPumpkin Drawing step by step scary
Pumpkin Drawing scaryPumpkin Drawing scary

7. Pumpkin Drawing Watercolor

Fill an entire page with elementary pumpkin shapes ! This is very relax page to create and you can watch me paint this from start to finish in my YouTube video here : https://youtu.be/9Dz7SV-wV14
Pumpkin Drawing WatercolorPumpkin Drawing Watercolor


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