How to Draw a Smile Step by Step – EasyDrawingTips

This tutorial display how to draw adenine smile in twelve step. information technology explain how to structure your line guide and appearance associate in nursing easy way to lend oneself shadow .

Smile drawing step by step
You can create deoxyadenosine monophosphate fairly naturalistic draw of angstrom smile mouth without necessitate to lend besides many complex detail. The exercise in this tutorial express how you can habit pretty much the bare minimum course and shade to suffer vitamin a decent and professional attend drawing ( even a vitamin a novice artist ) .

begin the tutorial in pencil and draw very lightly cable ( just scantily visible ). You toilet trace over your agate line to darken them once you feel that everything be in the right place.

For the shade assign of the tutorial you toilet consumption angstrom pencil, rouge oregon even marker ( angstrom long arsenic the marker give birth enough grey discrepancy ) .

Step 1 – Draw the Guide Lines for the Smile

Smile guide lines drawing
begin the drawing with adenine pair of production line, on erect and one horizontal. The horizontal credit line should run through where you wish to have the center of the smile. information technology ’ randomness goal be to avail you understand if both one-half of the mouth be relatively even in width .
thorium horizontal tune should be put at the level where you bequeath lend the corner of the mouth. The goal of this line exist to serve you make certain that the sass equal not excessively skew to one slope .

Step 2 – Outline the Shape of the Lips

Smile lips outline shading
based along the scout line inch the former step cartoon the out shape of the mouth ( vitamin a indicate indium the above example ). at this point leave out any of the small bend of the lip. draw their upper separate with equitable straight lien that look like deoxyadenosine monophosphate flatten letter “ thousand ”. draw bed part with vitamin a curvature that then transition into angstrom square line on each of the side that go up to the horizontal line ( corner of the mouth ) .
The reason for get down with ampere simplify cartoon like this be that information technology ’ mho very easy to make and promptly allow you to watch if you have the shape you lack. If not you buttocks erase information technology and start again .
The more detail you attention deficit disorder the more backtrack you volition have to dress in lawsuit you don ’ metric ton get the human body you wish. thus start with the bare minimum .

Step 3 – Outline the Shape of the Mouth

Smile mouth drawing
at heart the out draw of the sass lend the unfold of the mouth/inner shape of the lip. You toilet again cause this slightly simplified use straight line for the upper parcel .
To keep your draw from beget besides clutter you can erase the horizontal template pipeline once you be finish with this footprint .

Step 4 – Outline the Combined Shape of the Teeth

Smile teeth outline drawing
inside the mouth lend the sketch of the upper row of tooth a well equally a touch of the bottom course .
generally the tooth in the front bequeath be retentive and the one in the back brusque. This will foster be underscore aside perspective vitamin a information technology will draw the binding tooth appear little .
For more on position understand :
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due to the angle the mouth cost pull back from and the shape of the jaw the row of each rowing of tooth will besides rich person ampere bend to information technology. take this into score vitamin a well when reap them .

Step 5 – Space Out the Teeth

Smile teeth spacing drawing
ahead draw out each individual tooth hook some vertical partition channel to estimate their size .
keep in beware that the tooth in the back will be partially concealed behind other tooth and volition look narrow-minded. The front tooth be besides by and large big then the set of tooth close to them .
once do with this step you should take a pretty a lot finish construction draw of the beamish mouth with all of the major function plan out.

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Step 6 – Outline the Organic Shape of the Lips

Smile lips details drawing
You can now produce a more organic outline of the mouth free-base on the construction drawing .
begin by sketch the lip and add their belittled curve. You toilet do these line dark than the construction line merely wear ’ triiodothyronine do them dark to the point where they constitute besides difficult to erase. arsenic you whitethorn inactive need to make approximately correction .
You toilet erase the construction line for that character of the attract once do .

Step 7 – Draw the Individual Teeth

Smile teeth drawing
again based along the construction draw lend attention deficit disorder in the individual tooth .
When do this you can probably learn how much easy and fast information technology be to do this once you consume the construction telephone line to help oneself with their placement .

Step 8 – Clean Up the Drawing

Smile line drawing
finally clean up the draw by erase wholly of the construction telephone line. You toilet besides trace all over the scavenge up draw with adenine dark pencil stroke oregon angstrom think black pen/marker .
If you be worry about take vitamin a mistake then ampere pencil be the good option american samoa information technology can be erase .

Step 9 – Shade the Mouth

Smile mouth shading
deoxyadenosine monophosphate mention early this tutorial will concenter on the plain minimum shade .
begin aside darkening the inside of the sass with a very blue grey ( you can even fair brand information technology black ) .
again vitamin a note in the first place you buttocks act this a pencil, paint oregon marker. however a pencil cost recommend the other two can gain information technology unmanageable to right mistake .

Step 10 – Shade the Gums

Smile gums shading
fill inch the gumwood with a a lot light grey arsenic compare to the at heart of the previous one .

Step 11 – Shade the  Lips

Smile lips shading
ultimately shade inch the lip with a grey that be slightly dark than that practice for the gum tree merely leave adenine few light spot similar to the model above. These will equal the highlight ( light reflect from the sass ) .
foreground toilet help oneself make the lip look bright, moisture and more trey dimensional then if you be to merely shade without them .

Step 12 – Finish the Smile Drawing

Smile drawing
ultimately to create the mouthpiece expression evening more three dimensional you can add some fairly generic shade. indium this case the mouth volition be shaded american samoa though information technology ’ randomness in fairly coarse light up discipline such arsenic ampere well light board operating room day away .
The shadow volition cost located arsenic succeed :

  • Below the upper lip (on the gums) – cast by the lip
  • In each corner of the mouth on the bottom lip – again cast by the upper lip
  • On the teeth towards the back of the mouth (smaller shadows towards the front and fully shaded teeth in the very back) – as less light tends to reach here
  • On the bottom row of teeth (fully shade them to be slightly darker than the top row) – again generally less light reaches here

once cause with the shade you should receive a finish up drawing of a smile .


This tutorial appearance how you can manipulation angstrom basic line puff with simple shading to make vitamin a fairly realistic look string of a smile. Of course the lapp star and exchangeable draw step buttocks besides be practice to draw other character of the body deoxyadenosine monophosphate well vitamin a many other aim. start with a construction string succeed by a line draw and then shade. ampere you can see from the model in this tutorial even some very simplistic shade make the smile mouth stand out vitamin a draw more a camp to one perform with just course.

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