Owl Drawing Step by Step (3 ways)!

Owl Drawing

Let ’ s learn how to Draw an Owl … or 2 or 3 ! In this post you will find dance step by step instructions for creating an easily Owl draw ! I ’ ll walk you through the steps of this adorable little winged creature, that was scanned from an early 1900 ’ s drawing bible in my collection. At the penetrate of the post you will find a printable practice worksheet that you can print out and have space for your work. The exercise sheet besides includes 2 other simpleton Owl Drawing easy lessons, including a sideview model, and an Owl ’ sulfur head example. You can print out as many practice sheets as you like, so that you can keep at it until you achieve the results that you are looking for. For Personal Use. 
Owl Drawing

How to Draw an Owl Step by Step

Kids or grown ups alike can follow these simple steps in this Owl Drawing lead !

Owl Drawing Step 1

Step 1 Owl Eyes Step 1 First draw the Owl ’ sulfur eyes. Create 2 circles and fill them in for the pupils ( you may want to leave a white part for the foreground of the eye, or you can create it later with an eraser if you are using a graphite pencil ). Create 2 more circles around the first one, leaving some white quad in between. then create 2 swerve lines as shown above .

Step 2

Step 2 of Art Lesson
Step 2 Next continue the wind agate line so that it wraps around under the eyes and meets good under the top of that lineage, leaving a small space .

Step 3

How to Draw a Simple Owl
Step 3 now let ’ s draw the Owl ’ s body. Make an egg-shaped form starting barely near his eye on one side, and wrapping around to the other eye on the other side .

Step 4

Step 4 Add 2 Curved pin down lines on either side of his body for the wings. then add a U human body line to the bottom of his body for his chase. Draw two straight parallel lines for the branch and then create 3 bantam ovals at the bed of his torso for his feet. next draw a diamond form for his beak, shading one side of it and leaving the other side white for the highlight. At this point you have a pretty cunning little Owl Cartoon Drawing with these simple lines. You could stop there if you wanted or you can continue on below to add more detail to the draw.

Step 5

Finished Owl Sketch
Step 5 For the final withdraw step, add extra contingent as shown above to add texture and complete the exemplification. If your tie is in pencil, you can erase out a little highlight on both eyes, if you didn ’ t leave white spots in step one. I precisely love the eyes on this little guy, thus expressive !

Step 6

Owl Drawing in Color Step 6 nowadays for the fun separate ! The merely thing left to do is color your cute Owl Drawing in ! Grab your colored pencils, markers or crayons and color in your artwork and then admire your masterpiece .

Owl Drawing Easy Printable Practice Sheet

I ’ ve included a full size printable that shows how to Draw all 3 different Types of Owls. The lessons include just the heading of an Owl, a long body Owl and the smaller little Owlet from above ! Just like the example above, the drawing moral starts with some very childlike shapes and the steps advance until it gets to the finished draw, that is complete with textured feather and lots of details. I besides, like the elementary cartoon type images or Doodle drawings without the details, these are great for kids. A fun one for the kids or anyone else that likes to Doodle or draw, adults included ! You might besides like some of the other draw lessons and drawing guides in this series. You can find the How to Draw Birds HERE, How to Draw Dogs HERE,  How to Draw Frogs HERE, and How to Draw Squirrels. now go ahead and grab a pen or pencil, and some paper and get doodle !

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