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  1. 1 Draw an oval slightly wider at the top than bottom. Lightly sketch a vertical line down the center, then draw a horizontal line halfway between the top and penetrate of the ellipse. This lineage will give you the center placement. Divide the remaining space below in half and make a line there. This will be for the basal of the average-length nose. Divide the quad below that into thirds. The talk will be at the clear of those thirds ; the perch will be the kuki.

  2. 2 On the middle horizontal line, draw two almond shapes – these are the eyes. On an anatomically discipline confront, five eyes fit across the straddle of the font, with the length of an center fit in between the two that will be drawn. Starting from the entrust, the eyes we want are the second base and fourthly. The inner corner of most eyes tilts down ; the forbidden corner can tilt up or gloomy, depending. For our purposes, that outside corner should tilt up a piece, so that the line that describes the bottom lid looks like a very little “ randomness ” shape on its side .


  3. 3 Down the center line, draw a nose. The nose is narrowest between the eyes and widest at the nostrils. Notice how the tiptoe turns under. Everyone ‘s nose is alone, and if you are doing a portrayal, capturing person ‘s nozzle precisely will give your drawing more agency .

  4. 4 Go back up to the top horizontal line. On either side of this, draw ears. Notice that the ears stick out broad at the acme and then come in near the lob. Some lobes are attached and some are free. Ears are pretty complicated to draw – keep them simple at first until you get an mind of their construction .

  5. 5 Add a mouth. Make a flat, rounded “ V ” shape that is dips below the lowest line. That will be the bed of the lower sass. Join that smile line with a wide, easy “ M ” shape—the top of the amphetamine lip. Draw a very delicate “ meter ” human body between the two, which defines the separation of the lips, and the lip ratio. Moving the mouth up or toss off, and making the top and penetrate lips with unlike proportions will help vary the expression of the face you ‘re drawing.

  6. 6 Drawing the hair. Hair is hard to draw, but start off with lines ( remember, this is line drawing ). Is the hair straight ? Parallel lines curving around the head. Is the hair curly ? Curved lines. Notice how curly hair breaks into clumps composed of parallel strands .

  7. 7 Finish with the neck. The neck is thicker than we like to think. The sides start at the top of the jaw lineage and go down on a crook .

  8. 8 Add a collar or neckline of some sort. You can add a shirt, crown, turtleneck—even nothing at all. The type of invest you add will give your drawing some feel of time and place .

  9. 9 Finished.

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