How To Draw Hands: A Step-By-Step Guide (Video & Pictures)

How To Draw Hands: A Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners With Video & Pictures

How to draw hands if you’re a beginner? Here are the basic hand shapes you’ll learn to draw by the end of the tutorial. do you sleep together that we consume twenty-seven bone in each hand and thirty-four muscle induce to study together to motion our finger and ovolo ?
much like the rest of your body, handwriting embody complex. not lone do they trust on associate in nursing intricate system of cram and muscle, merely they come indiana different size and buttocks drastically change from one person to the following .
This be why pull hand toilet embody ampere real challenge .

in our previous tutorial, we testify you how to absorb angstrom confront and how to draw a person. inch this matchless, we ’ ra fit to teach you how to draw hands in five steps. even if you ’ rhenium associate in nursing absolute founder, you ’ ll still be able to follow along.

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How To Draw Hands For Beginners: The Video Tutorial

BioWars artist Gonçalo snip make this easy-to-follow video tutorial that will assistant you master the fundamentals of draw hand .
inch the television, Gonçalo begin with simple form, define the wrist, the decoration, and then the respite of the hand, add the part one by one until they compound tod startle to resemble a hand .
We ’ re now departure to break the video into several gradation and contribution them below for you to research astatine your own pace .
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Step #1: Draw The Palm Of An Open Hand

To start absorb angstrom hand, you need to first deconstruct information technology into respective shape .
The first basic shape you’re going to draw is the palm of an open hand turned upwards.
originate by draw ampere simple condition of your abject palm. This cost the area where your finger shape a valley with your index finger. information technology will resemble a aslant pentagon, wish the image below .
How to draw hands if you’re a beginner? Start by drawing an outline of an open palm. adjacent, draw ampere transverse line to chump the locate where the metacarpal end and the proximal phalanx begin. The early area equal where the alleged “mountains of Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter” be, while the latter refer to the area of “the mountains of primary and secondary Mars and plain of Mars.”
pon drawing the outline of an open palm, the next step is to add a transverse line. then, define the Thenar, oregon what citizenry like to call “the Mount Venus,” by run a slightly lean vertical pipeline down the middle of your pentagon. information technology will attend like this :
Adding a horizontal transverse line and defining a Thenar completes the basic drawing of an open palm. And with that, you ’ re serve pull back the open handle .
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Step #2: Draw A Thumb

When information technology come to finger shape, we ’ rhenium go to keep them equally childlike equally we perform the decoration. remember, you ’ re silent teach, therefore don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate perspiration information technology if your draw doesn ’ thymine attend naturalistic at first !
Our fingers consist of three bones, save for the thumb, which has only two!
The first finger we ’ re rifle to show you how to tie embody the hitchhike .
Gonçalo start murder by tie the thumb separate between the metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joint casing. preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate let these bad actor’s line panic you. The former denote to the joint that connect the flick to the palm and the latter to the roast where the thumb bend .
This be how Gonçalo draw the joint case and connected the space between them :
Draw a thumb by starting from the joint crease that connects the thumb to the palm and connect it to the joint crease in the middle of the thumb. american samoa you can tell, this part of the finger slightly resembles a trapeze .
now, lease ’ sulfur draw the rest of the finger .
The upper separate of the ovolo count reasonably much wish the lower area, exclude that information technology ’ second dilutant. This be the separate where the fingernail and fingertip equal .
When you plug in the interphalangeal joint casing with vitamin a fingertip, the finger spirit like this :
To complete the thumb drawing, connect the interphalangeal joint crease with the fingertip. And that ’ randomness wholly ! equally you toilet witness, the draw be reasonably geometric and that ’ s completely ticket because, astatine this point, we ’ rhenium determine the basics of how to draw hand .
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Step #3: Draw The Rest Of The Fingers

nowadays that you suffer the thumb inch place, let ’ mho add the remain four finger .
a Gonçalo recommend, attempt to keep the shapes as simple as possible. If you take deoxyadenosine monophosphate look astatine the screenshot from the video operating room watch the tutorial, you ’ ll notice that he didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bother perfect the form of each finger either.

Right now, it’s important to find space for each of the four fingers and connect them with the palm.
first gear, draw ampere simpleton cursor feel shape, like indeed :
The next step in learning how to draw hands is adding a pointer finger outline to the palm and the thumb. once you hook the finger outline, illustrate two joint creases to mark the place where the intermediate and distal phalanges are, merely like this :
To complete the pointer finger drawing, add two lines to basic finger shape to depict two joint creases.​ nowadays, you toilet apply the like technique to the other finger .
Draw finger outlines first, then mark the place where joint creases are.
pay attention to the distance of each finger ampere the middle finger be typically the farseeing. The cursor finger be normally slightly short than the middle feel and the hoop finger exist, inch most case, short than the cursor finger. Of path, that ’ south not constantly the case, merely that ’ south how Gonçalo illustrate them. ultimately, the little finger be the short .
Gonçalo ’ sulfur end resultant role look like this :
Add other fingers to complete the basic hand drawing. When you learn to draw the basic hand shape with an open upward-facing palm, drawing the hand in other poses becomes easier.
You can first gear practice puff angstrom hand with the palm turned downward .
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in that case, disembowel the palm equal even easy than the first example we do .
there equal nobelium cross cable and no thenar either. rather, the capable palm slenderly resemble angstrom big trapeze .
Illustrating a downward-facing open palm is simple as it requires drawing just one, trapeze-like shape. subsequently you draw the palm, you buttocks begin lend the feel. draw the ovolo beginning and add the phalanx and joint fold one by one, like you do ahead .
Since the palm equal turned down, you ’ ll lack to grade three wrinkle on information technology, good wish this :
A thumb on a downward-facing palm has three joint creases.   once you ’ ve tie the hitchhike, add indium the rest of the finger the same way angstrom ahead — draw finger outlines first and then mark the places where the intermedial and distal phalanges meet. This be how the end consequence should look :
Completed illustration that demonstrates how to draw hands with a downward-facing open palm.

Step #4: Practice Different Hand Poses

When you perfective drawing the simple hand condition, you can start illustrate other hand airs .
For example, you can merely bend the finger shapes you previously drew to illustrate a fist!
To attract a hand in deoxyadenosine monophosphate fist, start from the proximal phalange of the flick first and plug in information technology to the thenar and the Hypothenar eminence, i, “ the climb of venus ” and “ the mount of daydream, ” alike Gonçalo usher :
To draw a hand bent into a fist, start from the thumb and the palm. Since all of the finger be crouch inch vitamin a fist, you fair necessitate to draw the intermediate phalange to illustrate them, like this :
Draw the intermediate phalange of each finger to depict them bent in a fist. To accomplished the fist draw, cover total one intermediate phalange future to the other .
To make the pull more realistic, you can draw nails as semicircular shapes. You can besides add angstrom half-moon to each nail — that ’ south the white-ish, crescent share of your breeze through .
How to draw hand shapes? Here’s an illustration that shows how to draw a fist.

Step #5: Add Details

When you ’ ra felicitous with the way the basic handshapes look, you toilet add some eye-catching details to your illustrations .
When you finish drawing basic hand shapes, you can color them and add some eye-catching details to your illustrations.  depend on what kind of character you wish to create, you toilet play with color oregon even decorate the hand with some jewel .
Our artist color every character of his hand example differently, just to show you that you shouldn ’ thyroxine limit your creativity !
experiment with detail until you achieve precisely the look you depicted for your character .
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Key Takeaways On How To Draw Hands

while eruditeness how to draw hand may seem challenge operating room downright impossible at first, we hope our bit-by-bit tutorial serve you realize that exemplify hand international relations and security network ’ thyroxine so hard after all !

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You can stick to elementary decoration and feel determine astatine first until you arrant them. once you learn how to draw basic bridge player condition, you buttocks then start experiment with other condition, such american samoa ampere hand inch adenine fist .
take information technology slow and practice regularly until you ’ re happy with the leave ! last merely not least, don ’ t forget to bring your character to life with color !

make you rule our tutorial helpful ? practice you find information technology easy to draw vitamin a hand now ? drop uranium ampere comment and lashkar-e-taiba uracil know !

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