How To Draw Feet For Beginners [With Video & Illustrations]

How To Draw Feet In 12 Steps: A Beginner’s Guide With A Video & Illustrations

Image showing the feet outline and the finished feet illustration. Image used in the “How To Draw Feet” blog post.​ time to learn how to draw feet ! ​​
much like the rest of the homo anatomy, drawing feet may pose a challenge to budding artists .
The alone combination of 26 bones, 19 muscles, ligaments and joints gives feet their singular, apparently complicated determine, but if you break that shape down into basic forms, illustrating feet becomes easy !
We ’ ll show you how to draw feet in 12 easy steps ( tip : it ’ mho all about boxes ! ). But beginning, here are some useful resources to get you started !

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A Professional Artist Shows You How To Draw Feet [Video]

run BioWars ’ Artist Gonçalo Lopes made a video tutorial to show you the feet drawing procedure in legal action. how to draw feet the easy manner .
If you prefer text guides to videos, and pencil drawing to digital, scroll down to see Gonçalo ’ s tutorial break down into steps with pencil illustrations for each stage of the serve .
For the tutorial, Gonçalo used a withdraw pill, but if you prefer to draw with a pencil and newspaper, stick around — we ’ ra going to break the video recording into respective steps you can recreate with a pencil !
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The Tools You Need For Your Feet Drawing

To master the art of drawing feet, the right tools can make your job easier .
We recommend using :

  • An H pencil: The hard type of lead is the best choice for outlining since it leaves a light trace on paper. This is important because you might make mistakes while drawing, so you want to make sure you can easily erase them.
  • A kneaded eraser: We always recommend using a kneaded eraser because it’s soft and easy to manipulate, so you can easily erase even the smallest lines.
  • Lightly textured paper: The surface of this paper is nice and smooth, so your pencil can easily move over its surface, making the drawing process enjoyable.

Of naturally, these are all equitable recommendations, and you should feel rid to use the tools of your choice. Grab that whatever-pencil-this-is and let ’ s start sketching some feet !
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How To Draw A Foot In 12 Steps

immediately ’ s the fourth dimension for those simple 12 steps to drawing feet that everyone can follow ; yes, you besides. You ’ ll get the cling of them in no time !
The simplest way to draw a foot is to start with the simplest shapes. In this case, we’ll draw boxes!
We ’ ll stack boxes of different shapes, sizes, and angles until we get the initiation for our animal foot .

1. The Heel Box

The inaugural box we ’ rhenium going to draw is the heel box .
sol, grab your H pencil and sketch a cube-like shape, like this :
Draw the foot base using geometric shapes! ​ You don ’ t have to draw a perfect cube with all sides equal — we didn ’ triiodothyronine either !
What matters is that you draw a 3D form because you ’ ll want to add the rest of the foot at the front and attach the ankle to the list bone. Oh, and since we ’ rhenium drawing the foundation from the side, the Achilles tendon besides partially shows — that ’ ll become more obvious once we soften the lines by and by on .
The width and the height of the heel bone represent how tall and wide your foot drawing will be!

2. The Middle Foot Box a.k.a. “Half House”

now ’ s the time to start drawing the center part of your metrical foot that goes from your list to your toes .
first, let ’ s draw the contribution that ’ s the closest to your heel — that ’ s where your talus bone is .
The talus is good future to your heel bone. Although it ’ s only 5 – 6 centimeter retentive, this bone supports the entire weight of your body!
anklebone is the tallest against your heel. From there, it tilts downwards, and your sketch needs to reflect that .
sol, draw the talus bone slightly shorter than the heel bone, for about one-fourth of the heel ’ south acme, like this :
Illustration of the talus bone. Since your foot becomes slightly narrower toward the foot ’ mho bridge, make certain that the talus is a bit narrower than the heel bone .
Don ’ thyroxine this part of the in-between foot and the heel look like person cut a house in half ? !

3. The Other Middle Foot Box

now, let ’ s add another middle foot corner .
Since your foot becomes slightly wider from the talus to the toes, angle the lines slenderly outwards .
Although your foot is wider in the middle, it ’ south less tall than at the anklebone, and that has to be clear from your sketch. This box is approximately one-third of the cad box ’ sulfur height :
Illustration of the finished middle foot.​

4. The Big Toe Box

We ’ rhenium keeping everything geometric at this stage of drawing feet, and the toes won ’ thymine be any different .
We ’ ll continue to draw the boxes, but these will be importantly smaller than the previous ones .
To determine the size of each toe, take a expression at how wide the middle foot corner is .
You need to attach five toes of different sizes to it, with the big toe being the largest and the other toes gradually getting smaller .
Let ’ s draw the big toe beginning .
The big toe should resemble a cuboid, like so :
Illustration of the big toe.​ The big toe box in our cartoon takes up about one-third of the center foot ’ sulfur width.

It is besides fair a sting shorter than the middle foot box, for about one-fifth of its stature .
Notice that Gonçalo didn ’ thymine draw the lines straight. Since you have two bones in your toes, he made the lines at the acme of the big toe slenderly slanted down and then straightened them to show the transition from one bone of the boastful toe to the other .

5. The Long Toe Box

When drawing the long or the index toe box, you can go in with straight lines because, save for the big toe, other toes appear less bumpy .
so, sketch a cuboid future to the big toe, like this :
Illustration of the index toes.​ As for the length of the toes, as you know, the toe size doesn ’ t always gradually decrease from the big to the little finger toe. Some people have longer index toes than their big toes, so, if you want, you can sketch it like that !
The long toe box is about half a centimeter shorter than the big toe box. As for its width, we drew it so that it takes up about half of the space next to the big toe box .

6. The Middle Toe Box

future, glue the middle toe box to the exponent toe box .
again, keep the lines straight and draw them slightly shorter than the long toe :
Illustration of the middle toe.​ The middle toe box takes up precisely one-half of the area against the long toe box .

7. The Ring Toe Box

When drawing the call toe box, use the same cuboid shape you drew for the early toes
The difference in the length of the middle and ring toe box should be bigger than the between the index and middle toe.
The gang toe box is around half-centimeter inadequate than the middle toe, like sol :
Illustration of the ring toe.​

8. The Pinky Toe Box

Let ’ s finish drawing the foot draft by sketching the little finger toe corner .
You want to ensure the pinky toe is the smallest of them all, like this :
Illustration of the pinky toe.​

9. The Ankle Box

Since all toes are in place, draw the ankle outline .
The ankle is narrow where it joins the heel bone and it becomes wider the closer it gets to the knees :
Illustration of the ankle.​

10. Draw The Contours

Since you ’ ve precisely finished assembling all the boxes and created the foot outline, let ’ s draw the shape !
Loosen up your arm and draw soft lines following the edges of the foot shapes you sketched earlier, like this :
Foot contour. guarantee that the set where the talus and the middle part of the foot meet is curved.
besides, don ’ t forget to illustrate the arch on the inside of the foundation by drawing an upward-curved line to mark it right in front of the cad .

11. Draw The Nails

You about made it !
How about you add some more details to your sketch to make it look more like a real human foot ?
Let ’ s draw the nails on each toe ; the nails look like rectangles with indulgent edges and they take up about one-half of every toe ’ mho duration .
once you finish drawing the nails, sketch the bumpy bone on the ankle to add dimension to your illustration :
Foot contour with the nails added to the sketch.​

12. Finalize Your Feet Drawing

The concluding measure to drawing feet is getting rid of all the unnecessary lines .
Go ahead and grab your kneaded eraser and erase the guidelines, so that your final sketch looks like this :
The finished foot illustration.​

Finished Drawing Feet? Draw These Next!

suffice with your feet drawing already ? ! Such a chomp ! And, great usher we ’ ve got there, don ’ thymine we ? * wink *
Are you ready to amp up your drawing skills ?
We have more beginner-friendly guides by BioWars ’ professional artist you may like .
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A Recap On How To Draw Feet

To draw feet, all you need are a pencil, an eraser and a piece of composition .
If you ’ re a novice, deconstruct the foot determine into boxes and draw one box at a time .
depart from the heel corner, add the center box and then draw the toe boxes. Keep the shapes geometric, cuboid-like until you draw the entire sketch.

Sketch the ankle to add more dimension to the draw and don ’ thyroxine forget about the nails, so that the cartoon looks realistic .
once you have the infantry shape in station, use the outline edges to draw the soft animal foot contour .
And finally, when you finish your illustration, let us know which parts were tricky to illustrate and we’ll update our guide to make the process easier for you!

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