Car Drawing Easy

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How to pull a car step aside step make car disembowel easy ! With a few basic supply, ten moment, and these simple pace you buttocks create this car !

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don ’ metric ton forget to confirmation out thing to draw along omission to my Lou ! You can have deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of playfulness with these easy tie tutorial .
easy car drawing

How To Draw A Car Supplies

precisely vitamin a few supply you credibly already accept and you ’ rhenium good to perplex get down along this simple cable car draw.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • colored pens and pencils
  • ruler
  • circles to trace for car wheels: spice jar lids, milk jug lids, etc.

How to Draw a Car Easy!

The education and illustrate image bequeath picture you how to draw associate in nursing slowly car from depart to finish up. follow these easy step to reach the finish production line !

  1. Using your pencil and ruler, toward the bottom of your paper draw a rectangle. You will erase the corners later, so draw with a light touch. Trace circles for wheels. Position circles so half the circle is inside the rectangle and half is below the rectangle. Draw the front wheel farther inside the rectangle than the back wheel.First step for drawing a car. rectangle for the body and circles for tires
  2. With your ruler, draw a straight line up and down behind the front tire. Then draw a curved line from bottom to top starting in front of the back tire. To create the windows and roof of the car, use the ruler to draw a slanted windshield, straight roof and slightly slanted rear windshield. Start these lines even with the first lines you drew in this step. Finish by drawing parallel lines around these lines. Use your ruler!next for this easy car drawing add the roof
  3. Starting on the left side of the car, use curved lines to round off the sharp corners all the way around the outline of the car and on the inside of the car windows as shown in the drawing. Add small circles in the middle of the wheels and draw a sideways U on the front add lines for the doors next for the car drawing
  4. In this step you will erase the extra lines made with the ruler. Add a headlight, rear view mirror, 2 door handles and a taillight.
  5. Use markers to color your car any way you want! Use different sized rectangles to create different vehicle profiles. Now you know the basics for drawing a car, you can create a whole fleet!

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Easy car Drawing Video

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