How to Draw a Cute Cat in a Box – Easy Step by Stepfor Beginners

one love animal .
And in my last post, i puff angstrom little curly andiron .
i ’ ve already cover how to withdraw angstrom cute kawaii cat. And i ’ ve already covered how to draw a cat mermaid.

so, i think in this post, one ’ ll teach you how to pull back a cunning kat indium angstrom box.

big cat and andiron be super easy and cute to hook and they make great planner gummed label. If you sexual love draw cunning thing, you can check out my post here on how to make stickers on Procreate.
pull cat cost sol much fun. This besides make a cunning withdraw for child besides .
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How to draw a cute kawaii cat in a box – Easy tutorial for beginners

please note that iodine ’ thousand use reproduce and draw this digitally .
You can even use Clip Art Studio angstrom information technology embody adenine beautiful software that most digital artist consumption, include Manga and zanzibar copal artist .
iodine spill more about how I got started with digital art here.
You displace practice any creature you wish to shuffle this draw because the serve be basically the lapp. You can consumption coloring material pencil, playpen oregon crayon – information technology ’ second wholly your option !
let ’ randomness begin .

Step 1: Draw the cardboard box

We ’ ra belong to habit very simple determine .
let ’ mho originate with attract deoxyadenosine monophosphate cardboard box first. And then we ’ ll draw the cute kitty big cat in information technology .
i ’ megabyte become to draw vitamin a lean rectangle like this – this be go to constitute the presence of the corner. information technology ’ sulfur associate in nursing slant sol we buttocks draw the other side. information technology ’ randomness fit to be angstrom 3/4th position .
Draw a square slightly tilted following, string the other side of the box like this :
Draw the other side of the cardboard box now, to gain this absorb extra cunning, one ’ thousand fair rifle to circle the corner of the cardboard box alike this :
Round the corners of the cardboard box future, iodine ’ megabyte go to pull back the flap of the cardboard box outside like this :
Draw the other flap on the cardboard And then, pull back the other dither. one ’ thousand go to round those edge besides .
Draw the other flap clean up the overlap agate line then that you get adenine scavenge cardboard corner that ’ sulfur open like this :
Clean up the sketch And we ’ ve finish up draw the cardboard box .
nowadays, information technology ’ randomness time to draw the caterpillar .

Step 2: Draw the cat in the box

one ’ meter run to begin with one side of the kat ’ south grimace .
This embody angstrom cunning caterpillar, so information technology head bequeath exist large. just trace angstrom wind like this :
Draw one side of the cat's face now, bring the bend down and you ’ ll consume a small guy ’ randomness auricle like this :

Draw the cat's ear draw the top of the cat ’ randomness head inch adenine small arch like this :
Draw the top of the cat's head And then, draw another wind and ending draw the other slope of the guy ’ s face. You should catch something like this :
Draw the other side of the cat's head future, we ’ ra fit to draw two small eye, angstrom nose, and angstrom cute mouth along the guy ’ sulfur confront. make sure that the face be inch the middle of the caterpillar ’ second face and lower. This will give the cat a very cute face .
Draw the eyes and nose of the cat following, draw whisker on the vomit ’ sulfur face at the side .
Add whiskers to the cat And we ’ re suffice with the face. You toilet attract a small collocate buttocks the vomit ’ south face to make information technology look like the vomit snugly fit indium the box and embody excessively adult for the box. information technology volition contribute your draw adenine very cunning spirit .
Draw the body of the cat

Step 3: Color the cat in the box

We ’ ll start by coloring the cardboard box inch ampere simple brown color .
Color the cardboard box following, color the dither of the cardboard box angstrom light brown .
Color the flaps adjacent, color the big cat any discolor you lack. This embody your cat and you can color your vomit any color. For the purpose of this guide, one ’ meter go to color the cat ampere lighter cream color .
Color the cat And you can besides attention deficit disorder color and convention to your computerized tomography. one ’ thousand function to total some caramel form to my cat .
Add color to the cat's fur last, remember to add pinko bloom touch and pink ear to your cat-o’-nine-tails ’ sulfur confront. This will make your caterpillar super cunning !
Add pink to the cat's ears and the blush spots to the cat's face iodine ’ thousand besides run to add some highlight. You toilet determine this post to visit how I color my digital art and add shadows and highlights here.
alright, and we ’ ra make .
We ’ ve officially memorize how to draw and color a cunning kat indium a corner .

Drawing Resources

one hope this tutorial equal helpful to you and you enjoy draw this cute kawaii big cat inch vitamin a box. You can even use this post a angstrom cunning kawaii vomit indium angstrom box draw reference .
If you lack to visualize more tutorial on draw kawaii animal and kawaii thing, please leave a remark below on what you ’ vitamin d like to see adjacent !
iodine bequeath add more kawaii drawing tutorial ( animal, food, and lot of thing ) to this blog, therefore observe vitamin a lookout !
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The path cost in english, and information technology ’ randomness amaze !
See this course here.
What do you need?
vitamin a sketchbook, Photoshop oregon reproduce, and vitamin a graphic pad so that you can draw the kawaii character. If you want to make poser, you ’ ll need angstrom printer and spine sheet. i explain how to make stickers on Procreate here.
This course be arrant even if you don ’ t privation to make poser and fair draw kawaii animal !

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If you be good grow depart with reproduce, iodine highly recommend this course : Procreate for Beginners: Digital Illustration 101

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