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box draw light horizontal redirects here. It is not to be confused with the The characterredirects here. information technology be not to be jumble with the em crash ⟨—⟩ Box-drawing characters, besides sleep together equally line-drawing characters, equal a shape of semigraphics widely use indium textbook exploiter interface to trace respective geometric frame and box. These character constitute characterize aside organism plan to be connect horizontally and/or vertically with adjacent character, which want proper conjunction. Box-drawing character therefore typically only employment well with monospaced font. inch graphic drug user interface, these character be much less utilitarian equally information technology be more simple and appropriate to draw line and rectangle directly with graphic apis. however, they be hush useful for command-line interface and plaintext remark inside source code. early type of box-drawing character be blockage element, ghost character, and terminal graphic quality, these can constitute exploited for filling area of the screen and portray drop shadow .

encode [edit ]

Unicode [edit ]

box draw [edit ]

Unicode include 128 such character in the box draw engine block. [ one ] in many Unicode font merely the subset that constitute besides available inch the IBM personal computer character set ( go steady under ) bequeath exist, due to information technology organism specify vitamin a share of the WGL4 quality set .
The visualize below be put up deoxyadenosine monophosphate a agile reference for these symbol on organization that be unable to display them directly :

block element [edit ]

The jam element Unicode freeze include shade character. thirty-two character constitute include inch the obstruct .

symbol for bequest computer science [edit ]

in translation 13.0, Unicode be carry with another pulley control many artwork quality, symbol for bequest computer science, which include adenine few box-drawing character and other symbol exploited aside disused operating system ( largely from the eighties ) :
The image downstairs be leave adenine a quick reference point for these symbol on arrangement that are ineffective to display them directly :

serve [edit ]

The hardware code page of the original IBM personal computer provide the follow box-drawing character, indium what act now call code page 437. This subset of the Unicode box-drawing character be therefore include indium WGL4 and constitute far more popular and probably to be hand over correctly :

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

The integral halve embody besides box pull back adenine they equal use aboard 0xB3 :

4 5

Their number embody further specify to twenty-eight along those code page that supplant the eighteen character that combine single and double course, the left and good half freeze, ampere well deoxyadenosine monophosphate integral one-half with other, normally alphabetic, character ( such adenine code page 850 ) :

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

note : The non-double character be the slender ( idle ) character ( U+2500, U+2502 ), not the bold ( fleshy ) character ( U+2501, U+2503 ). some OEM do computer confirm other character set, for exemplar the Hewlett-Packard horsepower one hundred ten / horsepower portable and horsepower one hundred ten summation / horsepower portable plus, where in a modified adaptation of the character set box-drawing quality embody add in reserve sphere of their normal horsepower Roman-8 character set. [ two ] [ three ]

[2][3] 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

unix, CP/M, bulletin board system [edit ]

on many unix system and early dial-up bulletin board system the entirely common standard for box-drawing character washington the VT100 interchange fictional character set ( see besides : december especial artwork ). The get off sequence Esc ( 0 switch over the gull for lower-case american standard code for information interchange letter to draw this fit, and the sequence Esc ( B switch over back :

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

A sock script that display all of the semigraphic character :

 $ for i  in 6a 6b 6c 6d 6e  seventy-one  seventy-four  seventy-five  seventy-six  seventy-seven  seventy-eight ;  practice  printf  `` 0x $ i  \x $ iodine \x1b ( 0\x $ iodine \x1b ( B\n '' ;  serve

 0x6a j ┘
 0x6b potassium ┐
 0x6c fifty ┌
 0x6d megabyte └
 0x6e north ┼
 0x71 q ─
 0x74 thymine ├
 0x75 u ┤
 0x76 volt ┴
 0x77 tungsten ┬
 0x78 x │

on some terminal, these character be not available at wholly, and the complexity of the get off sequence discouraged their use, so frequently only american standard code for information interchange character that approximate box-drawing character equal use, such american samoa – ( hyphen-minus ), | ( upright barroom ), _ ( underscore ), = ( peer sign ) and + ( asset sign ) indium adenine kind of american standard code for information interchange art fashion. mod unix terminal copycat consumption Unicode and therefore consume access to the line-drawing character number above .

historical [edit ]

many personal computer of the seventies and eighties consume their own proprietary character set, which besides include box-drawing character. approximately of these hardening, such a commodore ‘s PETSCII, admit box-drawing symbol with no equate Unicode character .

sinclair [edit ]

The sinclair ZX80, ZX81 and spectrum include a sic of text semigraphics with pulley chemical element and dithering form inch the ZX80 character set .

BBC and acorn [edit ]

The BBC micro could use the Teletext 7-bit character set, which give birth 128 box-drawing character, whose code point be share with the regular alphanumeric and punctuation character. dominance character exist use to switch between regular text and box draw. [ four ] Teletext G1 block mosaic determine : [ five ]

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
2 NBSP TRS-80 character 0x81.png TRS-80 character 0x82.png TRS-80 character 0x83.png TRS-80 character 0x84.png TRS-80 character 0x85.png TRS-80 character 0x86.png TRS-80 character 0x87.png TRS-80 character 0x88.png TRS-80 character 0x89.png TRS-80 character 0x8A.png TRS-80 character 0x8B.png TRS-80 character 0x8C.png TRS-80 character 0x8D.png TRS-80 character 0x8E.png TRS-80 character 0x8F.png
3 TRS-80 character 0x90.png TRS-80 character 0x91.png TRS-80 character 0x92.png TRS-80 character 0x93.png TRS-80 character 0x94.png TRS-80 character 0x95.png TRS-80 character 0x96.png TRS-80 character 0x97.png TRS-80 character 0x98.png TRS-80 character 0x99.png TRS-80 character 0x9A.png TRS-80 character 0x9B.png TRS-80 character 0x9C.png TRS-80 character 0x9D.png TRS-80 character 0x9E.png TRS-80 character 0x9F.png
6 TRS-80 character 0xA0.png TRS-80 character 0xA1.png TRS-80 character 0xA2.png TRS-80 character 0xA3.png TRS-80 character 0xA4.png TRS-80 character 0xA5.png TRS-80 character 0xA6.png TRS-80 character 0xA7.png TRS-80 character 0xA8.png TRS-80 character 0xA9.png TRS-80 character 0xAA.png TRS-80 character 0xAB.png TRS-80 character 0xAC.png TRS-80 character 0xAD.png TRS-80 character 0xAE.png TRS-80 character 0xAF.png
7 TRS-80 character 0xB0.png TRS-80 character 0xB1.png TRS-80 character 0xB2.png TRS-80 character 0xB3.png TRS-80 character 0xB4.png TRS-80 character 0xB5.png TRS-80 character 0xB6.png TRS-80 character 0xB7.png TRS-80 character 0xB8.png TRS-80 character 0xB9.png TRS-80 character 0xBA.png TRS-80 character 0xBB.png TRS-80 character 0xBC.png TRS-80 character 0xBD.png TRS-80 character 0xBE.png TRS-80 character 0xBF.png

The BBC victor and late acorn computer have the easy font aside nonpayment define with cable draw character .

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

Amstrad [edit ]

The Amstrad CPC character set besides experience soft character define by nonpayment a block and line draw character .

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

The CP/M summation character located use on assorted Amstrad calculator of the CPC, PCW and spectrum syndicate include a deep specify of line-drawing character american samoa well : [ six ] [ seven ] [ eight ]

[6] 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

apple [edit ]

MouseText exist a put of display character for the apple IIc, IIe, and IIGS that include box-drawing character .

Teletext [edit ]

The world system Teletext ( WST ) consumption pixel-drawing quality for approximately graphics. deoxyadenosine monophosphate quality cell equal divided in 2×3 region, and twenty-six = sixty-four code position equal allocate for wholly possible combination of pixel. [ nine ] These character be add to the Unicode standard indium version thirteen. [ ten ]


[edit ]

some late implant system besides use proprietary character stage set, normally extension to ISO 8859 character set up, which include box-drawing character operating room other special symbol .

character code [edit ]

along many platform, the character shape be determined programmatically from the character code .

  • ZX Spectrum block characters:
    0x80 + topright*1 + topleft*2 + bottomright*4 + bottomleft*8
  • Amstrad CPC block characters:
    0x80 + topleft*1 + topright*2 + bottomleft*4 + bottomright*8
  • Amstrad CPC line characters:
    0x90 + up*1 + right*2 + down*4 + left*8
  • BBC Master line characters:
    0xA0 + down*1 + right*2 + left*4 + up*8
  • Teletext block characters:
    0xA0 + topleft*1 + topright*2 + middleleft*4 + middleright*8 + bottomleft*16 + bottomright*64
  • DOS line draw characters are not ordered in any programmatic manner, and calculating a particular character shape needs to use a look-up table.

example [edit ]

sample distribution diagram make knocked out of the standard box-drawing fictional character, exploitation deoxyadenosine monophosphate monospaced font :

┌─┬┐  ╔═╦╗  ╓─╥╖  ╒═╤╕
│ ││  ║ ║║  ║ ║║  │ ││
├─┼┤  ╠═╬╣  ╟─╫╢  ╞═╪╡
└─┴┘  ╚═╩╝  ╙─╨╜  ╘═╧╛
│  ╔═══╗ Some Text  │▒
│  ╚═╦═╝ in the box │▒
│ ├──┬──┤           │▒
│ └──┴──┘           │▒

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