How to Draw A Cartoon Cat – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoons have existed in one form or another for many years, and using the metier artists have depicted many different characters and scenarios .
It has been coarse to use animals as characters in cartoons, and for some reason cats have been one of the most popular animals to use as a submit .
There have been many celebrated examples, and learning how to draw a cartoon cat is a great direction to add your own exercise to the mix .
If you would like to know how you can create your own adorable cartoon cat universe, then this will be a tutorial you ’ ll want to see all the room through to the end.

Get ready to have a great time as we work on this bit-by-bit template on how to draw a cartoon cat in good 6 easy steps ! how to draw a Cartoon Cat in 6 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Cat – Let ’ s Get Started !

how to draw a Cartoon Cat step 1 dance step 1

In this first dance step of our template on how to draw a cartoon cat, we will begin with the head and ear outlines for this cute cat-o’-nine-tails .
The top of the lead will be drawn with a crook line, and there will be two small little curls poking off of the top .
then, for the ears we will be using some more swerve lines that have a pointy topple at the end of each one .
ultimately for this pace, we will draw the sides of the head. We want these to look nice and furred, so we will be using some precipitously arch lines like the ones in our character double .
That ’ s all there is to it for now, and then it ’ randomness on to step 2 !

Step 2 – Now, draw the body and some ear detailshow to draw a Cartoon Cat step 2 now, draw the body and some ear details

With the head draft for your cartoon big cat drawing done, we can now start adding some fine details and some of the body .
first, we will be drawing some arch lines along the inner perimeter of the ears. Be indisputable to add some little pointy sections poking off of these inside areas to make them look furrier .
then, we will start drawing the delineate of the back for the cat angstrom well as its front man leg. We will be using some rough lines for these, as they will again serve to make the computerized tomography look furred .

Step 3 – Draw the front paws and the top of the tailhow to draw a Cartoon Cat step 3 Draw the front paw and the acme of the tail

Continuing with this guide on how to draw a cartoon cat, we will immediately be drawing the hand and some of the stern for the big cat .
The hand should be quite simple, as all you need to do is draw some small crook lines connecting to one another at the bases of the front stage .
then, draw another rounded, rough line inside the second joint outline for the bent back leg, and then add another line below that for the top of the chase .
once you have drawn these latest details so that they look as they do in our mention effigy, we can move on to step 4 !

Step 4 – Next, finish off the body outlineshow to draw a Cartoon Cat step 4 next, finish off the body outlines

This fourth separate of your cartoon guy drawing will have you finishing off the outlines before we add the final details in the following dance step of the guide .
inaugural, draw some little, pointy shapes near the top of the face for some expressive eyebrows .
then, we will finish drawing the stern sketch for the cat. This will be drawn with the same bumpy, slenderly jag note we ’ ve been using for other areas of the computerized tomography so far .
once these outlines are done, we will add the final touches in the following mistreat of the guide !

Step 5 – Add the final details to your cartoon cat drawing Add the concluding details to your cartoon computerized tomography drawing

You ’ ve reached the fifth step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon big cat, and in this one we will be finishing off the facial details and any other last touches .
We gave this kat some boastful round eyes with big rounded pupils inside of them .
then, we added a belittled round off shape with a pointy base for the nose, and then drew a slightly wavy line below it for the smiling sass .
Finish off with some bewhisker dots, and then you ’ re fix for the concluding footfall ! Before you proceed, be certain to besides add any supernumerary details and elements of your own that you may like .
You could draw a cunning background for this kat, and if you did this then what kind of setting would you go for ?

Step 6 – Finish off your cartoon cat drawing with colorhow to draw a Cartoon Cat step 6 Finish off your cartoon cat drawing with color

This is the final footprint of this cartoon cat-o’-nine-tails guide, and in it we shall finish off with some colors !
Cats can come in a wide diverseness of different color schemes, so this is a bang-up opportunity to get out all of your front-runner colors to finish off this persona .
In our case, we used some light skim tones for much of the kat, and then we worked in some brown highlights. For a spot of bright color, we besides used some vibrant pinks inside of the ears .
These are the colors that we went with, but you should feel free to use any colors you prefer !
You could besides play around with respective art mediums to get the color volume and tone that you would like .

4 More Ways To Make Your Cartoon Cat Drawing Unique

Create the perfect feline buddy with these tips for your cartoon big cat cartoon !
This lottery of a cartoon kat is looking reasonably happy, but you could make it even happier with some toys to play with ! There are a few different objects that you could add .
It could be something like a teddy bear, a imposter mouse or even barely a ball of narration. Adding these toys would besides allow you to add all sorts of amaze colors and other details to your pull back .
What are some toys you think this cartoon caterpillar would like to play with ?
once the play for this cat are taken manage of, you could besides add some more hardheaded items for it deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. A adult bowling ball of food and possibly a urine bowl would be capital places to start !
You could besides draw different kinds of food and snacks for the guy to enjoy and maybe a comfortable bed to sleep in .
once again, these supernumerary objects will besides bring some more colors and details to your draw .
future, this cartoon cat guide could use some company ! One computerized tomography is cute enough, but it ’ sulfur even cuter when you have more than one !
nowadays that you know how to draw a cartoon cat-o’-nine-tails, you could add as many feline friends as you like to the image .
All you would need to do is follow through the usher again and then change a few details for each modern computerized tomography .
How many kitties do you think this word picture needs ?
When it comes to adding more characters to this cartoon cat sketch, you don ’ t need to stick to just cats. You could besides add some other pets such as a cute puppy to hang out with the computerized tomography .
Another option would be to add a homo fictional character to the effigy. This character could even be based on yourself or possibly person else you know !
You could either show yourself with a beloved pet or show the pets that you would like to own some day .

Your Cartoon Cat Drawing is accomplished !

You have finished all 6 steps of this guidebook on how to draw a cartoon cat, and now you have added your own addition to the long line of versatile cartoon cats before it !
We hope that while working on this usher you found the process to be a fun and easy feel. You should be very gallant of your creation !
immediately you can make this drawing your own with even more details and additions.

You could do this by adding more of your own touches, by creating a background or by getting creative with your colors to name a few ways .
then, you ’ ll want to head on over to our web site for more amazing draw guides ! We plan to release many more soon, so be sure to keep crack in to make certain you don ’ metric ton miss out .
It would be amazing to see how your cartoon cat drawing turned out, so please be certain to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see ! how to draw a Cartoon Cat in 6 easy steps

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