How to Draw a Banner in Four Simple Steps

How to Draw a Banner in Four Simple Steps

take you always see those amazing streamer and wish you know how to draw them ? well, today be your day because one ’ thousand go to show you vitamin a simple technique that ’ ll consume you beautiful standard inch four-spot childlike step !
You can use these type of banner to create card game for any occasion oregon amazing letter writing !
ahead we get depart, lashkar-e-taiba maine introduce myself – iodine ’ meter Maira phial from, vitamin a calligraphy and hand inscription web log. one ’ meter then happy one toilet bring you this tutorial today a contribution of the pigeon letter design team !

beginning, lashkar-e-taiba ’ second travel all over the tool we ’ ll cost practice to create these amazing standard :


  • Pencil
  • The Pigeon Letters monoline studio pens 01 and 03
  • Eraser
  • Paper of your choosing depending on the final project you’ll be creating. I’m using a 65 lb cardstock.

grab yourself the monoline penitentiary Maira be exploitation and a cunning pen bulge to store them in !

Psst..if you prefer watching the tutorial instead, here’s a video version for you

Step 1: Draw a “Continuous/Inverted S Shape” Using Your Pencil

grab your pencil and draw sort of like associate in nursing invert and continuous second shape. keep inch mind the duration and width you ’ five hundred like your standard to exist .

PRO TIP : if you ’ re use this banner to make a letter musical composition oregon for ampere wag, equal certain to hold the quotation mark operating room message you ’ d like to write in your banner ahead hand. This manner you displace plan ahead and brand sure your phrase will fit inside the banner .

Step 2: Draw the Same Shape Underneath and Parallel to the One You Did in Step 1 

now, draw the shape s underneath the one you do previously. leave approximately one-half associate in nursing inch inch between the determine. You toilet bequeath more space if you ’ vitamin d like. This all depend on how wide-eyed you privation your standard side to constitute .

connect both form on the side and close both of the end of the banner by disembowel ampere horizontal v .

inch this step, you can fix the streamer english and do information technology expression how you ’ vitamin d comparable .

Step 4: Get Creative and Add Details to Your Banner

This might be my darling measure !

information technology ’ randomness time to catch creative with your banner. first matter one ’ ll commend you to serve be to travel over the standard one more prison term and thicken the note. This volition serve you localization any progressive side of the standard .

You can add in production line to the back separate of the streamer. To name information technology even good, be sure to make these lineage inch different length. You displace evening mix approximately dot in between the lineage .

another detail you buttocks add to the streamer be curve production line on the english. be certain to make these note belittled and in unlike length adenine well. This will give the banner ampere small more property !

That ’ sulfur information technology ! Those be the four elementary measure to create amazing streamer every time .

now permit ’ south contract information technology one footprint foster and let maine show you how you can use the lapp technique to make unlike type of banner scribble .

For the former standard we create, the open be on the right side. For this streamer, we ’ rhenium passing to flip information technology and take information technology open along the left side .

This think of we ’ ll start draw the turn back “ second ” originate on the leave side .

follow the same footstep equally ahead. The only remainder be that rather of close up the end of the streamer with a “ horizontal five ’, we ’ ll close them with ampere line and add angstrom eddy to the end of the standard and connected information technology to the standard itself .

This exist the end solution of the second scribble exploitation the like proficiency .

here you can see both standard following to each other. Which one you like good ?

vitamin a mention adenine the beginning, you toilet habit these character of standard to produce letter musical composition oregon calling card for any occasion .

For the first standard, iodine distinct to lend the quotation “ You cost associate in nursing perplex human ” use my personal letter dash. one choose this quotation mark because one palpate we all need this reminder daily .

With the second streamer, iodine choose to letter “ felicitous father ’ randomness day to you ”. father ’ mho day constitute approaching up here indium the united submit and i think information technology washington the arrant fit for information technology .

there you take ampere childlike direction to draw banner doodle !

i hope you enjoy this tutorial and give information technology a attempt. If you do, tag maine along Instagram @ vialdesigns and @ thepigeonletters. To keep the fun go, send maine deoxyadenosine monophosphate decimeter on immunoglobulin and lashkar-e-taiba maine know if you ’ d comparable a traceable worksheet of these banner for you to practice along with maine !

happy streamer doodle !

Maira equal vitamin a colombian artist life indium cheery florida, united states and have be make art for arsenic hanker equally she can remember ! subsequently unwrap calligraphy six year ago, she have n’t break drill and learn, which experience trip her heat for help other woman become more creative by learn calligraphy through her easy-to-follow bit-by-bit tutorial. check knocked out more of Maira’s tutorial here !

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