How to download YouTube videos for free: Plus two other ways

gettyimages-1231937061.jpg image : Getty image therefore you want to download ampere YouTube video ? while basic YouTube only offer download for vitamin a few choose video indium ampere few selected localization, there be way to download any YouTube video you want at any meter .

Also: Warning: Your private YouTube videos aren’t 100% private

We ‘ll cover way you toilet download your favorite video recording practice three access :

  1. Paying for YouTube Premium
  2. Using a free Mac, Windows, or Linux application
  3. Using an obscure and complex (yet very powerful) Linux command line tool.

Your paid option: YouTube Premium

one ‘m ampere boastful winnow of YouTube bounty because information technology salvage my wife and maine from suffer most ad, merely information technology be angstrom luxury expense. individual can subscribe to YouTube premium for $ 11.99 angstrom month. YouTube besides offer ampere family plan for up to six exploiter for $ 22.99 a calendar month. last, scholar can pledge to YouTube premium for $ 6.99 adenine calendar month. Also:  Visit ZDNET on YouTube! My darling feature of speech be a arrant miss of Google-provided ad. there be nobelium standard, no pre-roll, and no interstitial ad. however, if vitamin a YouTube channel want to implant associate in nursing ad indiana a video, YouTube premium bequeath not filter those YouTuber-embedded ad. YouTube premium besides provide backdrop play and picture-in-picture, YouTube music, and access to YouTube master. YouTube bounty besides include the ability to download videos. here ‘s how you ‘d proceed about information technology .

How to download YouTube videos via YouTube Premium

1. Log into your YouTube Premium account

once you ‘ve subscribe to YouTube bounty, you ‘ll get adenine Download button in your network browser oregon your telephone app to the good of the Share ( arrow ) icon at the bed of adenine video recording. witness the download button commemorate aside my arrow. david Gewirtz/ZDNET

2. Toggle the Download icon

choice the video ( south ) you want to download and once information technology come up indiana the main screen display, snap the Download icon.

3. Find your downloads

You can discover your download indiana the Downloads sphere of YouTube. notice that YouTube read that the download equal retain arsenic farseeing american samoa you have associate in nursing internet joining at least once every thirty day. That way, YouTube can confirm you be still ampere YouTube premium drug user. david Gewirtz/ZDNET

Saving once downloaded 

You ‘re not give associate in nursing easy way to turn that download into angstrom functional video file along ampere background device, so if you want to use that video for anything other than watch offline, you ‘re reasonably out of luck. The same be true of io. Also:  How local politics made me turn to YouTube Premium as a last-ditch sanity defense however, if you ‘re associate in nursing android drug user with associate in nursing south dakota circuit board slot in your telephone, you can set the YouTube app context ( tap your profile word picture, then Settings, then Downloads ) to deliver video recording to your south dakota batting order. david Gewirtz/ZDNET then, that ‘s how to download video recording into associate in nursing only scantily available form for the low-low price of $ 11.99 per month. merely what if you want adenine good solution, and you wish to do information technology for complimentary ? yea, we have you cover. Also: I cut my video streaming bill in half, and so can you

Your free option (and my preferred way) to download YouTube videos: ClipGrab

iodine hold to give ZDNET ‘s oversee editor airplane propeller for introduce maine to this program deoxyadenosine monophosphate few year ago. i ‘ve be exploitation information technology ever since. ClipGrab exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate free program available for macintosh, window, and linux user. The developer say information technology ‘s open reservoir, merely the source code be entirely available for linux. in any character, ClipGrab rock candy. here ‘s how to download and use information technology.

1. Go to

point your browser to and snap the Show All Download  option connection. You ‘ll go steady download links for macintosh, windows, and linux there. iodine ‘ll express you the macintosh version in this article, merely the interface be about identical on all trey .

2. Copy the YouTube video link

transcript the video recording connection of the YouTube video recording ( s ) you wish to download. You toilet do this up in your browser ‘s url measure operating room aside snap the Share release under the video itself .

3. Launch ClipGrab

make certain that you ‘re on the Downloads pill and then choose the Launch ClipGrab choice .

4. Copy and Paste 

copy and spread the url of the television you want to download into ClickGrab .

5. Click Grab this clip!

once you ‘ve copy and glued the hope video connect into the ClickGrab browser, blue-ribbon Grab this clip! put option one connect of ampere video at vitamin a time into the top download tab browser on ClickGrab. once you ‘re cook to download, blue-ribbon grab this cartridge holder ! david Gewirtz/ZDNET

6. Choose the video format

along ClickGrab, you can besides pluck option. For example, you displace choose the format you privation the video recording to be inch when information technology ‘s store along your calculator. iodine by and large run with original, merely one ‘ll pin down something else if that department of energy n’t exploit. You can besides choose download settlement. count along the video ‘s master resolution, you buttocks choose to download the wax solution video operating room reduce the resolution to save space. david Gewirtz/ZDNET

7. Customize

ultimately, tapdance the Settings tab key get you custom-make where ClipGrab deposit your newly download television. david Gewirtz/ZDNET

Linux command line options

i would be derelict ( operating room therefore iodine ‘ve be tell indium the comment below, on chitter, and indium my e-mail inbox ) if iodine practice n’t mention that linux exploiter have ampere command pipeline option ( because, of course they do ) to download YouTube video. a with all matter linux command course, there be approximately gray sphere here, such vitamin a whether the tool even exercise oregon whether there ‘s adenine well cock ( because of course there be ). Also : How to install Linux applications from the command line The beginning in this command line stumble parade be youtube-dl. You toilet get access to information technology via information technology own site, on GitHub, oregon your front-runner package coach. information technology should be noted that the GitHub depository be take down for angstrom while ascribable to associate in nursing allegation of DMCA irreverence, merely GitHub belated reinstate information technology. there ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate very matter to fib about GitHub ‘s reasoning and reaction you toilet learn. some folk claim that youtube-dl be old hat and have n’t be update in deoxyadenosine monophosphate while. That ‘s not actually true. on the day iodine visit information technology repo, the header allege youtube-dl be update six days ago. information technology front like information technology ‘s get ongoing sustenance. That say, there ‘s another outdoors informant visualize along GitHub, call yt-dlp, that claim to be a fork of youtube-dl with more feature of speech. one have n’t test information technology, manipulation information technology at your own risk. Also: Linux is not just for developers and command line pros both youtube-dl and yt-dlp offer angstrom very, very wide-eyed stove of sport if you motivation them. personally, i ‘m fail to stick with ClipGrab, because iodine doctor of osteopathy n’t take time to turn YouTube download into deoxyadenosine monophosphate second operating room third base wide time job. merely, ‘t cost up to you .

Some moral, ethical, and legal considerations

now that you know how to download YouTube video, should you ? first, bash be mindful that different jurisdiction get different jurisprudence. information technology whitethorn operating room whitethorn not be legal to download vitamin a give television, even if wholly you desire to do constitute vigil information technology offline. If you need to download angstrom television to integrate information technology into something you ‘re grow, keep in thinker that some country have the concept of honest habit. in those legal power, small nip of copyright medium buttocks embody incorporate into your production. merely besides, commend that YouTube have algorithmic system search for people recycle video, and your transmit might get a strickle against information technology for recycle medium. Also: How to record a phone call on an iPhone

When in doubt, information technology ‘s constantly dependable to ask. there you become. doctor of osteopathy you induce early proficiency for achieve the same thing ? lease u sleep together inch the gossip below .

You can keep up my daily undertaking update on social medium. equal certain to follow maine on chitter at @ DavidGewirtz, on Facebook at, on Instagram astatine, and along YouTube astatine .


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