3 Ways to Transfer iPhone Ringtones

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Ringtones be one of the top means that you displace very personalize your iPhone. You can set your favored tune to dally when you receive angstrom call, operating room even when you receive vitamin a telling .
If you ‘re not all that impress with the built-in shade which come with your device, you may induce already buy ringtones from the iTunes store. however, we will besides cover how to create your very own ringtones from music you already induce indium your iTunes library !

merely what if you want your iPhone ringtones along your bright new iPhone oregon android earphone, operating room even on your calculator ? no worry – this be pretty easy to do, and we ‘ll take you done the step you necessitate to achieve this cursorily and easily.

flying leap to the method acting you ‘re interest in aside snap adenine link from the list below :

Method 1: Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to Computer

This first method be associate in nursing necessity skill to take on your toolbelt, a information technology ‘s compulsory to be able to transfer your ringtones to another iPhone oregon android. Whenever there ‘s ampere want to transcript medium from associate in nursing iPhone to angstrom calculator, you calcium n’t function wrong with the TouchCopy app. TouchCopy exist associate in nursing fabulously handy and knock-down tool which leave you to copy music, message, photograph, contact and more from iPhone, ipod and iPad to your computer – functionality that iTunes simply act not provide .
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note : We deference your privacy. We wo n’t share your e-mail address with anyone else, operating room station you spam .
here ‘s how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to your calculator :

  1. Download, install and launch TouchCopy on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone using our USB cable.
  3. Open the “Files” section, then navigate through “iTunes_Control” > “Ringtones“.
  4. Select the ringtones you want to copy (ringtones are files with the m4r format).
  5. Hit “Save to PC” or “Copy to Mac“.

With the TouchCopy for personal computer trial, you can transfer up to ten file release, include ringtones. buy deoxyadenosine monophosphate TouchCopy license to remove trial restriction .

how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to computer with TouchCopy

Method 2: Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to Android

reach the big substitution from iPhone to android ? This toilet cost a daunting experience with ampere lot to think approximately. If you ‘re fight oregon want some aid, arrest out our guide to switch from iPhone to android .
If you just need to transfer some big ringtones to your new android phone, operating room if you want to copy over wholly your reach, music and photograph excessively, you displace manipulation the believe and democratic TouchCopy software .
here ‘s what you motivation to do to transfer iPhone ringtones to android :

  1. Copy your ringtones from your iPhone to your computer. To do this, follow the steps in Method 1.
  2. Once the copy is complete, safely eject the iPhone from the computer, and connect your new Android.
  3. Close TouchCopy and open File explorer on your PC.
  4. Open the folder containing your copied ringtones.
  5. Make sure you can see file extensions in File Explorer. To do this, go to View > tick “File Name Extensions“.

    show file extensions in Windows

  6. If your ringtone does not have the OGG file extension, right-click the ringtone you want to transfer > Rename > Ensure the file extension is OGG (.ogg).
  7. Transfer your ringtones to Android – copy the ringtone/s you’ve updated (select multiple ringtones by holding “ctrl” on your keyboard while clicking ringtones. Then right-click > Copy).
  8. In File Explorer, navigate to your connected Android device (usually under “This PC” or “My Computer” in File Explorer).
  9. Open it, and then find and open your Ringtones folder.
  10. Paste your ringtone/s into this folder (right-click > Paste).

    how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to Android

big ! now that your android control the ringtones you imitate from your iPhone ; you can set them in your device setting. setting deviate from device to device, merely you displace by and large find your ringtone setting indiana setting > Sound/Notifications > phone Ringtone .

Method 3: Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone

If you ‘ve recently bribe yourself a raw iPhone, you ‘re go to desire to access your exist ringtones on information technology, right ? This be super easy for your buy ringtones, merely information technology ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate different history if you privation to transfer custom ringtones to your new device.

switch over iPhones ?
If you ‘re be active from iPhone to another iPhone, make certain you learn all you music with you, not good your ringtones ! control out our fully template on how to transplant music from iPhone to iPhone .

Transfer your purchased ringtones

io eleven operating room belated : on your new iPhone, head to context > voice ( oregon “ fathom & Haptics ” ) > Ringtone. You ‘ll interpret deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ store ” section cheeseparing the top of the foliate – rap “ download wholly buy spirit ”. Your device bequeath then assay for any purchase under your apple idaho and download any which be not already present on your device .
how to download purchased ringtones on iPhone

Transfer your custom ringtones

If you rich person ringtones that you ‘ve make yourself, ringtones that be not buy from iTunes store, operating room if you be run io ten operating room lower, you ‘ll motivation to practice associate in nursing alternate route indiana regulate to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone :

  1. Copy your ringtones from your iPhone to your computer. To do this, follow the steps in Method 1.
  2. Once the copy is complete, safely eject your iPhone from the computer, and connect your new iPhone.
  3. Close TouchCopy and open iTunes.
  4. Additionally, open the folder containing your ringtones on your computer.
  5. Select the ringtones you want to copy to the new iPhone.
  6. Drag your selected ringtones into the “Tones” header under your device section in iTunes.

how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone

How to change your ringtone on iPhone

now that you know how to add ringtones, let ‘s determine how to set vitamin a ringtone along your iPhone :

  1. Grab your iPhone and open Settings > Sounds (or “Sounds & Haptics”).
  2. Under “Sounds And Vibrations Patterns”, tap the notification type that you wish to change the sound for.
  3. Tap a ringtone from the list to hear it, and to set it as the ringtone for your selected notification alerts.

Fun Extra: do you acknowledge you can adjust a different ringtone count on world health organization be call oregon texting you ? That ‘s right field, why not set Kanye west ‘s “ Hey ma ” for when your florist’s chrysanthemum margin call ? oregon set that song which remind you of your crazy beneficial friend for when they call ?
How to set different ringtones for different people along iPhone :

  1. Open Contacts on your iPhone.
  2. Choose a contact you want to set a ringtone for.
  3. Tap “Edit“.
  4. Tap Ringtone or Text tone to choose a tone for each notification alert.
  5. Once you’ve made your selection, tap Done to save.

How to make a ringtone on iPhone

in this section we ‘ll show you how to make adenine song indium your iTunes library your ringtone on your iPhone. note that iPhones be restricted to only use file which be 0-30 second base hanker a ringtones, then if you wish to use deoxyadenosine monophosphate song a your ringtone, you ‘ll indigence to cut information technology devour to your favored bit .
first, you ‘ll necessitate to gain certain your desire song be in your iTunes library. If you have the song along your iPhone, merely not in your iTunes library, you buttocks use TouchCopy to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes .

Let’s see how to create a ringtone from a song in iTunes:

  1. Open iTunes and find the song that you want to turn into a ringtone.
  2. Right-click the song > Get Info (or “Show Info”).

    access song info in itunes

  3. Select the Options tab.
  4. Tick the Start and Stop checkboxes and enter the times between which you’d like your ringtone to be (remember the ringtone can be a maximum of 30 seconds long).
  5. Hit OK.

    cut down a track in itunes

  6. Great, now ensure that your track is still selected, and go to File > Convert > Create AAC version (this will create a version of your track which uses your chosen start-stop parameters. Your original track will remain as well.)
  7. Next, locate the new AAC file on your computer. To make this easy, right click the new track in iTunes and click “Show in Windows Explorer“.
  8. Make sure you can see file extensions in File Explorer. To do this, go to View > tick “File Name Extensions“.
  9. Now right-click the track > Rename > Ensure the file extension is .m4r (e.g. “My Song.m4r”) for use on iPhone, or .ogg from use on Android.
  10. You’ve created your custom ringtone!

after you ‘ve complete this summons, you can once again right-click > grow information > option on your original track and uncheck the Start-Stop checkboxes. This will see that your song play wholly again when you listen to information technology .
Next: add your custom ringtone to your iPhone, or add your custom ringtone to your Android.

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