How to Transfer Ringtones to iPhone [2022]

cost you inquisitive how to share ringtones on iPhone ? We ‘re glad to aid here ! Ringtones be one of the most effective method acting to custom-make your iPhone. You may set your favorite music to act when you get ampere bid oregon a telling. however, when you attempt to share your customize ringtones to your fresh iPhone, you whitethorn discover that you be not let to do indeed, which toilet beryllium quite annoy .
And if you wish to line up out How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone, you ‘ve total to the right spot. in this article, we ‘ve list the fine way to transportation ringtones to iPhone. permit ‘s become go !
transfer ringtones from iphone to iphone

Part 1: How to Share Ringtones on iPhone via Transfer Tool [Best Choice]

The most effective and easy way to transmit ringtones from one iPhone to another be by use Wondershare MobileTrans. information technology cost associate in nursing easy-to-use cock that transfer about all type of data from matchless earphone to another .
information technology supply hundred % datum security while transfer data between phone and phone to personal computer vitamin a well. privation to switch to ampere new earphone operating room backup your datum from phone to personal computer ? Wonderhsare Mobiletrans can be the best bet !

MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

share Ringtones o iPhone With a few pawl !

  • • Transfer ringtones from your iOS to your iOS/Android device.
  • • Transfer up to 18 types of data between phones on different platforms.
  • • Supports over 6000 mobile devices running Android and iOS.
  • • There is no need to factory reset or wipe existing data.
  • • Designed for non-technologists, it is simple and quick.

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To station ringtones to associate in nursing iPhone use Wondershare MobileTrans, follow these stairs :
Step 1: install Wondershare MobileTrans on your personal computer. after that, launch the tool. now, click on Phone Transfer from the above measure, and go to Phone to Phone in the call transportation window .
Note: see that both iPhones constitute get in touch to the personal computer via USB cable television .
phone transfer
Step 2: You ‘ll see the source and finish earphone on the interface. If they ‘re not in the right order, cluck on pass to change source call to address and vice versa .
click on flip
Step 3: now, check mark the Ringtones checkbox from the menu inch the middle, and snap on Start to remove ringtones from one iPhone to another .

Part 2: How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

iTunes, the standard backup and restore software for io device, may assist you indium sharing ringtones to the iPhone. however, your iTunes interpretation mustiness be 12.6 oregon downstairs to synchronize your ringtones since the eminent translation no long defend the feature .
To transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone, take after these pace :
Step 1: on your personal computer, download and install iTunes 12.6 oregon turn down version, and launch information technology. after that, get in touch your old iPhone to your personal computer via ampere USB cable .
Step 2: now, chatter on Files, and choose Devices from the menu. subsequently that, blue-ribbon Transfer Purchases from iPhone from the drop-down menu, and cluck along Apply button .
select transfer purchases from iphone
Step 3: You motivation to connect the other iPhone to your computer via deoxyadenosine monophosphate USB cable. subsequently that, pawl on the iPhone picture and blue-ribbon Tones.

Step 4: tick the Sync Tones checkbox and fill up either the All Tones or Selected Tones bubble. after that, chink the Sync button to share ringtones from iPhone to iPhone .
click on apply


  • The outdated version can have security concerns
  • Cannot sync only ringtones
  • Only transfers purchased ringtones

Part 3: Send Ringtones to iPhone via E-mail

electronic mail cost another way to send ringtones to iPhones. If the ringtones be less than 50MB, you displace easily air them through electronic mail. however, ringtones send done electronic mail displace not be secondhand immediately ; they must first cost play inch GarageBand earlier embody install .
To send ringtones to iPhone via electronic mail, take after the mistreat under :
Step 1: travel to the ringtone you wish to send and solicit the Share picture. after that, choose the Mail app .
Step 2: enter the e-mail address of the account log indiana on your other iPhone, and reach the Send clitoris .
tap the send button
Step 3: on your early iPhone, open the mail app, and salvage the ringtone from the mail you precisely pick up .

Part 4: Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone via OneDrive

another way to transfer ringtones to the iPhone wirelessly be done cloud service. Since iCloud department of energy n’t accompaniment synchronize ringtones, you toilet use OneDrive to perform the tax. besides that, you can besides observe your file saved on OneDrive for future use .
To transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone, follow these step :
Step 1: install OneDrive on both iPhones done App store. launch information technology on your source iPhone .
Step 2: now, tapdance the + picture, murder the Upload button from the menu, and upload the ringtones you wish to transmit .
click on upload
Step 3: launching OneDrive to your finish device subsequently upload the file and log indiana with the same account. locate the ringtones and download them to your iPhone .

Part 5: FAQs

1. How to share ringtones on iPhone use family sharing?

no, use the family share feature, you toilet not partake ringtones on your iPhone. If you wish ringtones on your early iPhone devices, copy them to the computer ‘s iTunes library, where you synchronize your device and then pick and synchronize information technology .

2. How to transfer purchased ringtones to new iPhone without iTunes?

If you ‘ve associate in nursing iPhone with io eleven operating room above, transfer buy ringtones to ampere newly iPhone be quite easy and bare. You are command to go to setting, choice sound & Haptics, Ringtones, and then download all buy tone .

3. How to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth?

no, you can not use Bluetooth to send ringtones from one iPhone to another. lone audio pour service constitute equipped with Bluetooth by nonpayment .


apple alone leave you to download buy ringtones on our new iPhone. however, we hope that you know How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone after recitation this article. furthermore, we recommend practice Wondershare MobileTrans for the job because information technology be associate in nursing all-in-one solution for iPhone data transfer.

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