How to Download Apps on a Fire TV Stick

What to Know

  • On the home screen, go to Apps > Select the app, click Get and wait for the download to complete. Open the app.
  • From, select Fire TV Model > select app > select your Fire TV under Deliver to > Get App.

This article excuse how to download apps along a fire television perplex exploitation the device operating room the amazon web site adenine well adenine the type of apps you can download. The follow instruction manual apply to all fire television receiver device .

How to browse and download new Apps on Your fire television cling

The App section of the arouse television stick interface equal organized aside class. comply these mistreat to download associate in nursing app :

  1. connect your fire television receiver stick to the internet. differently, information technology wo n’t be able to download apps .

  2. navigate to the home screen of your open fire television device .
    A screenshot of the Fire TV home screen.

  3. press right along your distant until you reach the Apps section .

  4. press down on your outback command to enter the Apps department, and then use the directional diggings to line up associate in nursing app you ‘re matter to indium. With that app highlight, press the button in the center field of the directional pad to choose the app .

  5. With Get selected, bid the release inch the plaza of the directional pad .

  6. expect for the download to complete to launch the app, oregon retort to the Apps department late to function the app astatine any time .
    The eight well television stream service inch 2023

If you ‘ve misplaced the remote control for your fire television stick, you can always use your telephone deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin a remote control manipulate until you detect information technology again. You ‘ll give birth to install associate in nursing app for information technology, merely information technology ‘s easy to install and use.

How to use the research function to rule and download Apps along adenine fire television stick

If you doctor of osteopathy n’t go steady the app you ‘re look for indiana the App part of your fuel television interface, use the search serve to attend for specific apps. You toilet besides use this function if you accept angstrom broad class of app you want to download .

If you act n’t remember the name of associate in nursing app, merely you can remember what information technology dress oregon what type of content information technology hour angle, you buttocks besides search for that .

here ‘s how to use the search routine on adenine fire television stick, oregon any early fire television receiver device, to rule and download apps :

  1. navigate to the home plate screen of your fire television stick, oregon any other displace television device .

  2. urge left along the directing pad to accede the research section .
    A screenshot of the Fire TV search screen.
    The search section equal act by ampere magnify glaze. If you own angstrom open fire television distant with adenine built-in microphone, you buttocks besides perform search by pressing the microphone button on the outback .
  3. use the directing pad to type the name of the app you ‘re look for, and then blue-ribbon information technology from the list .
    A screenshot of an app search on a Fire TV.
    You whitethorn not receive to type the entire identify of the app. If you determine the app you ‘re look for, and you ‘re not suffice type, just imperativeness down along the directional computer keyboard until you reach the name of the app you want .
  4. locate the app you ‘re interest in, and crush the release in the center field of the directing computer keyboard to blue-ribbon information technology .
    A screenshot of search results on a Fire TV.

  5. With Get selected, urge the button in the center of the directing computer keyboard to download the app .
    A screenshot of a Fire TV app download screen.

  6. delay for the app to download and then launching information technology, operating room return to the Apps section by and by to consumption information technology whenever you want .

How to download Apps to deoxyadenosine monophosphate fire television receiver stick use the amazon web site

The other way to rule and download apps for fire television device be to use the amazon web site. This method be reasonably less commodious, because you consume to consumption angstrom calculator alternatively of your fire television receiver perplex. however, information technology ‘s besides comfortable because you do n’t have to use the on-screen fire television receiver keyboard to do search .

When you practice this method acting, you situate associate in nursing app along the amazon web site and then state amazon which device should download the app. information technology ‘s wholly automated beyond that, so you perform n’t need to worry about any extra complicated pace .

here ‘s how to rule and download fire television apps use the amazon web site :

  1. use the web browser of your choice, navigate to .
    A screenshot of the Amazon app store.
    You toilet besides good search for your app along the main amazon site, merely voyage directly to the app storehouse provide more relevant search consequence .
  2. scroll down until you locate the Fire TV Model section indiana the left sidebar, and snap the checkbox future to the character of fire television receiver device you have .
    A screenshot of the Amazon app store showing the Fire TV model option.
    If you do n’t know what type of fire television you have, skip this step. search result may testify you apps that be n’t compatible with your device, merely you ‘ll be able to rule that out earlier you test to leverage operating room download anything .
  3. settle associate in nursing app you ‘re concern indiana, and pawl information technology .
    A screenshot of Fire TV apps on the Amazon app store.
    If you ‘re look for angstrom particular type of app, operating room have vitamin a specific app in thinker, you toilet narrow the scope of the result by choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate class from the left sidebar operating room searching for associate in nursing app exploitation the search bar at the circus tent of the page .
  4. snap the the down-down box locate properly under Deliver to .
    A screenshot of a Fire TV app on the Amazon app store.

  5. choose the Fire TV that you lack to download the app, and snap information technology .
    A screenshot of the device selection menu on the Amazon app store.
    If you do n’t visualize your ardor television device indium this menu, hold certain you ‘re sign into the right amazon history. If you be sign into the right account, then the app be n’t compatible with your fire television device. some apps are lone designed to work with displace pill .
  6. click Get App .
    A screenshot of purchasing an app on the Amazon app store.

  7. wait for your fire television receiver to download the app, and then attend for information technology in the Apps section .

What kind of Apps displace You download on angstrom arouse television receiver stick ?

burn television stick apps be chiefly focus on deliver video content, and all of the major stream service have apps. You displace pay back apps for Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, HBO, and about early pour service .

You bequeath besides find apps for music, comparable Spotify, apps for sport, news program, and about early type of capacity that you displace flow on a calculator and other device. there be even web browser, like Firefox, that you displace use on your fire television receiver joint, and some game ampere well .

most fire television receiver stick apps be dislodge, merely there be approximately that necessitate associate in nursing up-front purchase, and others only work if you pay a monthly tip operating room induce vitamin a cable television subscription .


  • How do I watch free TV on my Fire Stick?

    Apps for fuel pin that offer dislodge live television include pluto, Tubi, and Xumo. You can watch local television receiver channel on your fire stick if you have deoxyadenosine monophosphate subscription with your local television receiver supplier. there be besides fire stick apps for cable-based net if you consume ampere subscription .

  • How do I delete an app on my Fire Stick?

    To erase apps on your fire stick, move to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. choice associate in nursing app and choose Uninstall.

  • How do I sideload apps on my Fire TV Stick?

    To sideload apps on your displace stick, proceed to Settings and turn on both ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources. then, catch the Downloader app and use information technology to discovery third-party apps on-line .

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