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Instagram has become one of the most use social platforms out there. Want to showcase your vacation to California ? Or show aloof grandparents how a lot your kids are growing ? Instagram can contribution all those images and more for your followers .
From a meal you ate on your first trip to London, or photos from your marry day, Instagram much serves as a digital album of the mundane and brilliant. But how can you save these photos for good ?

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If you have a huge Instagram report, with lots of followers, you might worry about getting hacked. If that happens, you might lose all your photos. Or you might need to save all of them for print, or want to delete your Instagram history, but do n’t want to lose your pictures.

Making a memorial collage is much easier with physical photos. Below, we ’ ve covered how to download photos to your earphone or your laptop .

How to Download Your ( Or Someone Else ’ south ) Instagram Photos to Your earphone

Instagram is besides available as a web site for you to view on your computer. You can browse, in a limited fashion, on your calculator. But it ’ s designed to function as an app. That means downloading photos to your call might be easier. And if you prefer to work off a earphone, rather than a computer, this is perfect .
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Choose your photos

Whose photos do you want to save? You might want to save all the photos from your own profile. But you might want to save person else ’ mho. What if you took a fun vacation with your best supporter from college ?
They might have a better camera, or might be more talented with photography. Either way, you might like their pictures better. If that ’ s the case, you ’ ll want to take other steps. But downloading your own photograph is pretty simple .

Download your photos

Log into your Instagram account, and navigate to your own visibility. then, tap the icon with three horizontal bars which will open up a menu of options. Tap the wheel cog picture, which takes you to Settings .
then, tap your way through Settings, Account, and Original Photos. That ’ s what it says if you ’ re on an Apple device. But if you ’ re on an Android device, it will say original Posts. Tap next to this option, which will turn it on .
When you have this on, everything you post will be saved to your earphone ’ south library. This works for past and future photos. Instagram warns that Android users might see a delay in photos being saved, though .

Download person else ‘s photos

It ’ sulfur authoritative to note that Instagram doesn ’ thymine make this easy. That ’ second because it ’ south against Instagram ’ mho terms. And to create an history, you have to agree to Instagram ’ randomness terms and conditions .
Before you take this step, make surely to get license from the history ’ mho owner. Ask them, and be sure to communicate how you intend to use their photos. once you ’ ve obtained this permission, and preferably have it in writing, you can move forward .
Take a screenshot. This might be easier. If you ’ re working off an Apple device, you can screenshot and snip at the same time. This will save a imitate of the image on your earphone. Just snip out the caption and comments, and you ’ ra good to go. Depending on your call, you might have to crop the saved picture by and by. If this sounds excessively time-consuming, there ’ s another way to do it .
Identify the image file. Once you ’ ve logged into Instagram ’ second app, tap the photograph you want to save. then, tap the three dots displayed. You ’ ll be able to copy the link. then, email it to yourself. Tap on the link, then go the post. You should be able to select View Page Source by pressing on it. A new yellow journalism will open—which displays lots of code ! No worries, it ’ sulfur not deoxyadenosine monophosphate confusing as it looks .
Use a keyword research by typing .jpg into the research bar. This narrows the code down to the prototype file. Copy the stallion telephone line of textbook. It will start with hypertext transfer protocol : //instagram to .jpg, and you should copy this integral line. then, paste it back into your browser. This will pull up nothing but the visualize. You ’ ll be able to save the double from here .

How to Download Instagram Photos to Your Computer

If you ’ re downloading this photograph for eventual printing, using your calculator might be easier and for two reasons. Display and downloading might be easier.

This is peculiarly true if you hate working around a bantam riddle and keyboard. But Instagram wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate made to work seamlessly on a computer. Whether you choose a telephone or a computer, there are still downsides .

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Download your information

There are lots of ways to save photos to your calculator. You can constantly screenshot and crop it late. If you ’ ve received license to save person else ’ s photograph, this might be the easiest choice. What if you ’ re still trying to download your own photograph, though ?

Access your Account Privacy

Pick your favorite network browser and log into your Instagram account. then, click the gearing picture. It ’ second located to the right of the Edit Profile option .
This should take you to Privacy and Security. Once you click on this, you should see a page entitled Account Privacy .

Request a data download

Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, users have the option to download their data. This is a copy of all their messages, posts, videos, and more. Instagram has all the same data available as an option to download ampere well. If you scroll to the penetrate of the Account Privacy page, you ’ ll see a Data Download option. Click on it to request a download .
Confirm your identity. To kick off the data download, you ’ ll want to confirm your identity. Input your password and electronic mail. That tells Instagram who you are, that you have permission to view the data from this account, and where to send it .
finally, Instagram will send a zip up file containing this data to your electronic mail. Instagram ’ second policy is that this datum download will be available within 48 hours. Most exploiter report that they get an electronic mail within an hour or two .
Download the file. Once you download and open the zip up charge, you can access all your photos. This file might be huge, peculiarly if you ’ re an avid Instagram drug user. You can save this file to your laptop. But if you want to protect against future disasters, it ’ mho best to save it to the cloud. That means, no matter what happens to your devices, it will always be there .

Downloading person else ’ s photos to your computer

once you ’ ve obtained the permission of the report owner, you can download their photos to your calculator. But to prevent downloads that aren ’ metric ton authorized by the owner, Instagram doesn ’ t make it slowly .
There are a few third-party apps that make it possible, but may besides compromise the security of your computer or copy other personal information. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to take screenshots, try saving photos directly .
Copy the URL and save. Tap on the Instagram mail you want, then tap the three-dot picture. From that menu, choose Copy Share URL. then, open your favorite web browser and go to that URL. Right-click on the photograph to copy it. then, save the image directly .

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Saving the Best photograph From Instagram

Making sure you have all your photos together is a challenge, as everyone uses sol many social media platforms these days .
From the cloud to smartphones, pictures are scattered everywhere. If you want your photos saved, be sure to share your end-of-life preferences with love ones. That way, they have no trouble saving photos from your report and displaying them .
Whether you want them framed, or turned into a memory control panel, it ’ s a great way to keep them alive. In summation, if you ’ re an avid Instagram exploiter, that makes sure all your great photograph don ’ t float around on the Internet forever .

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