How to Install the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11

When Microsoft announced window eleven, they announced native patronize of android apps via the amazon Appstore. however, when the o be finally publish, the have be nowhere to equal found—they read information technology would be release in ampere future update. subsequently a few calendar month, they finally turn associate in nursing update that leave user to download the android market. The update should produce the amazon Appstore downloadable along the Microsoft store .

however, approximately exploiter be surprise. That ‘s because even if they install the former update, they still calcium n’t find information technology. sol, here ‘s what you indigence to cause to form amazon ‘s android marketplace appear on your personal computer .

1. Ensure Your Hardware Can Run It

a Windows 11 laptop on a desk You must converge some minimal necessity earlier you toilet install the amazon Appstore. If your computer serve not get these specification, you wo n’t constitute able to download information technology from the Microsoft memory .
These prerequisite be unlike from windows eleven ‘s system prerequisite, so even if you can run the oculus sinister, you whitethorn not have the hardware to melt android apps. These exist the app shop prerequisite :

  • Processor: 8th-generation Intel Core i3 or above / AMD Ryzen 3000 series or above / Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c or above
  • Installed RAM: 8GB (minimum) / 16GB (recommended)
  • System Type: x64 / ARM64
  • OS build: Windows 11 version 22000.0 or higher
  • Storage: SSD
  • Country or region: United States
  • Virtual Machine Platform: Enabled
  • Microsoft Store: Version 22110.1402.6.0 or higher

If you doctor of osteopathy n’t converge any hardware prerequisite, you ‘ll accept to upgrade your device first. merely if you do n’t have the compensate virtual machine platform oregon you ‘re not in the veracious country, you can easily change that along your calculator .
To check your hardware stipulation, compress the Start Button, then suction stop along Settings. under System, scroll down until you discovery About. You should determine your processor, install ram, system type under Device specifications. interim, you can discovery osmium build nether Windows specifications .
If your bone construct exist n’t the late version, you toilet update information technology by run low to Windows Update indium the setting window. once you ‘re there, click on Check for updates and your computer will mechanically update itself .
Checking specifications in About PC To discipline if you suffer associate in nursing SSD, go back to System. From there, snap on Storage > Advanced storage settings. indiana the menu that will appear, choose Disks & volumes. look at your available disk and see if there embody one tag arsenic SSD .
after that, you indigence to belong spinal column to the Settings window, then choose Time & Language > Language & region. under Region, choice Country or region and choose United States in the dropdown menu. after dispatch this, you must guarantee virtual machine platform constitute enable .
setting your computer's region to the United States To act so, press the Windows Key and type Control Panel. cluck on the icon that will appear. indium the restraint control panel window, open Programs and Features. indiana the future windowpane, suction stop on Turn Windows features on or off. The Windows Features bequeath then appear. coil down until you see Virtual Machine Platform. see that there ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate checkmark beside information technology, and then press OK .
If you calcium n’t witness the virtual machine platform option, check away Microsoft ‘s detail teaching on enable this .
turn windows features on or off window last, check the app version of the Microsoft store. You can examine your app ‘s version aside snap on your Profile Icon then choose App Settings. indiana the App Settings window, count for About this app and match the interpretation number. If information technology ‘s not update, rifle to the Library icon on the forget column and click the Get updates push button along the upper right recess .
Finding your Microsoft Store version number

2. Get the Amazon Appstore From Microsoft Store

Search for Amazon Appstore in the Microsoft Store once you ‘ve check that wholly your system necessity be in order, information technology ‘s time to download the amazon Appstore. open the Microsoft storehouse and then type Amazon Appstore in the search barricade. pawl on the amazon Appstore result, and then choose Install.

in the window that will appear, suction stop on Download. ampere exploiter history control window whitethorn appear confirm if you want to make deepen on your calculator. click Yes. once the download conclude, suction stop on Open Amazon Appstore to start exploitation information technology .

3. Log In to Your Amazon Account

Amazon account login on the Amazon Appstore once the amazon Appstore tons, you ‘ll be greet by a login window. log in to your account if you already suffer one ; differently, choose Create a new Amazon account .
once you ‘ve log in operating room produce your account, you toilet immediately originate download and install all the android apps available in amazon ‘s app market. however, since information technology ‘s inactive indium preview, you ‘re entirely limited to angstrom few apps. however, once amazon release the fully adaptation to the Microsoft store, you buttocks expect to install everything available there to your personal computer .

4. Installing an App on the Amazon Appstore

the Amazon Appstore homepage You can either search for information technology oregon shop amazon ‘s library to install associate in nursing app. once you discovery what you ‘re attend for, pawl on information technology to see the app ‘s foliate. click along Get to install information technology to your calculator. once the download and install process be complete, cluck on the Open button to launch information technology .
You can besides find oneself the apps you download on the amazon Appstore in your get down menu. You suffice n’t necessitate to open the android market to launching your download android apps. You displace plunge the app directly without opening another app operating room changing any mise en scene .
Opening an Android app from the Start Menu one more thing—as of now, you california n’t run the amazon Appstore if you ‘re outside the u. If you desire to open information technology when you ‘re travel, you should use angstrom VPN ; otherwise, you ‘ll get this error message : The Amazon Appstore is not currently available in your country.
note that this merely affect the amazon Appstore itself. If the app you ‘ve previously download take nobelium localization restriction, you should still equal able to use information technology .

Install Android Apps on Your Windows 11 PC

The amazon Appstore last lashkar-e-taiba you install android apps on your background operating room laptop calculator. while the app selection be presently reduce, we have a bun in the oven amazon to boom this vitamin a they polish test their system .
This window eleven have immediately lease drug user enjoy both window and android apps on their computer natively, make information technology easy to function on both device. This development be angstrom sure-win for cross-platform compatibility, let you to take any you ‘re do from your background personal computer oregon laptop straight to your android phone oregon pad.

We hope to see software developer take advantage of this system arsenic the amazon Appstore elaborate. That way, we can have a seamless feel even if our device perform not come from the lapp company .

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